Lose weight without any hard core diets that can trigger hazardous side effects to your health. Wonderslim cocoa products and diet plans offer you excellent support to shed out that excess pounds without causing any adverse reactions on body.

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This is a complete review of how wonderslim and get a clear perspective of how the product works for you.

Wonderslim Dark Coco Cream – Diet Plan

Wonderslim diet plan is a weight loss plans that are designed for men and women. You can choose the diet plan that has been divided into three different plans – Basic, Core, and Premium.

What is Wonderslim?

Wonderslim is an online weight loss website with its headquarters located in Wilmington, NC. Its parent company is Diet Direct, an online health website that offers multiple protein diet replacements that are majorly used in various specialty hospitals, physicians and weight loss centers. From wonderslim shakes to bars to portion-controlled meal, they are carefully selected keeping an eye on calories. This way you not only get best nutrients but also inhibit risk of indulging in an emotional or unwanted binge.

All the products of Wonderslim are designed in such a way to lose weight effectively. The company has a panel of licensed dieticians and doctors that have hands-on experience in weight loss field.

Apart from nutritional foods and supplements, the company offers meal plans and hassle free 150% satisfaction guarantee.

Wonderslim Diet Plans

The company offers customized weight loss plans that are designed for men and women. You can choose the diet plan that has been divided into three different plans – Basic, Core, and Premium. You can choose between two-week and 4-week weight loss kits for all three diet plans based on the pounds you want to lose.

  • Basic – offers 4 portion-controlled wonderslim meals a day that comprises of meal replacement shakes, smoothies, snack bars and snacks.
  • Core – 5 meals a day that features meal replacement shakes, smoothies, lunches, snack bars, and snacks.
  • Premium – 7 meals a day with hand-picked foods of your choice. Get meal replacement shakes, smoothies along with breakfasts, lunches, snack bars, snacks and desserts.

These meals are easy-to-follow and come with controlled proportionate manner. There are more than 70 selections to choose from which includes scrumptious meal replacement shakes that will take the stress out of dieting. Meal supplements include entrees, soups, desserts & much more that offer you foolproof weight loss.

The Wonderslim diet plan is prepared in such a manner that you will be eating every 2-3 hours. This means you won’t feel any craving or indulge in excess calorie intake.

The diet plan ranges from 1000-1200 calories for women and 1500-1700 calorie meal plans for men.

Stating the obvious, you will be having the liberty to choose the diet type – such as wheat free, kosher, gluten-free ingredients, low fat and so on.

Consumer reviews on Wonderslim Diet plans (2-week and 4-week challenges)

There are mixed wonderslim diet reviews received. On a positive note, a majority of users have loved the foods from Wonderslim. They claim that the company actually takes care of customers by providing quality meals, prompt shipping and discreet package/delivery. Many in their blogs upload wonderslim before and after pictures to claim how amazing the products are!!!

The food quality is loved by many customers claiming that the flavors are top-notch especially the chocolate flavor. Second in line is raspberry that many users prefer. The foods too such as salads, the main course is satisfying and keeps unwanted hunger away.

While people love the fact that they lose weight, the food does not go well with few users. They claim the company uses a good amount of sodium which will not be good for those who need to limit their sodium intake. Also, the flavors can be off-putting at times forcing people to stay away from a diet.

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Here are few of the user reviews.

  • B.J. says – “Meals, snacks, protein bars, and shakes are okay to good. But I do feel lunch entrees can be improved with the addition of vegetables and stove cooking rather than a microwave. The tomato soup is unpalatable that comes straight out of the package. I cannot even grade it as “Okay” to drink. Not recommended.”
  • Jennifer says – “This is a liquid diet for the most part. I have had PCOS and was quite concerned about the carb foods in the diet. This is because I have never been on low carb diets like this. I tried this for two whole weeks. Must say a great diet plan and love the quick and easiness of the diet. I didn’t even find any appetite hunger attacks or pangs at any point of the day. I am going on my 3rd week and have lost 5 lbs. The taste of foods is great so far.”
  • Christi. E. says – “It is the first time I have ordered a bundle pack. With the sale and the coupon, I got good savings. I like to customize the order. Wonderslim has many products to choose from. I love how the website helps while ordering each type of food as you are bound to go wrong there. I am currently following the premium plan but I do feel the company offers ‘grab & go’ option instead of shakes. Traveling would be much hassle-free if I didn’t have to mix the shakes as I go to work.

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What is 3-day Easystart Kit?

You will also find a 3-day starter kit. This is is an excellent kit to try out how the diet plan works for you. This 3-day kit comprises of 21 meals, daily meal planner and weight tracker, shaker bottle, efficient customer support that is topped with a satisfaction guarantee.

