Are you sure that I am having diabetes? But uhhh I never had any problem till date then how is it possible doctor? My friend once asked this question when the reports came while he had actually gone to treat his fractured limb. The doctor’s answer was like this” diabetes doesn’t make any noise unlike other ailments and its symptoms are such that most of the people fail to spot it, so no big surprise why you weren’t aware of it”. I believe that’s true and the only way to make out blood glucose levels is to do a periodical blood test. Here we will look at some Best and Worst Foods For Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is the quickest developing scourge that is relentlessly climbing the chart. It is said that 1 out of two 2 grown-ups who are diabetic go undiscovered. According to reports, it was acknowledged that there were 30 million Type II diabetics globally during 1985. But the numbers shot up to 286 million by 2010. Well, the figures have been rising continuously due to our lifestyles.

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TYPE II is the most common form of diabetes and around 90% of the diabetic population fit in with this class. The cause being our own lifestyles, lack of physical workouts, being overweight, genetics, medications, old age, and hypertension. Most of the TYPE II diabetes can be cured with proper treatment and life style changes.

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Since Type II can be cured in most of the cases, keeping up a sound eating regimen or in better words, I would say an adjusted eating regimen will do the magic. The food that we eat is processed by the cells into energy for hauling out our body functions. Carbs, in particular, are gunned down quickly than proteins and fats and that is the underlying rationale why they trigger up blood glucose levels. If you keep your carbs intake in a limit then you can get rid of this disease to a certain extent.

So for those who feel the urge to urinate almost frequently and keep drinking gallons of water due to thirst here is a list of foods that can do the best and worst for your condition.

Best foods that you can have being a type 2 diabetic

Sea foods to control type 2 diabetes

You can try eating fishes like salmon, cod, tuna, tilapia, trout, sardine and shrimps as they are all rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals. All the fishes mentioned above are low fat varieties except the flavorful shrimp. Even though shrimp has a high cholesterol level you can eat them in moderation once a week.

  • Beans

Black, white, pinto, kidney and soy here goes the list of high-quality carbs that also provide lean protein and fiber as an added bonus. If you are a diabetic person then you shouldn’t be avoiding this superfood from your meals. They keep your stomach full thereby reducing hunger pangs and at the same time do not increase blood sugar levels. Beans also called as “poor man’s meat or protein “is packed with dense nutrients so don’t forget to add them in your balanced diet.

  • Oats

This is actually a super food that I will vouch for as I have personally tried and actually found astonishing results with a decrease in my sugar levels. They keep you fuller and reduce cravings for sweet and sugary stuff. Oats contain ample amount of soluble fiber that prevents the spiking of blood glucose levels.

  • Yogurt

Low-fat yogurts like Greek yogurt are excellent snacks one can have along with some berries or fresh fruits. It is said that calcium rich foods reduce the risk of type II diabetes so yogurt should be on your plate on a daily basis. They stabilize sugar levels and are excellent sources of protein and high-quality carbohydrates.

  • Nuts

Who does not love to hear those crackling sounds while relishing nuts? Nuts are a rich source of protein and essential minerals like magnesium. Magnesium rich nuts like almonds and cashews are great for people with type II diabetes but remember the word “moderation” always. You can also try peanuts as they contain zero cholesterol and have a low glycemic index. They contain healthy oils, fibers, and proteins that are very essential for the body. Guess what Peanuts can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

  • Veggies

Generally, veggies have no off limits but it is better to stay away from starchy veggies that can spike sugar levels. You should consider including green leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, and celery. If you get bored with these you can try other items like mushrooms, bell peppers, and winter gourd. Basically, all the gourd varieties are found to reduce the risk of diabetes and they also help to reduce body weight.

  • Fruits

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If you have type II diabetes then you can surely relax a bit unlike type I diabetes. According to health experts, Type II diabetes people should eat all kinds of fruits; but again I repeat “in moderate amounts”. Fruits contain essential compounds like fiber, healthy fats, high-quality carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Since type II diabetes is a condition where cells are incapable of utilizing insulin properly, consuming nutritious fruits will enable to boost immunity and stabilize body functions.

  • Lean meats and poultry

Those having diabetes generally should consume heart healthy foods to keep things under control. As diabetes can increase heart-related risks make sure to avoid fatty meats instead choose lean meats, chicken breasts, turkey and egg white.

Future of Diabetics

Before getting into the worst foods that you should avoid while having TYPE II diabetes take a look at this interesting piece of news.

In the coming years or in the near future there are chances that scientists may find a cure to the whole blood glucose and sugar stuff. Want to know how? Well, you all might have heard of dolphins human-friendly creatures that inhabit the oceans around us. It is found that they have a unique ability to set on and off their insulin resistance. In simple terms: they have the ability to stop the effect of insulin in their bodies when there is a food shortage so that their blood glucose level never goes down and their energy supply is not affected. When there is plenty of food available they turn on their insulin resistance to control blood sugar levels.

It is also believed that we humans might have had that ability which was lost somewhere during the evolution process since we also belong to the mammalian class. If we harness the knowledge of setting a gene off and on according to our needs then we can possibly find cures for many health issues and avert such risks.

Okay so let’s talk about the “not so good food “for type II diabetes

Worst Foods For Type 2 Diabetes

Processed foods no matter what shape or size they come they are going to spike your sugar levels soaring high. They include burgers, hotdogs, high-fat burritos and sugary donuts and those that belong to this category.

Avoid canned foods because they contain huge amounts of salt or sugar content in them to enhance the shelf life of the food inside them.

Although you can consume fruits avoid making juices as they will lose half of their goodness. Moreover, if your juice tastes sour you might be tempted to add sugar to make them sweet.

Avoid egg yolks and high-fat dairy products according to experts. But this part is a bit confusing because some experts hold that high-fat dairy products can reduce the risk of diabetes but some stand against this argument. Anyways we can’t trust anything and everything so always remember the word “moderation “in whatever you eat.

Say no to red meats and fried non-vegetarian foods as they not only high in calories but also contain unhealthy fats that cause problems for the heart and are Worst Foods For Type 2 Diabetes.

Natural remedies for type II diabetes

  • Bitter gourd juice can help to hold your sugar levels under control.
  • The stem and flower of the banana are edible items and a good natural remedy for controlling diabetes.
  • Consuming cinnamon powder on a daily basis can help to even out blood glucose levels.
  • Ginger tea without any added sugar can help you significantly.

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Conclusion: Acquiring a disease sooner or later is a part of human life and no man can escape from that methodology designed by God. To some extent, it is our own habits that welcome such plight to plunge on us. So whatever be the case the key solution to solving any problem is “the way we approach it”. So eat healthily and remember the word “moderation “.