UTI Clear can treat urinary tract infections without the use antibiotics and is specially formulated by Native Remedies. All the products from Native Remedies are overseen by the FDA.

The UTI Clear up is manufactured following all the guidelines from FDA according to the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). The UTI Clear up is made in a lab which is FDA and GMP certified, which guarantees the safety of the product.

UTI Clear Dosage

The UTI Clear has to be taken by diluting the drops in a small amount of water or juice and then has to be sipped slowly. You can also hold the bottle upside down and drop the UTI Clear directly into your mouth. The dosage varies for people of different ages. An adult or a children over 15 years of age can take 0.501 ml 3times a day for 5 to 7 days. The dosage reduces by 0.25 ml and 1 drop for children of 10 to 14 years of age and 6 to 9 years of age, respectively.

Native Remedies UTI-CLEAR DROPS

The UTI Clear can be used as a support, all round and on going health of the bladder. The product usually begins to work immediately on use, but some people will get a response faster than others.

Native Remedies UTI Clear Benefits

If the urinary tract infection continues even after these days, you can continue with the same dosage till the infection clears. You should also drink a lot of water when you take the UTI Clear to clear the urinary tract. This product can work even without the use of antibiotics with the product. In fact, you can use the Triple complex UT Tonic or Bladder Well from Native Remedies along with taking the UTI Clear up.

Antibiotics will actually work quite well for urinary tract infections providing quick relief, but with frequent use, antibiotics loose their potency and the body begins to resist them. This a gentle medicine which does not alter the normal functions of the body in anyway but provides relief from the symptoms of urinary tract infections all the same.

The formula is meant to be absorbed fastly into the body due to its tincture form and the results can be seen with 24 to 48 hours.