Immunity and gastrointestinal systems are interconnected. They complement each other and make a team. A simple fault in one could affect the other as well. This is why you need a supplement that works on both of these to get instant health improvement. Thorne Research Berbercap is a dietary supplement that can make the immunity and GI healthy. For those who take too many supplements to maintain their healthy body, the Berbercap comes as a shortcut where they can eliminate at least one supplement from their list. Berbercap has also got other benefits than concentrating on these 2 systems. Let us see what they are all.

Berbercap Ingredients

Before we go into what Berbercap is useful for, let us see what it is made of. There is only active ingredient in Thorne Research Berbercap, berberine from Berberis aristata.

Berberis aristata is otherwise called the Indian barberry and this berberine is taken from its root. The root extract of this plant is the main ingredient here. This is made into capsules for easy administration.

Thorne Research Berbercap GI & Immunity Support

Thorne Research Berbercap is a dietary supplement that can make the immunity and GI healthy. It supports the mucus membranes of the respiratory system. Berberine is capable of lowering the blood sugar level and gets a hand over diabetes.

Each capsule of Berbercap contains 200mg of berberine. Berberine is an alkaloid found naturally in many plants. It can work on almost all the organs and systems of our body to make it healthy.

Benefits Of Using Thorne Research Berbercap

Now, make a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. Here starts the long list of benefits of berberine. It is almost unbelievable to think a small quality of such not-so-popular supplement could have so much of benefits. It is now used for many types of treatments including the heart diseases and cancer.

  • GI system and immunity: Primarily Berbercap supports the gastrointestinal system and thereby the immune system as well. It provides the help by supporting the intestinal flora. The beneficial bacteria in the gut are nourished with this extract and could bring t life. The higher population of the gut bacteria can have its impact by getting a stronger immune system.
  • Respiratory system: Berberine supports the mucus membranes of the respiratory system. By improving the immune system, it spares the respiratory system by preventing common cold and flu. It has got anti-inflammatory properties that reduce lung inflammations, especially that caused by smoking.
  • Diabetes is another high point of the benefits of Berbercap. Berberine is capable of lowering the blood sugar level and gets a hand over diabetes. It can also correct the disorder with the glucose and lipid metabolism. Berberine can reduce the insulin resistance and increase the rate of glycolysis to consume as much glucose from the blood as possible. It urges the liver to produce less sugar and also make the carbohydrate digestion in the intestines. All of these result in lower blood sugar levels.

Other Benefits

  • Reduce cholesterol: Studies showed that berberine is capable of lowering the serum cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. It highly reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes that often happen with high cholesterol treatment. It promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the liver and prevents the absorption of it in the intestine.
  • Weight loss: yes, it can help in weight loss also. Berberine has its major act on the AMP-activated enzyme that kick starts the metabolism. By improving metabolism body is less likely to store fat and gradually could help in weight loss.
  • Heart health: Berberine can stimulate the release of nitric oxide that relaxes the arteries. This improves the blood flow and reduces blood pressure. It prevents the thickening of the inside of the blood vessels as well. By reducing the cholesterol levels and controlling the blood sugar levels, it improves the heart health in many ways.
  • Other uses: The other uses of berberine include its antioxidant activity that protects the cells from oxidation; antibacterial activity could act against pathogenic organisms and reduce or prevent infections. It helps the fat deposition in the liver, enabling it to perform well and detoxify the body better.

Berbercap Dosage And Side Effects


Berbercap comes in capsule form. Due to the fragile nature of berberine inside our system, it is short lived and would not last for more than a few hours; it needs repeating dosage in a day. The recommended dosage per day is 3 capsules, divided equally with the meals.

Each Berbercap capsule contains 200 mg of berberine. Though the usual limit per day of this compound is 900-1500 mg, Berbercap would give only 600mg per day. This is a very low amount but is found to be effective in its way.

There are 60 vegetarian capsules in a bottle of Thorne Research Berbercap. A single bottle could be a supply for a month at the least.

Side Effects

As for the side effects of Berbercap, the possibility could be there but a slim chance. Since the Berbercap is a low dose supplement it is unlikely to cause anything significant. The possible side effects are cramps, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence etc. it is important to take the capsules along with the meals to such digestive related effects.

One should reduce the dosage if there is any discomfort as such and see if there is any improvement. It is not mandatory to take 3 capsules a day, 2 capsules could also work. Start with the lower dose and increase it only if you are fine with it.

But care must be taken when you are taking prescription medicines, especially those for diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, or even antibiotics. In these cases, a doctor’s advice is a must before you start with the supplements. Berbercap is not safe for pregnant and lactating women or if a minor.

Thorne Research Berbercap Customer Reviews

Beatrice says the Berbercap helped in cleaning up her gut. She went to recovery stage easily from IBS and other discomforts. She had to let go off many of the food items and with this supplement, she could now have them.

Sheri calls it’s a dynamite that killed Candida and parasites in her body. It worked fast for her and she even takes it in her travel.

For Colleen, Berbercap helps develop a better immunity. It helped her fight the bacterial yeast and other infections. She took 2 capsules for a month along with a strict diet as well.

Taube had a different experience. Though the product was effective for her, she had to endure quite a heavy side effect in the form of a headache. Though this side effect was not mentioned in association with Berbercap or berberine, she says you might get headaches. She assumes it could be due to lower glycemc index than earlier.

Thorne Research Berbercap Conclusion

Berbercap has got the right back up with its brand name- Thorne Research . Customers were ready to try it because it came from this brand. They, most of them, ended up loving it and became real admirers of this supplement which helps in so many ways. It is not every day that you come across a supplement that helps in these many ways. If you are to take a supplement to help with the digestive system, Thorne Research Berbercap could be a good bet!