Douglas Labs brings you Testo Quench for men that is made using herbal anti-androgens to support prostate and other testosterone sensitive tissues in men. Testoquench For Men helps in reducing the production of testosterone and converting them to a more able hormone such as dihydrotestosterone to safeguard prostate. Read on to know all about it.[ads “ad3” post_id=26702]

What does Testo Quench do?

Sadly, men’s health issues are often ignored as compared to those of women. However, there are always things men should be aware of. One of them is prostate glands.

Testoquench For Men is a hormone induced formula that corrects the hormone imbalance, and risk factors associated with prostate health. But that’s not all. Once your hormone stays in balance, your heart, brain, and skin also fall in great shape.

So how exactly does Testoquench work? Testoquench takes a natural approach to restore healthy hormonal balance by calming the spiked up testosterone. Phytoantiadrogens (a class of phyto-compounds) reduce the tissue sensitivity to androgens. In simple words, it lowers the androgen activity by calming the 5-alpha-reductase. It also reduces the hyperactive production of testosterone and other androgens in the tissues.


Douglas Labs Testoquench For Men

Testoquench For Men is a hormone induced formula that corrects the hormone imbalance, and risk factors associated with prostate health. It also reduces the hyperactive production of testosterone and other androgens in the tissues. Testo-quench for men is free from gluten, dairy, soy, animal by-products, corn etc.

There are many consumers who have noticed an improvement in their health conditions such as prostate swelling, benign prostate hyperplasia, proliferative prostate disease & more. With daily use, it will calm the hyperactive testosterone thus balancing its ideal function.

You will notice Testoquench benefits such as

  • Restores and promotes normal androgen functionalities
  • Proper working of prostate
  • Boosts the immune system and inhibits inflammation of tissues
  • Balance the function of tissues sensitive to testosterone
  • Lowers your stress levels by keeping you calm in all situations
  • Supports healthy cognitive function
  • Improves the mood behavior

The active ingredients of Douglas Labs Testoquench For Men are

  • Saw Palmetto berry extract – reduces impotency, treats symptoms of enlarged prostate and fights the growth of androgen that are the main cause of prostate issues.
  • Pygeum africanum bark – natural supplement for prostatitis and its symptoms such as frequent urination especially nighttime urination. It also prevents sexual dysfunction due to chronic prostatitis.
  • Stinging Nettle leaf extract – contains chemicals that tackle hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and its overactive effects. It is also great in alleviating pelvic pain, inability to urinate, enlarged prostate, UTI’s, enlarged spleen and much more.
  • Holy Basil leaf – contains phytonutrients that will cure prostate cancer, tumor etc.
  • Magnolia officinalis bark extract – is an effective anti-depressant that keeps you mood levels calm thus maintaining a healthy emotional balance.

They contain antiandrogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and analgesic properties. This will help in decreasing the stimulated androgen, inflammation and any discomfort noticed in the prostate.

Testo-quench for men is free from –

  • gluten,
  • dairy,
  • soy,
  • animal by-products,
  • corn etc.

This makes it a completely vegetarian product.

So far there have been no Testoquench side effects reported. Testoquench Douglas Labs seem to work fine without triggering any adverse reactions.

Here is the recommended Testoquench dosage. They are divided into three phases – initiation, restoration and maintenance. Of course, you can always consult your medical practitioner and consume it as per his discretion.

  • INITIATION – 1-2 capsules daily with food for 1-2 weeks.
  • RESTORATION – You can increase the dosage to 4 capsules a day for 2-4 months.
  • MAINTENANCE – After 2-4 months, you can reduce the dosage back to 2 capsules a day with food.

If you are pregnant, nursing or under medication, consume your physician and only after that take Testoquench. This product is NOT meant for boys under 18 years of age.

Testo Quench For Men Reviews

Testoquench For Men has received mixed reviews from users. A general consensus of users claim the product works amazingly and they have noticed a difference in their overall health.

One user says Testoquench For Men possesses great taste and smell. Though the effects take a while to get noticed, there is a definite possibility.

Another optimist says, he was dealing with frequent urination at night. After using Testoquench, it has a reduced a lot. He will be continuing this supplement for effective results.

On the contrary, a bunch of users claims otherwise. Just like any product, there is a downside to this supplement as well. A bunch of users says they haven’t noticed any side effects even after using it for a month. Nevertheless, they did not feel any side effects.

Testoquench For Men has received 3.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon by users.

Let’s get it straight that supplements are only supporters. For optimal results, it is necessary that you follow a healthy lifestyle, de-stress yourself and get good sleep. These are factors that will affect your body in multiple ways if gone haywire. Another factor is that herbal ingredients always take time, unlike antibiotic medications. Hence, it is wise to follow a healthy lifestyle and religiously follow Testoquench For Men. You will notice positive results with better attitude called patience.

Where should I buy Douglas Labs Testoquench For Men 120 vegetarian caps?

Yes wellness is an online supplement website that offers Testoquench For Men at a cheap rate. The company currently ships Testoquench in Canada only. You can contact customer care if you desire to ship it in your region.

This prostate supplement is available at a cheap rate. But, you can always avail of Testoquench For Men discount coupon codes. You can subscribe to yes wellness newsletters that will update you with any promo deals whenever offered.

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Testoquench For Men is a great prostate supplement that will keep your prostate healthy and active. Unlike antibiotics that focus only on primary target, herbal supplement carries myriad benefits. For instance, proper function of bladder, balanced hormones, immune system, improved blood/oxygen circulation, less oxidative stress and much more. For those looking for a prostate supplement, this is best suggested.