After a long day of tiring work, there is nothing more welcoming, than a cozy bed with warm sheets. As a matter of fact, there is always nothing more tempting than that. This is the major reason why most students study on their beds on usual days and never on a bed on the night before the exam (they have the whole syllabus to cover). It all begins by just stretching your legs then maybe lying down a bit. Then you think a power nap wouldn’t hurt but you’ll wake up the next day after a marathon of dreams. To be very frank, I don’t think anyone has finished a power nap the way it was meant to be until they had a deadline to meet or some serious studying to do.

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When it comes to sleeping, I am more of a nocturnal being. My brain works best after midnight and that is when I do most of my works. I probably sleep very late and sometimes at sunrise. But there is one thing I do without fail, no matter when I sleep. The alarm series. The day, one single alarm will manage to wake me up would be written in golden letters in the story of my life. I keep alarms for at least two hours before the time I wish to get up and still manage to get late for college and work sometimes.

My unpredictable body clock, (though unhealthy) worked fine for me but it was the day my dad bought the new mattress that I realized, things can get so much better. I say it with all my heart when I say – finding your perfect mattress is like finding your soul mate. The moment you have that, you become invincible. I thought it was just like the million other theories I came up with but now there is scientific proof for that. The perfect mattress lets you have a perfect sleep, no matter how short it is, thus proving to be the best form of the power nap. The best part is that that mattress is not necessarily the expensive one in the market. Don’t get me wrong, expensive ones are great too. My mattress fantasy is to own a spring bed with clean white sheets making me feel, every day is a five-star hotel stay.

Sleeping plays that part in our lives as the salt does in a good dish. It might not seem important but without the salt, the dish is incomplete and meaningless. Also, the right amount of salt is needed to make a perfect dish. Similarly, you shouldn’t be sleep deprived or oversleeping. And just like me, some of us don’t understand the levels of salt in our food. When I came to know getting sleep is important, I started making up for all the lost sleep, during weekends but trust me, that isn’t the way it should be done. It is simple logic. Just because you had less salt during weekdays, would you put, way more salt than needed in your weekend food?

Then the question comes why do we need to sleep. Imagine all the cells in your body are playing a video game and each keeps losing lives and their energy bar keeps going down. In order to start playing again once the energy bar is completely empty, we would have to wait around doing nothing in a video game. Similarly, each and every cell of our body also require that rest. This is the time during which they prepare for the next game (the next day). Maybe this is what video games have been trying to teach us all along.

It is said that people who get the right amount of sleep every single day, have better working brain cells and hence a great memory and ability to learn quickly. On the other hand, sleep deficiency will mess up your brain cells. Consequently, your ability to learn, make decisions and solve problems decreases.

The main culprit who takes away our sleep is gadgets. I can literally scroll Instagram all night if I wanted to. Gadgets take up most of our time. I realized that when I did the three-day gadget-free challenge. All I had to do was stop using my phone, laptop, TV or any such gadgets. I had so much free time that I could sit looking at the rain, doing absolutely nothing for hours. You will be amazed by your energy after the challenge. You’ve had the chance to breathe some fresh air, do some self-introspection and most importantly sleep seeing some amazing dreams.

The best part of sleeping for me are the dreams. Usually, people don’t remember their dreams but I have been blessed not only to remember my dream but also to go back to the same dream if I’m half awake somehow. If I write down my dreams immediately after I get up, I never forget it. As strange as it may sound, it has helped me a lot with stories during various story writing competitions.

So why watch movies in the night when you can watch equally thrilling ones that you yourself came up with subconsciously. Depend on music for falling asleep than sleeping pills. Prefer a cozy blanket over a midnight movie any day. A wise man once said- “I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.” So, have a clean mind and sleep tight because both are equally essential.