When you manually do the CPR, you would just be doing the process, praying to God that it works. There is no way you can see the changes in the body or know whether or not you are exerting enough pressure on the affected body. This is where the Zoll AED devices come into aid.

Unlike other Automated External Defibrillators, the Zoll AED devices are smarter and the user can actually see the results or instructions while doing the CPR. The Zoll AED devices are essential to any organization to have a defibrillator ready to use when in an emergency. There is the Zoll AED Plus for the emergency use in schools, colleges, offices and any institutions and the Zoll AED Pro for the professional use by the paramedics.

About Zoll AED devices Benefits

Zoll AED devices are different from other AED devices in the fact that not everyone needs an electric shock. Zoll AED defibrillator is designed to provide the needed help to the patients to save their lives and not always provide the shock. It practically assists the helper, whoever he or she is, and guide them properly to do the needful without panicking.

Zoll AED Devices Defibrillator

Zoll AED devices are different from other AED devices in the fact that not everyone needs an electric shock. It is designed to provide the needed help to the patients to save their lives and not always provide the shock.

The Zoll AED devices provide feedback to the helper, letting them know if they are doing right or are giving proper compression to the patient. These devices are more than just a device and have a complete package of life-saving resources.

Zoll AED devices are light weighted and portable. They can be set inside an emergency cabinet in the institutions they are being used.

Zoll AED Plus Uses & Benefits

Zoll AED Plus is recommended to be used for the schools, communities, churches, offices, gym, corporations, home or any professional service centers etc. In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest to anyone in these areas, get this Zoll AED Plus to help them. Everyone in such situations needs a CPR and this Zoll AED Plus is the perfect partner.

It communicates with the helper, letting them know about the task. This device shows if the pushing is enough, the heart rate and even let them know when to start what. It shows,

  • The CPR heart rate and depth or compressions
  • Help all in need even if they don’t need a shock and help them survive
  • Supports the complete Chain of Survival
  • Needs just the one-piece electrode pad for the quick and precise monitoring
  • The device works automatic, once it is connected to the patient and is switched on.

Other features

Zoll AED Plus works on battery power. It can either use the set of type 123 Duracell battery that comes with the package. The batteries have longer life of up to 5 years. There will be 10 batteries in each set. The batteries are placed in 4-2-4 configuration inside the device. it is also easy to replace the batteries when needed. You will get the replacement battery in a complete set.

This light weighted device weighs only 6.7 lbs, approximately 3.1 kg

The size of the device is 5.25 x 9.5 x 11.5 inches in height, width, and depth.

Buy Zoll AED Plus

The product could be purchased with features like text and voice prompts only or can also have the device that has the additional feature of ECG display in it.

The choice of Zoll AED can be between the fully automated or semi-automated versions.

You can also choose additional pads and batteries as required, along with the product. The additional pads could be chosen for adults or pediatric use, depending on where it is being used. The pediatric pads must be chosen for schools.

What is included?

Zoll AED Plus comes as a complete package, even with a demo and a CD for setting up. The package includes,

  • A brand new Zoll AED Plus with 7-year warranty
  • CPR-D Pads to attach to the patients- just one set
  • Duracell lithium battery set with sleeve
  • Demo and set up CD, Operator’s Guide
  • Carrying case
  • Medical prescription and authorization for the use in medical emergency
  • Heart Smart CPR/AED rescue kit
  • Heart Smart inspection or maintenance tag
  • Lifetime management
  • Heart smart decal

Zoll AED Pro for the professional rescuers

Even the professional rescuers need a sturdy and reliable assistant while saving lives. The Zoll AED Pro is made for them in their assistance. It provides the real-time CPR help along with the display of cardiac rhythm of the patients. It works the same no matter where the field is.

The Zoll AED Pro is useful for all patients with a heart problem and can provide either an electric shock or without the shock depending on the condition.

Zoll AED Pro is for

Zoll AED Pro is used for the professional rescuers only. It is useful to the police, fire, first responders, medical professionals. EMS, marine boating, under extreme weather, aviation, industrial centers etc.

Features of Zoll AED Pro

  • Zoll AED Pro device is made to withstand all kinds of weather and still be functioning. It can even withstand a drop from a height of up to 1.5 meters. It can survive the water jets and is resistant to dust as well.
  • The device has an internal memory and allows the insertion of an external memory in the form of a USB port. It allows data transfer and management.
  • The display unit shows the real time, see-thru CPR with the heart rhythm of the patient. This allows constant compressions until the heart is revived, without having to stop and see if the efforts worked or not.
  • It shows the rate and depth of the compressions provided.
  • It has an ECG monitor and a high-quality display.
  • Zoll AED Pro works on battery power. It can use either the disposable Duracell battery set or can have the rechargeable battery.
  • The device is also equipped to detect and monitor the pediatric heart.
  • All Zoll AED Pro devices work only semi-automatic.

