Looking for an ideal green superfood? Then switch on to Vitamineral Greens. It is an excellent mix of 28 green specific ingredients, including notable greens like dulse, spirulina, wheatgrass, Icelandic kelp, alfalfa leaf juice and many others. There are various health benefits of having this wonderful supplement. Moreover, it’s very popular and highly reviewed by the users. Read on to know more on Vitamineral Greens amazon. Check out its reviews, ingredients, dosage, side-effects and much more…

Vitamineral Greens

Vitamineral Green Powder -17.65 oz (500 grams) from HealthForce Nutritionals is a superior, therapeutic green superfood powder. There are no synthetic or isolated nutrients. It is made using a wide variety of nutritional elements like green grasses, herbs, sea vegetables, probiotics, superfoods and plant enzymes. Equally, beneficial at aiding nutritional support for the immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, pancreas, muscles, and brain.

HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Greens benefits

Vitamineral Greens is a well-rounded superfood powder containing probiotics, enzyme, and potent phytonutrients. All the ingredients added results in a better nutrient absorption giving a healthy digestive system. Benefits include:

  • Maintains the blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamineral Green Powder -17.65 oz (500 grams) supports the immune system.
  • Facilitates toxic detoxification from the organs.
  • Increases the rate of circulation.
  • Ideal for the health of the bones, liver, and kidneys.
  • Greater energy.
  • Clarity of mind
  • Better sleep.
  • Increases alertness.
  • Smoothens skin.

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Vitamineral Greens ingredients

  • Serving size: 10g
  • Servings per container: 50
  • Total calories – 34
  • Total carbohydrate – 4.07g
  • Dietary fiber – 2.50g
  • Sugars – 0.62g
  • Protein – 3.63g
  • Fat – 0.3g
  • Sodium – 55mg

From the land: 5,166mg – Nettle leaf, Carob Pod

Juices –

  • Alfalfa Grass,
  • Barley Grass,
  • Oat Grass,
  • Horsetail/Shavegrass,
  • Parsley Leaf,
  • American Basil,
  • Holy Basil,
  • Chickweed,
  • Barley Grass,
  • Moringa Leaf,
  • Wheat Grass,
  • Ginger Root,
  • Yacon Leaf,
  • Amla Berry,
  • Shilajit

From the Waters: 3,754mg –

  • Spirulina,
  • Chlorella

From the Oceans: 980mg –

  • Kelp,
  • Dulse,
  • Bladderwrack,
  • Alaria,
  • Lavar (Wild Atlantic Nori)

VMG Enzyme Concentrate: 85mg –

  • Protease,
  • Alpha-Galactosidase,
  • Amylase,
  • Papain,
  • Cellulase,
  • Lipase,
  • Bromelain

Probiotics: 15mg

Acid stable, shelf stable, colonizing (NOT transient), truly Vegan and incredibly magnified/fed by the VMG formula.L. plantarum, L. paracasei, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus
Organic, Wildcrafted, TruGanic

Vitamineral Green Powder -17.65 oz (500 grams) dosage

It is recommended to start with 1 teaspoon per day and increase gradually over 2 weeks to a suggested level of 1 servings per day. Equally, it can also be taken with fresh juice or purified water but mixing with carrot juice may produce gas. Add 1-2 tablespoon of freshly grounded flax or chia seeds for more nutrition. If you experience temporary beneficial cleansing reactions, that you find undesirable (such as loose bowels), immediately reduce the amount used to 1 teaspoon or less, then increase slowly.

Note – The product is 100% vegan, gluten and yeast free. It is not diluted with grains, beans, maca, fibers, fruits, seeds/chia/flax.

Vitamineral Greens side effects

There are no side effects yet reported from the users for this Vitamineral Green Powder. The formula is a balanced nutrition packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and healing phytonutrients.

Vitamineral Greens precautions

  • Pregnant ladies and nursing mothers must consult the healthcare professional before having this powder.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Similarly, individuals with allergies or other health condition must seek a medical help before having this Vitamineral Greens.

Vitamineral Greens pros and cons


  • The components used are quite exceptional and the quality maintained after the processing is also quite reasonable.
  • Vitamineral Greens is manufactured from a well-known company, which has excelled in this field for more than 14 years.
  • It contains extracts from the raw food and is purely organic in nature.
  • Equally, the product is quite inexpensive.


  • The appearance of this formula is dark and also it has a grassy, gritty taste.
  • Very little information is available about the vitamin and mineral content.

Vitamineral Greens reviews

The product is an effective mix of complete ingredients of the food, formulated by Mother Nature and Jameth Sheridan. It has given amazing results for most of the regular users and they are happy with it. Thus, it has been rated with 4.8 stars out of 5 by them. Further, mentioned below are some honest reviews for your reference. They can surely help you in making a right choice towards this diet. Let’s have a look at them…

“I have used this Vitamineral Greens for a couple of weeks and was able to note a difference in the dryness of my skin. Very happy with this product…”

“Love this formula! It keeps me energized and is reasonable too.”

“When I was 25 years old I found myself in a very depressed state in life. I took a medical help, tried many things like listening to the music of Tony Robbins. But, nothing worked. Then, one day I went to my local organic market and they told me about this Vitamineral Greens. I decided to give it a try so I went ahead and bought it home. After taking it for a week, I began to feel a radical change in my body. It works! I noted my depression has reduced to a great extent and was feeling alive…”

“One of the best multi minerals I ever had.”

“Best! As it is loaded with chlorophyll-rich greens, soil based probiotics, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.”

“Both me and my husband love this Vitamineral Green Powder -17.65 oz, we put it in our smoothies.”

Where to buy Vitamineral Greens?

Vitamineral Greens is available at online stores like pureformulas.com. You may check their website for more information.

Vitamineral Greens amazon

The product is also available at amazon.com. Altogether, Vitamineral has received 5/5 stars from its users on this popular online store. Equally, it’s cheap! Not that pricey. You may purchase them at a cheaper rate with many discount and coupon offers.

Discount, coupon and promo offers

Pure Formulas does not charge any shipping charges on this product. You can avail $14 off on this Vitamineral Green Powder -17.65 oz at pureformulas.com. While, amazon offers $50 gift card on all the purchases made from their site. Alternatively, you may also log in with your email address for all the upcoming deals. Hurry up!

Frequently asked questions

Is the product effective?

Yes, of course, you may check into their reviews, available at various other websites.

What is the contact number of Pure Formulas?

The phone number of Pure Formulas is 1.800.383.6008.

Can I get the email address of Pure Formulas?

Ya sure. The email address is help@pureformulas.com.

Vitamineral Green™ Powder

HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green™ Super Food Powder
Vitamineral Greens is a well-rounded superfood powder containing probiotics, enzyme, and potent phytonutrients. All the ingredients added results in a better nutrient absorption giving a healthy digestive system.