Urox Bladder Support is the dietary supplement to regulate the bladder activities. The overactive bladder can be controlled with the help of this supplement. With its natural ingredients, Urox can provide, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. For the healthy and controlled bladder function, this is the best and safest remedy.

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The ingredients used in Urox have been an integral part of the traditional medicine for urinary problems and that vouch for the effectiveness of this product in doing what it claims to. ItĀ helps maintain, both the bladder and the urinary tract to promote healthy toxin elimination.

Urox Benefits

Urox bladder support is beneficial for the overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, frequent urination, urgency adverse events, and nocturia. The benefits of Urox capsules are scientifically tested and proven. It is also useful for the urinary spincter tone.

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Doctor’s Best Bladder Support Urox ingredients

Urox is a proprietary blend of several herbal extracts. It contains extracts from Lindera root, Horsetail stem, and Cratevox three-leaf caper stem.

  • Lindera root extract is used in Chinese medicine to treat the overactive bladder or frequent urination. It has antioxidant properties that protect the cells in the bladder and urinary tract from free radial destruction. The antibacterial effects can prevent the urinary infections. ThisĀ can support the kidney function as well. It improves blood circulation, prevents inflammations, and relieves pain. It strengthens the bladder muscles and tones it to ease the pressure.
  • Horsetail stem extract is a bladder and kidney tonic that can sup-ply many nutrients for the good health of these organs. It has astringent property and supports the urinary sphincter tone.
  • Cratevox three-leaf stem extract is another Chinese medicine used for urinary bladder and kidney health. It has the antioxidant property that destroys the free radicals. It is a bladder tonic that can improve the tissue health of the bladder which leads to healthy functioning.

Urox dosage

The recommended Urox dosage is 2 capsules daily. The 2 capsules dosage should be followed for a month for the best results. Later when the symptoms have come down and seems steady, the dosage could be brought down to 1 capsule per day for maintenance.

Urox Side effects

There are no reports of side effects. In fact, the ingredients used here are made to avoid such side effects, especially the case of Horsetail. The extract of this plant is found to cause vitamin B1 depletion but here in Urox, the extract is treated to avoid such situation thus eliminating chances of any adverse effects.

How does Urox work?

The ingredients in the Urox capsules improves the blood circulation that promotes healthy collagen and connective tissue. This helps strengthen the bladder functions and avoid frequent or accidental urination.
The work mechanism of Urox is safer and not anticholinergic way that is usual with the bladder problems. That way usually causes side effects but this non-anticholinergic action does not cause those effects.

Moreover, Urox capsules work faster with the lower dose of 2 capsules that also comply with the safer method of treating or relieving urinary problems.

Urox Reviews

The majority of the users have found success with the Urox capsules within a few days of using it. They got positive changes within a few days and by a month, they had major relief.

At the same time, there are people who have had very little change. Some just got relief with the night time urination where the frequency was reduced meagerly but the daytime incontinence sustained.

It has also worked well with the prostate issues related urinary incontinence.

One of the Urox reviews show that the supplement is not good with its diuretic effects. It needs to control the frequent urination not increase the output. One must be careful while choosing this supplement to health the particular urinary problem.


Urox bladder support is a natural remedy from top to bottom with no known side effects. It is available online easily in bottles that supply for a month. The price is not much higher but could have been a bit less in comparison.

Doctor’s Best Bladder Support Urox

Urox bladder support is a natural remedy from top to bottom with no known side effects. It is available online easily in bottles that supply for a month. The price is not much higher but could have been a bit less in comparison.

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