Everyone eats food to obtain enough energy to survive. In short, we eat to live but during some moments of our life, everyone has lived to eat. Those precious moments are what we call cravings. There is no greater satisfaction than taking the first bite of the food we’ve been craving for. A steamy glass of tea during the monsoon evenings or a midnight pizza might be the most common cravings but nothing beats the satisfaction of a glass of chilled lime juice or a scoop of creamy ice cream after attending an hour-long lecture in a classroom without electricity on a hot sunny day.

Cravings make you question your mind in many cases. You would be bamboozled when you have a craving for that very chapathi and dal (while eating the runny sambhar and that half cooked rice), your mom made that were once bored of, while you were staying home. During winter, you would be dying for a cup of hot chocolate that you dared not touch on that hot sunny day. Cravings have got a lot to do with climate and your living conditions but some happen out of the box. It is when you travel for your craving that you officially become a foodie. The show ‘Highway on my plate’ was that one show which inspired me to be a foodie. On my trip to North India, all my fellow passengers were interested in visiting landmarks. Of course, I wanted to visit landmarks too, but to me, those were the famous little hotels that embraced the local cuisine and flavor.

To some extent, I would say craving is like your dream or ambition in life. It is like a short-term ambition. Just like a dream, you have to work towards it to succeed. Sitting somewhere and wishing for a food item is too simple and easy but it takes guts and perseverance to get up and get that food. Food is always number one in my priority list and hence when it comes to cravings, it is super one among my priorities. I would stop at nothing before getting a bite of that dish in mind. I remember that day when I felt like having croissants. It isn’t a common delicacy and I had to roam around the whole town to find that perfectly rolled pastry.

Initially, cravings are like those situations when your crush hits on you. You’ll be very happy but confused. You might not even approach it positively as you are nervous about giving up that activity you’re doing and getting the food. You fear the possibility of being judged by people around you. Then slowly you start becoming pregnant with your food baby. You nurture it so much that you’ll find it extremely difficult to say no to any craving – be it midnight or even when the sun is right above your head. Those will be the happy days. Almost all problems will have one perfect solution – food. Whenever my friends had issues or mood swings, I would prescribe one tub of ice cream and a whole lot of episodes from their favorite series (F.R.I.E.N.D.S preferably).

Just when you think everything is going perfectly is when cravings become the villain in the story of your life. Weight gain, fat shaming, heart diseases, blood sugar, and anxiety are only the first few of the bullets that will hit you. But by now, there is no escape. Each craving is like a dose of that drug you’re trying to quit. It would take more than a little willpower and mental strength to say no. You know it wouldn’t help but it would be difficult to stop eating. Not to forget, those uncountable number of times you felt regret and promised to yourself (your parents, your best friend, your dog, The God) you wouldn’t give in again. All those gym memberships that expired with at most 5% attendance are the proof to the regret waves I’ve gone through.

When you reach this phase is when I have the biggest advice for you. Your cravings shouldn’t be like a dream or a crush or your food baby or the villain. Cravings should remain that old friend you can always count upon. That old childhood friend you know will be there if you need him but would wish for nothing but your goodwill. Eat healthy regularly and workout each day. And when that old friend calls once in a while, pick up and enjoy your life. Whenever you got problems, you know he’s always got your back. Just because you are in the hangover from a party with your best friend doesn’t mean you wouldn’t hang out again. Lose all those extra pounds you gained like recovering from the hangover and give cravings another chance. Just don’t lose control like last time.