Garlic is a universal ingredient in the kitchens. Garlic is also a highly medicinal food that can cure many diseases and can prevent many others. It serves as a quick solution to so many common disorders in daily life. The usefulness of garlic has been known since ancient times and had been used as an effective medicine. The same effects are being brought inside the SuperGarlic 6000 tablets, made by Metagenics. These tablets will strengthen the immunity through many ways. These tablets contain the concentrated extract of garlic taken from the fresh Allium sativum plant. It also contains calcium and phosphorous in it.

Metagenics is known for the innovative formulations to improve the health in many ways. All the ingredients of Metagenics products are tested by third party.

Features of SuperGarlic 6000

SuperGarlic 6000 tablets will help maintain the cardiovascular and immune health. It will control the triglyceride level in the blood. The blood lipid levels are also kept under control.

SuperGarlic 6000 tablets will deliver high quality allicin taken from raw garlic concentrate. The alicin is well preserved inside the tablets along with other health supportive constituents.

The allicin is added in an easily absorbable form inside the SuperGarlic 6000 tablets. The special enteric coating will dissolve inside the intestine and not in stomach or mouth. They are made in such way to enable its effective release and absorption at the right time at the right location inside the body. This will also prevent the bad breath caused by allicin.

Health Benefits of SuperGarlic 6000

Bone health

SuperGarlic 6000 with the garlic concentrate can improve the bone health. In females, garlic may help increase the estrogen levels and minimize the bone loss in them. This will be beneficial for women who have passed the menopausal stage. It will also reduce osteoarthritis.

Metagenics SuperGarlic Tablets 6000 For Immune Health

SuperGarlic 6000 tablets will help maintain the cardiovascular and immune health. It will strengthen the immune system tremendously and enables it to fight the common cold and flu.

Cardiovascular health

SuperGarlic 6000 will reduce the threat of heart attacks by reducing blood pressure or hypertension in many. This feature is especially useful for those who might have stroke. To attain this effect by having raw garlic one may have to take as many as 4 cloves of garlic per day. The same feat can be attained by having one tablet of SuperGarlic 6000 per day. In some cases it can be as effective as certain medications.


SuperGarlic 6000 will reduce the blood cholesterol level and maintain the triglyceride as well. The bad cholesterol level will be lowered and that will help reduce the total cholesterol also. The good cholesterol level is not affected by garlic at all.

Detox agent

SuperGarlic 6000 can help in natural detoxification of the body. This will help especially with the heavy metals like lead that are accumulated. It will also protect against the organ damage that can be caused by these heavy metals.


SuperGarlic 6000 will strengthen the immune system tremendously and enables it to fight the common cold and flu. Studies have shown that by using garlic for a few weeks have reduced the frequency of common cold. The duration of the cold has also reduced.

Skin health

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic will help reduce infections and inflammations. It can reduce the fever caused by the infections and also put an end to the infectious bacteria. This is why SuperGarlic 6000 tablets can fight and reduce the common cold and flu. SuperGarlic 6000 tablets are also effective in reducing acne and also protects the skin cells from free radicals.


Garlic has antioxidant property which is estimated to be effective in preventing many types of cancer. Studies have also supported this theory but there is still need of some extensive research to establish the same. One can hope that SuperGarlic 6000 tablets also will have some of these effects in its name.

Ingredients of SuperGarlic 6000 tablets

Each of the SuperGarlic 6000 tablets contain

  • Calcium 80 mg
  • Phosphorous 61 mg
  • Raw concentrate of garlic 600 mg

The other ingredients in SuperGarlic 6000 tablets are –

  • dicalcium phosphate,
  • stearic acid,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • croscarmellose sodium,
  • silica,
  • cellulose coating.

The high performance liquid chromatography of SuperGarlic 6000 tablets has established that it contains 6000 mcg of the active ingredient of garlic – allicin in it.

How to use SuperGarlic 6000 capcules

The recommended dosage of SuperGarlic 6000 tablets is to take one tablet per day. Any increase in the dose must come from the medical practitioner, as overdose may cause other consequences.

The best time to take SuperGarlic 6000 tablets is along with the meals. Taking it with meals will reduce the garlic smell and will be easy to digest and get absorbed into the body. This way you can prevent the possible stomach upset as well.

These SuperGarlic 6000 tablets are not to be chewed, but swallowed with water. On chewing it may emit pungeant smell. The bottle must be kept tightly closed all the time and stored in a dry and cool place. One bottle of SuperGarlic 6000 contains 90 tablets that can last for about 12 weeks.

Side effects and precautionary measures while taking SuperGarlic 6000 tablets

SuperGarlic 6000 tablets may not be good for pregnant and nursing women. The effect of garlic may have some problem on the babies.

The main side effect of SuperGarlic 6000 tablets would be the possibility of bad breath that smells like garlic. Although it is supposed to swallow and never to be chewed, some users have stated that it still emit this pungent smell.

Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting etc may be seen in the initial days of consumption. The best way to avoid them is to take the tablets with the meals. Overdose of SuperGarlic 6000 tablets may cause redness or blisters on the skin. There might be swellings also. Overdoise can also bring adverse effects such as burning sensation in the mouth, sweating, light headedness etc.

SuperGarlic 6000 tablets may not go well with people who take medications for high blood pressure and blood thinners. It may cause nose bleeding or bleeding from small bruises as well.