Thorne Research Quercenase is a dietary supplement that simply improves the general health. This is not a target specific supplement but a one that works in a general manner with some stress on digestion.

Quercenase is useful for those with frequent allergies. This helps them in relieving allergies by curbing the histamine production. It can work in healing wounds, bruises, swellings etc. Moreover, this contains the enzyme bromelain that helps with digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that increase the usefulness.

On general health improvement, one of the ingredients, quercetin, is capable of positively affecting each and every system of the body.

Thorne Research Quercenase For Allergies

Quercenase is useful for those with frequent allergies. This helps them in relieving allergies by curbing the histamine production. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that increase the usefulness. Quercenase is safe for one and all because it contains no allergy causing agent or artificial additions.

Thorne Research Quercenase Ingredients

Thorne Research Quercenase uses only 2 active ingredients in the capsules.

Each capsule contains –

  • quercetin 250mg
  • bromelain 100mg.

The quercetin used here is water soluble.

Bromelain is a popular enzyme taken from the pineapple plant. This enzyme has protein-digesting ability making digestion process easier. This enzyme helps body absorb quercetin, making full use of the other ingredient.
Quercetin improves the general health of the body by affecting almost all the organs. It reduces infections and provides strength to the immune system to fight any diseases. Furthermore, the antioxidant property, together they make digestion proper and thereby ensuring a healthier body.

Benefits Of Thorne Research Quercenase

Needless to say that all the benefits of Quercenase would be due to its 2 ingredients, quercetin and bromelain.

Quercetin: Quercetin is a flavonoid that has high antioxidant property. Its properties include both preventive and curative.

Quercetin protects the brain cells and other body cells from oxidative stress. It can reduce the inflammatory effects that can lead to degenerative diseases. It also reduces many brains toxins.

Quercenase could help with a leaky gut because of both bromelain and quercetin. Both these ingredients are supportive of the digestive system. While the bromelain increases the digestion process, quercetin can stabilize the mast cells and tighten the gap between the cells of the gut.

The anti-inflammatory property of quercetin reduces the swellings and opens up faster recovery.

The antioxidant activity of quercetin helps it being an anti-aging agent as well. It improves the brain capabilities and memory.

Quercetin can control the release of histamine and make an excellent remedy for allergies. Allergies of any kind would see a large production of histamine. When these histamines are overproduced, we feel discomfort. Quercetin can reduce the histamine amount produced to provide relief.

The anti-histamine action of quercetin makes it a suitable relief for respiratory-related irritations. It is also found to inhibit the enzyme that promotes swelling or the airway.

Quercetin improves the blood flow to have smoother functioning of the heart. It is helpful in balancing the blood pressure which has direct impact on the heart.

Quercetin is a de-stressing agent that reduces the stress hormone cortisol. It can suppress the enzyme that promotes the release of cortisol and enables body to adjust to stress.


The primary function of bromelain is to breakdown the protein molecules from the food. It helps the body in breaking down the complex protein molecules into simple peptides and into amino acids that the body can easily absorb and utilize. This enzyme helps great in developing muscles or rather protecting the muscles by supplying them with amino acids.

  • Bromelain can speed up the healing process after wound, bruises, swellings, surgery etc.
  • The same anti-inflammatory effects of this enzyme help in reducing the sinus discomfort.
  • In arthritis, bromelain provides relief for the minor pain or discomfort felt at the joints.
  • It can reduce chances of hemorrhoids of the veins and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Bromelain being a digestive enzyme promotes proper digestion and prevent or relieve indigestion. It can also balance the stomach acidity and reduce heartburn.
  • It has immune boosting properties by affecting the white blood cells.

Moreover, bromelain in Quercenase also helps with the proper absorption of the other ingredient quercetin so that it can have all its benefits.

Quercenase Dosage, Side Effects And More

The recommended dosage of Quercenase is 1 capsule 3 times a day. Take the capsule along with the meals for proper digestion. It is safe for all except pregnant and nursing women.

There are no known side effects for Quercenase. People who have used say that they switched to Quercenase because it had no side effects and they wanted to get away from the drugs that come with many side effects.

Quercenase is safe for one and all because it contains no allergy causing agent or artificial additions. It comes free of artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no dairy, soy, sugar, yeast, corn, peanut, egg, or disintergrants in it. It is also devoid of any coatings or binder or even magnesium stearate.

Quercenase Customer Reviews

BIance with a histamine intolerance found relief with Quercenase from both the allergy symptoms and the side effects from the various drugs that she used so far. She feels the product is expensive but does not complaint as it contains no common allergens.

Travis has environmental allergy and could now stop taking the prescription drugs.

Dun is a long-term customer of Quercenase and was recommended by his doctor. He takes 2 capsules and now lives a peaceful life with comfortable grass cutting and other outdoor works without being stuffy. It took some 2 weeks for his to get the first positive response.

The overall response from the customers is that the Quercenase is ‘pricey’. The Quercenase comes in the bottle that has 60 capsules in it to last for a month. The month’s supply itself costs much higher than other brands. But the fact is that the Thornes Research Quercenase comes with no allergens or side effects which save you some money in itself.


If you are looking for just an allergy relief supplement then Quercenase is not your cup of tea. It will cost you more. But if you want a quality product that works well enough, then no doubt you can choose the Quercenase capsules. Just take the recommended dose and wait for a week or 2 to see the symptoms coming down and feeling a lot healthier than before.