Sleep is highly underrated these days that it is the last thing on people’s to-do list. In fact, a good night’s sleep has its value much higher than millions. Tranquinol is a dietary supplement that can balance the neurotransmitters to bring balanced mood and quality sleep. If you are having trouble getting rest for the mind, this happens to be the best remedy in the market.

If you don’t get the peaceful sleep at night and some quality rest, whatever that you did, get or has been doing is not worth a single penny. Not that whatever that you did is causing you the sleep, but the effects of the doing would eventually have its toll on you in the form of stress and the related hormone imbalance.

What is Tranquinol?

Tranquinol is the supplement that helps you gain quality sleep by controlling the wayward thoughts and controlling the neurotransmitters. It promotes sleep, with improved daytime energy. It brings the changes without causing any addiction or drowsiness. Made with needed amino acids, herbal extracts, and magnesium, Tranquinol is the safe resort for mental relaxation for anyone who is in the dire situation.

It promotes sleep and helps you stay asleep without having to wake up frequently. It causes no side effects also and saves you from relying on the chemical tranquilizers.

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Premier Research Labs Tranquinol Ingredients

  • Calcium carbonate is the most absorbable form of calcium for the body. Calcium here helps in relaxing the muscle and nerves. It can promote sleep as well. Low calcium level is found to disturb the sleep and keep waking you in the middle of night.
  • Magnesium calms the muscles and nerves and controls the release of stress hormones. It reduces the stress level in the body and promotes relaxation. It also regulates the calcium level in the body and takes calcium out from the muscles to relax them.
  • Seditol is the blend of the following extracts and ingredients. This is the sleep aid proprietary blend.
  • Magnolia bark extract has the relaxing and mood improving ability. It reduces stress to let the mind and body help fall asleep. It is considered the safe alternative for melatonin to get sleep.
  • Jujube seeds extract can treat sleep disorders and anxiety. The other nutrients in this extract promote general health. The saponins, especially, has the sedative effect to control the anxiety. The antioxidants will protect the cell damage.

Other Ingredients

  • Olive leaf extract has soothing and relaxing effects. It can ease the pressure on blood vessels and improve the blood circulation.
  • Valerian root extract has sedative effects of relaxing the nerves and mind. It increases the GABA level in the brain to bring the shut down faster. It curbs anxiety and elevates mood to a relaxed state.
  • Organic chlorella helps in the detoxification of the body. Too many toxins have harmful effect sin the body and that includes sleep disorders. When you want to cure anything that is wrong inside the body, you need a good detoxifying agent to start with. It promotes hormone activity and lowers the blood pressure as well.
  • Turkey tail is a mushroom that can induce sleep. It has relaxing property and slowly brings sleep. It also leaves the body energized in the body with adequate rest at night.
  • Turmeric contains curcumin the universal healer. It has all the possible medicinal properties in it. It can improve the mood and is found to cure sleep deprivation. Turmeric reduces anxiety and brings down oxidative damage. It is found to reverse the cortisol level so it is also a sure stress-buster.
  • Japanese knotweed root is antioxidant that has powerful effects in the degenerative disease like dementia, Alzheimer’s etc. It can protect the brain cells from damage.

Tranquinol Dosage

Tranquinol capsules are to be taken 2 in number at least 1 hour before the bedtime. Taking it before the bedtime induces quality sleep.

If it is the mental calmness and mood control that you needs take the 2 capsules dose in the morning. You will have a calmer mind and energetic body to let you cruise through all the hardships of the day.

Tranquinol for Anxiety

Tranquinol is found to eliminate the panic attacks and anxiety. It has worked well for those with anxious minds and eased their breathing difficulty when the panic attack hits them. Tranquinol has nerve relaxing ingredients to bring down the anxiety and relax the nerves. It also contains the minerals that can prevent such situations.

Tranquinol side effects and interactions

Tranquinol is a safe supplement when used in the right dose. An overdose of this has many adverse effects like dry skin, sluggish pupil, dry mouth, bad breath, higher body temperature, disorientation, delirium, agitation, hyperactivity, memory loss, seizures etc.

In general, there shouldn’t be any side effects as long as you are taking the recommended dosage. If you notice any slight change in the behavior or body language, it is better to seek medical attention.

There is no particular known drug interaction for Tranquinol. It may have a dampening or worsening effect when used with other tranquilizers.

Premier Research Labs Tranquinol reviews

Tranquinol reviews show that it has worked well for the general anxiety disorder, sleep disturbances after menopause, stress- related sleep deprivation, panic attacks, and general insomnia. Not many of them complained about side effects after using it.

Users say, it worked better than the sleeping pills and they could wake up with a clear mind and energetic body rather than drowsy feeling. Not only has it induced quality sleep, but prolonged sleep as well. People have woken up less frequent at night.

What they all agree is that Tranquinol is better than using melatonin. The second factor is that it is non-addictive and one can stop using it anytime they prefer to.

The only drawback is that the price is a bit higher. A single bottle is only for a month, for the price it comes at. Since the sleep inducing supplements may need to be taken for a longer period, it could have been nice to have higher capacity bottles.


Relying on chemical drugs and sleeping pills is not the best idea. It is better to look for herbal remedies. They have lesser complications and it comes with almost no side effects. Tranquinol is one such safe and reliable sleep aid that promotes quality sleep, mood elevation and controls the neurotransmitters to have the stress level down. Get it online and see it for yourself.

Premier Research Labs Tranquinol To balance Mood & Sleep Quality
It promotes sleep, with improved daytime energy. It brings the changes without causing any addiction or drowsiness. Made with needed amino acids, herbal extracts, and magnesium, Tranquinol is the safe resort for mental relaxation for anyone who is in the dire situation.