Many people who are skeptical of ordering the main course diet plans right away have chosen the 3-day easy start kit so as to get a clear perspective of how Wonderslim works for you.

The menus keep changing daily so you don’t feel like you are dieting which is a great thing for foodies who worry about dieting.

Wonderslim diet reviews on 3-day Easystart diet kit

Many users had bought the starter kit in a fun mode to check its efficiency. However, they were surprised as to how it helps them lose weight in such a short period. The quality of the foods too are pretty decent when compared to other weight loss plans online. Price too is economical as compared to other weight loss companies.

Ellyn says – “Few items are ok but I don’t care for meals. Cereal is fine. The chocolate and peanut bars have a similar taste of sugar substitute. Overall, not the bad product.”

Judy – “I didn’t actually expect to lose weight within 3 days, but it did happen. My primary reason was to see if I could withstand the meals and foods they offered. I must say the foods are quite delicious which is so unlike other meal replacements that I have tasted. Other companies offer terrible foods but Wonderslim is simply amazing and equally satisfying. I lost 2 lbs in 3 days.”

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Wonderslim Cocoa Products

Let’s face it. We all love cocoa…rather anything that is wrapped up in chocolate. Eliminating chocolate is one of the hardest things when it comes to dieting. But wonderslim offers you chocolate-infused foods so that you can lose weight without eradicating chocolate from your dietary life.

Here are four products that Wonderslim cocoa products for you.

Wonderslim Raspberry Hot Chocolate Low-Calorie Drink

Enjoy Raspberry hot chocolate in the luxurious taste that plays with your senses without boosting your calorie chart. An excellent alternative to caffeine-induced drinks, this is a must-have every day to maintain a healthy life.

Ingredients –

  • Nonfat milk,
  • Calcium Caseinate,
  • Corn syrup,
  • Cocoa,
  • Salt,
  • Partially hydrogenated soybean oil,
  • Guar gum,
  • Soy lecithin & more.


  • Empty the contents of one packet in a large mug or cup.
  • Add 6 ounces of boiling water while stirring simultaneously.
  • Stir till dissolved and Enjoy!!!
  • The product amounts to 70 calories one packet.


  • Judi – “Love this product. It is a special treat and has great taste. I recommend it to all.”
  • Marsha – “Say bye to coffee. This is much tasty and healthy.”
  • Stephanie – “I like it when you blend it with coffee instead of water. Mint, Irish cream, raspberry all are good. I am not much of an amaretto fan but they are good enough.”

Meal Replacement Nutrition Bar Mint Cocoa

Balance is the key that has been put while manufacturing this chocolate mint flavored bar. Second in the line of wonderslim cocoa products is Nutrition cocoa bar with a hint of mint. They have a striking balance of cocoa and mint that leaves lasting impression on your taste buds. An excellent replacement for protein, it leaves you full and satiated without raising your calories.

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Ingredients –

  • Protein Blend (soy protein isolate, whey protein),
  • Partially hydrolyzed milk protein isolate,
  • Cocoa,
  • High oleic sunflower oil,
  • Tapioca starch,
  • Fructose,
  • Water,
  • Whey protein concentrate,
  • Soy lecithin,
  • Calcium carbonate,
  • Vitamin A palmitate,
  • Thiamin mononitrate,
  • Folic acid,
  • Biotin and much more.


Unwrap the bar and munch on this delicious protein mint cocoa bar as a snack bar. You can consume it as a meal replacement bar as well.


  • Twins Mom – “These minty chocolates are just amazing. They remind me of thin mints. I just can’t enough of these bars. I don’t get sick eating them.”
  • Melanie – “Delicious and filling. There is no weird after taste. Love the crispness combined with chocolate and mint. My best protein bar to date.”
  • Denise – “If you like the mint girl scout cookies, then I am sure you will like this.”

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Aspartame – Free meal replacement pudding/shake dark cocoa cream

Wonderslim brings you cocoa induced pudding that contains rich antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals. Wonderslim has added few more premium dark chocolate so that your taste buds scream with joy while taking that relishing bite.

It offers only 15 gms of protein that is blend together with 24 vital vitamins and minerals for every 100 calories of serving. Eat it as a pudding or grab it as a protein shake.

Ingredients – Cocoa, Fructose, Nonfat milk, sunflower oil, vitamin C, Zinc sulfate, vitamin E, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, vitamin D3, vitamin K, magnesium carbonate and much more.


For shake

  • Empty the content of dark cocoa cream mix into a 10oz glass or a blender.
  • Now add 8oz of cold water.
  • Stir or shake it vigorously till it is completely dissolved. You may substitute water with 8oz nonfat milk.
  • Drink it chilled for best feeling.