What is included?

  • A new Zoll AED Pro device with 7-year warranty
  • 1 piece of CPR-D Pads or 2 sets of Stat-Padz II
  • Battery set of 10 Duracell batteries or a single rechargeable battery
  • Zoll AED Pro demo and set up CD, an operator’s guide, and a semi-ridged carrying case.
  • It comes with a medical prescription with authorization.
  • The additional features included while purchasing from HeartSmart store are, the carrying case for Philips OnSite. CPR-AED rescue kit, inspection tag, decal, and a Lifetime AED program management.

Buy Zoll AED Pro

You can buy Zoll AED Pro from the online stores like HeartSmart. You can choose the AED Pro configuration to be semi-automatic or the semi-automatic with manual option. Either way, the options would get you either a set of 2 Stat Padz II or 1 piece of CPR-D Padz.

The battery option is lithium or rechargeable.

The pads would be for adults by default. The pediatric pads must be added as additional.

Zoll AED devices reviews

Zoll AED devices are among the top-rated AED devices with all the necessary features. They have got the text prompt, voice prompt, LED prompt, ECG display and pediatric compatibility, all in one. Even the price, which may seem higher, is comparatively lower than many other AED devices.

The availability of the accessories is another high point. All you need to have is the AED device, you can have the pads, kit, carrying case and batteries replaced whenever wanted.

The pads used for these Zoll AED devices are easily attached and does not need much time or experience to do so.
The facility of getting the device updated has made it all the more significant and placed it at the top slots. The Zoll AED Plus could easily be upgraded using the infrared port and a USB adapter. Just plug it into the computer ad transmit the data.

Precautions for using AED devices

  • Always wipe the patient’s chest dry before you place the CPR or stat padz on them. The electrodes should not be in contact with wetness. Otherwise, the device is safe to be used in a damp environment.
  • The chest of the patient is the only part need to be exposed. In the case of a lady, removing the bra is essential before attaching the electrodes.
  • Keep the pads and electrodes of the Zoll AED device attached to the patient’s body while giving CPR and also when the pulse has returned and the patient is breathing gain.
  • Use only pediatric pads for a child patient.
  • For personal use, one must require a doctor’s prescription to buy the Zoll AED device.

Zoll AED Accessories

The Zoll AED devices would need the accessories now or later. You can get them easily from the same store. There are many kinds of accessories that are essential like the pads and batteries or that for comfort and conveniences like the carrying case or the trainer. The accessories are available separately for the Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED Pro. Choose the compatible one for each device as the difference would be in the connector point.

  • Zoll CPR-D accessory kit with the necessary gloves, swabs, sterilizing wipes, scissors etc. You will need these while performing the life-saving act.
  • Zoll AED Stat Padz II- either a set or a case with 12 sets. The pads are for single use and must be discarded after each use. This is multi-functional defibrillator electrodes that can distribute the charge evenly.
  • Zoll AED CPR-D pads have the pre-connected electrodes that save time while connecting it to the victim.
  • Zoll Pedi-padz II is special electrode pads for the child victims. The electrodes here have special features to analyze the child’s heart rhythm. It is suitable for children up to 8 yrs old.
  • Carrying case can be the soft carrying case or the hard sided briefcase like cases. The hard case comes as large or medium sizes.
  • Zoll AED Plus battery set that includes 10 batteries. Every time you change the batteries, you need to replace the whole set and not the single battery.
  • Zoll AED Pro rechargeable lithium battery is applicable only for the Zoll AED Pro version. The battery can be recharged with the help of a cord when needed.
  • Zoll AED Pro non-rechargeable lithium battery is specific to the Zoll AED Pro device. No other battery can be used in place of this one.


How safe are the Zoll AED devices?

Zoll AED devices are safe to be used even for the pregnant ladies. It can also be used on patients having pacemakers.

Will the Zoll AED device deliver the shock to a person who has only fainted and not having a cardiac arrest?

No, it will not. The AED device supplies the shock depending upon the heart rhythm and not on the general condition.

Who can I use the Zoll AED device on?

Use the Zoll AED device only on a person who has no pulse, unresponsive and is not breathing. It is not a general medical aid.

What do I do with an AED device when I have no experience with that?

You can still use the device to save someone. The Zoll AED Plus provides prompts both audibly and visually to guide you through. You can give the compressions when prompted.


Having an AED device nearby, no matter where you are could help you save a life. The most aspect of a cardiac arrest is providing proper CPR. How to do and when to do a CPR may not be easy for an inexperienced person. These Zoll AED devices would guide you through these processes and would explain and control the need for defibrillation. You can have them mounted on the wall inside a cabinet for easy access. You may also try the Zoll AED Plus trainer that will train you to do the needful hen the time comes.