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For pudding

  • Place the content in a small cup of a bowl.
  • Now add 4 oz of cold water and mix it thoroughly with a spoon till it is smooth. Pudding thickens upon standing. You can substitute water with non-fat milk.
  • Have a yummy serving of low-calorie pudding.


  • Thomas – “It has a great texture. The taste too is creamy and lathery.”
  • Laura – “All the flavors are thick and good but this dark chocolate is simply my favorite. It is not too sweet but has got a great chocolate flavor that is simply satisfying.”
  • Mia – “It tastes great when you throw in a few ice cubes in the blender. It does not have any funny after taste.”

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Aspartame – Free Meal Replacement Pudding/Shake Hazelnut Cocoa Cream

Fourth on the list of wonderslim cocoa products is hazelnut cocoa cream. Indulge in the sweet hazelnut chocolate spread that is easily available as part of diet plan for weight loss. As a treat, simply mix the contents of one packet with 4 ounces of nonfat milk. Keep it in the refrigerator for one hour and voilaa…you have got a yummy delicious pudding that will make you forget that you are on a diet.

Ingredients –

  • Fructose,
  • Cocoa (processed with alkali),
  • Sunflower oil,
  • Mono and diglycerides,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Niacinamide,
  • Vitamin A palmitate,
  • Folic acid,
  • Vitamin K,
  • Vitamin D3,
  • Vitamin B12 and much more.


For Hazelnut Shake

  • Put one packet of Hazelnut cocoa cream in 10oz of glass, blender or a shaker.
  • Now add 8oz of cold water.
  • Stir or shake it vigorously till there are no lumps and is completely dissolved. You can use nonfat milk instead of water.

For Hazelnut pudding

  • Empty the contents of hazelnut mix in a bowl or cup.
  • Now, add 4oz of cold water and mix it thoroughly with a spoon till it is smooth.
  • Pudding will thicken upon standing. You can use nonfat milk instead of water.

Wonderslim Shake Reviews

Miram – “Love the taste of shakes. In fact, I look forward to them first thing in the morning and all through the day. I have lost 60 lbs thanks to these shakes. I also include lots of fruits and vegetables to my diet and I am planning on losing some weight.”

Luke – “I like anything with hazelnut, so this is a definite preference.”

Tena – “This is my favorite shake. It feels like you are cheating which is funny evil at times.”

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Wonderslim Shipping And Returns

Wonderslim cocoa products and diet meal plans are eligible for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the contiguous US states. However, you need to order over $69+ to avail of free shipping. For those ordering below $69, you need to bear a small fee of $7.99. For shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, you need to pay shipping charges as well.

The company also ships internationally in countries such as –

  • Australia
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

Note people ordering from this country need to bear shipping and handling fees.

Wonderslim offers 150% money back guarantee on their products and meal plans. If you are not happy with the product, simply return them within 60 days from the date of purchase. The company will provide you the entire amount minus the shipping and handling charges.

Items eligible for refund include –

  • Unopened, unused box, case, bottle, bag or container from Wonderslim or Mommyslim products
  • Up to 1 partially used box/bottle of an individual wonderslim product

Also, note that you need to fill a return merchandise form to fulfill the return request.

Wonderslim Discount Coupon Codes

The company offers wonderslim coupons and discount codes, promotional offers on wonderslim cocoa products and other plans/products on its website. In fact, there is a special tab called “coupons”. Simply click and you will find the best deals and discounts to avail of. Here are few women’s best slim shake discount codes and many deals for you to check.

Current coupon discount codes include –

  • Spend $99+ SAVE$5 with coupon code – SPEND99
  • Spend $149+ Wonderslim SAVE $10 off diet direct coupon – SPEND149
  • Spend $199+ SAVE $10 with coupon code – SPEND149
  • Spend $299+ SAVE $40 with coupon code – SPEND299

You can avail of many more offers by subscribing to newsletters. You will be receiving promotional emails whenever an offer pops up so that you, your friends & family can avail of these offers easily.

Wonderslim food list

While you go shopping, bear in mind that you need to purchase fruits and vegetables that fall in line with the wonderslim diet plan.

Stating the obvious, the main reason is because the calories play an important role when you are trying to lose weight.

Vegetable Fruit Protein Dairy Starch Optional Beverages Fats
Asparagus Apple Turkey breast Skim milk Whole Grain Cereal Nonfat Cream Cheese Spring Water Mayonnaise
Broccoli Banana Veal Yogurt Diet bread, whole wheat (2 slices) Nonfat sour cream Bouillon (low sodium) Butter
Okra Blueberries (3/4 cup) Pork Plain yogurt 1/2 bagel (whole grain) Reduced fat margarine Sugar-free drink mixes Olive oil
Onions Pear, small (4oz) Seafood Greek yogurt Pretzels Artificial sweetener Black coffee or tea Walnuts
Radishes Raspberries (1 cup) Cheese, Low-fat Potato Catsup Herbal teas (skip if you are nursing) Soybean or canola oil

Here is the food selection list that also provides you with the necessary amount of food you need to implement in your wonderslim diet plan. https://www.wonderslim.com/media/pdf/wonderslim_food_selection_list.pdf

Wonderslim Vs. Medifast

Medifast is more of a popular product than Wonderslim, but both have a unique benefit of their own. The key motive of both these brands is meal replacement programs that offer you very rapid weight loss results.

So how to compare these two brands? Here are the main differences between both the companies. Do note that the diet program is always subject to change.

The Diet plan

For starters, both diets follow low glycemic meal replacements that put your body in a mild fat-burning state. They offer you specialized diet plans that will consist of entrees, shakes, bars, oatmeals, desserts every 2-3 hours all through the day. This will avoid unwanted curbs of hunger and prevent you from indulging in consuming the wrong type of foods.

Both the companies allow you to customize your diet plan order so that you can choose the one you prefer. With both diets, you will have your own meal of lean protein and veggies. Medifast provides you with an option of frozen lean and green meals if you are running out of time to prepare the meals yourself. But Wonderslim does not give you this option.

Online Support

Both the companies offer extreme online support, message board, customer service (via the toll-free number or chat), and more. Simply call and clarify your queries in mind.

However, for the introductory 3-day starter kit, wonderslim does not offer any online support. The online support is available for other diet plans.


Based on the diet plan you opt, Wonderslim is much cheaper. This is also based on any current specials that they offer.

For instance, the basic wonderslim kit starts around $7 per day where you get breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and dessert. They do not include entrees or desserts, unlike Medifast.

But the Premium wonderslim offers you entrees and desserts which is pretty much the same as compared to Medifast. This plan begins at $11 per day which is quite similar to Medifast.

As you can see, the price is quite the same when you compare both the companies – it all narrows down to the plan and meals you prefer.

Weight loss

Both the companies promise similar weight loss results. While Wonderslim dieters lose 4-5 lbs a week, Medifast dieters lose 5 lbs a week with weight loss leveling off slightly after that.

It all comes down to the body as well and how you feed it.


So to sum it up, Wonderslim and Medifast diet plans are very much similar with only a few tweaks here and there. They both offer vitamin and nutrient-rich meal replacement foods that offer promising weight loss. It has been well-researched, recommended and approved by doctors.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure to consult your doctor before starting any new diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will I lose?

Wonderslim results in weight loss which are a fact researched upon. However, loss of lbs basically depends on the individual and their body.

What is wonderslim core plan?

The wonderslim core plan differs for men and women. You can read about it here –

  • Men – https://www.wonderslim.com/media/pdf/wonderslim_mens_meal_plan_CORE.pdf
  • Women – https://www.wonderslim.com/media/pdf/wonderslim_womens_meal_plan_CORE.pdf

Make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing this diet plan.

Where will I find Wonderslim ingredients?

All the ingredients of wonderslim products are mentioned along with the respective products.

Are wonderslim products available in stores such as Walmart?

Yes, wonderslim products are available in Walmart.

Do I need to consult a health practitioner before starting on the diet?

Yes, it is always recommended to consult your medical practitioner before starting off with a diet.

Where will I find wonderslim recipes to spice up my food life?

Wonderslim has a blog that assists many dieters to derive full benefit and have gratifying foods even when they are on “diet”. Check out healthy recipes at http://blog.wonderslim.com/category/diet-healthy-recipes/

How much water should I drink every day?

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Can I have carbonated drinks, coffee or tea?

Carbonated drinks are a strict no-no unless you don’t want to lose weight. However, coffee, tea, occasional diet soda are allowed because they are non-caloric beverages (if consumed without cream or sugar). Make sure you keep a constant check on your creams and sweeteners when you are on the wonderslim diet.

Is it necessary to exercise while on the plan?

It is not mandatory to workout during the weight loss plan. However, it is best recommended to make exercise part of your daily life for multiple health benefits such as boosting metabolism, enhancing your self-image and so on.

Where will I find wonderslim weight loss success stories?

Here is the link to wonderslim weight loss success stories for you to check out – http://www.wonderslim.com/wonderslim-success-stories.html


The company is quite informative and mentions ingredients, reviews, and features as it is which is a great thing, unlike many companies that quote only the testimonials and negate the critical reviews. Uploading both the good and bad points gives the user a discretion regarding an order.

The website is also quite resourceful with wonderslim providing numerous recipes, articles, blogs and other studies so that users can enlighten themselves.