SOS HistaDrops is yet another marvel from the house of Native Remedies which is a natural remedy for cases of allergies. SOS HistaDrops is an anti-histamine drug which inhibits the actions of histamine in our body.

HistaDrops are mainly used in cases of food allergies which lead to running nose, watering of eyes, skin inflammation etc. SOS HistaDrops is a product produced by Native Remedies which use only natural ingredients and helps the body in an effective manner. SOS HistaDrops is mainly used for maintaining that balance in the immune system and to prevent unwanted reactions to normal elements.

About SOS HistaDrops

SOS HistaDrops is an anti-histamine drop which inhibits the action of histamine in the body. Now let me explain to you the role of histamine in our body. Histamine is a component which is produced in the body to maintain the level of immunity and when a foreign element is entered into our body histamine recognizes and sends the necessary immunity to counter that which results in the inflammation and the itching feelings. This is good if body reacts to harmful products, it can result negatively if body starts to react to normal components. SOS HistaDrops then does its job if inhibiting the functioning of histamine and also tightens the blood vessels which reduce the inflammations if any. This drops are extremely useful in getting the immediate results by reducing the allergies quickly without any side effects.

Native Remedies SOS HistaDrops

SOS HistaDrops is an anti-histamine drop. SOS HistaDrops then does its job if inhibiting the functioning of histamine and also tightens the blood vessels which reduce the inflammations if any. OS HistaDrops can be taken by both adults and children as it employs natural ingredients and thus can be taken without any worries.

Benefits of SOS HistaDrops

SOS HistaDrops can be taken by both adults and children as it employs natural ingredients and thus can be taken without any worries. It helps in maintaining the required amount of histamine in the body which subsequently contributes to a balanced immune system. It helps in maintaining clear eyes and noses which can get blocked in scenarios of allergy. Besides the drops also helps in maintaining that clean breath and also improving the respiratory health of an individual. SOS HistaDrops has a soothing effect on the immune system as over reaction from the system can result in irritating body functioning.

To conclude SOS HistaDrops is an important medicine which should be there you always as allergies are the most unanticipated phenomenon of the body and can lead some serious reactions from the body. It helps in countering that effects my controlling and regulating your immune system. SOS HistaDrops is also a natural medicine which makes it one of the first choices to allergy.

SOS HistaDrops is a natural allergy remedy which helps your body in countering the allergic effects from any foreign compounds. Besides, it comes from the vast family of Native Remedies which is specialist in the manufacturing of natural medicines. All the Native Remedies products are manufactured in a FDA and GMP registered facilities which automatically tell about the quality of the products.

SOS HistaDrops Ingredients

To begin with, the product uses an all-natural ingredient menu for the manufacturing of the product. SOS HistaDrops uses Extract of Nettle, Arsen Iod, plantain and allium Cepa.

  • Extract of Nettle: This can be stinging nettle (Urtica Dioica) or dwarf nettle (Urtiga Urens). This ingredient was used for the clearing of noses and eyes for many centuries. Extract of Nettle is also known for its curing abilities towards internal bleeding, asthma and many other related diseases. The ingredient is known to be safe if taken in the right quantity. Over dosage of this ingredient can cause stomach irritations.
  • Plantain (Plantago lanceolata): Equally, Plantain is yet another medicine known for its allergy curing capability. In ancient times this ingredient was taken internally (as tea) and applied externally for curing the infections caused by insect bites. Plantain is also a very effective medicine for respiratory disorders.
  • Allium Cepa: Allium Cepa is the biological name for onion. Onions is always considered a medicine for eye irritation and other allergies. Equally, Onions are good against hay fever or any other air irritants. Onions also have a very important supportive effect on the respiratory tract of the user.
  • Arsen Iod: Similarly, Arson Iod is a homeopathic ingredient which is known for its curing abilities against respiratory diseases and also helps in promoting that balance in the immune system which helps in the shielding and reducing the vulnerability from diseases. Arsen Iod is chemically made from combining Metallic arsenic and iodine.

These are the main ingredient in SOS HistaDrops. SOS HistaDrops is a certified natural remedy made by certified homeopathic components which helps in the strengthening of the immune system and also helps in the curing the harmful effects of allergy reactions from the body. SOS HistaDrops give you fast relief from the harmful symptoms of allergies like inflammation, irritation in eyes and noses etc.

Know more about this drops

Firstly, SOS HistaDrops is a homeopathic medicine which uses only natural ingredients in its composition. Even though the medicine uses natural ingredients overdose of any of these components can have some negative effects on the user of the medicine. SOS HistaDrops basically inhibits the effect of histamine in the body. Histamine is an element which is responsible for the taking of steps to fight foreign objects in the body. Histamine is a substance made by the body to counter foreign objects. SOS HistaDrops inhibits these instincts which avoid the symptoms like inflammation and other irritations.

SOS HistaDrops is only helpful and good for the body if histamine is reacting to normal substances. These irritations are natural in the body and is part of a defense mechanism helps in prevent the harming of body parts by these foreign elements. Altering of these systems on a regular basis can cause a disequilibrium which can be harmful for the body. Regulated amount of SOS HistaDrops can help in maintain that equilibrium.

Ingredients of SOS HistaDrops

  • Extract of Nettle (Stinging nettle): Stinging nettle is an excellent ingredient for cure of many allergies but the overdose of which can lead to stomach problems and irregular sweating. The stinging nettle is relatively unsafe to use at the time of pregnancy as it can cause a uterine contraction and a miscarriage.
  • Plantain (Plantago lanceolata): Plantain is another main ingredient in the SOS HistaDrops and is an effective medicine for the cure of allergies. Plantain is used from ancient time as an ointment in curing the effects of the allergies. This Plantain should not be used during pregnancy as it has been observed to affect the muscle tone of the uterus.

The above said scenarios are in case of over dosage which is very unlikely to happen. Overall SOS HistaDrops is one of the best choices for controlling the effects of an allergy and to maintain that balance in the immune system.

100% Natural

SOS HistaDrops is medicine used for countering the effects and symptoms of allergies. Also this product is from the house Native Remedies and is a 100% natural ingredient used medicine. It is used as an anti-histamine drug for controlling the reactions of histamine to an allergy. Histamine is responsible for the inflammation and other symptoms of an allergy and SOS HistaDrops helps in controlling these reactions in the body. SOS HistaDrops also helps the user in clearing their eyes and noses from the effects of an allergy.

SOS HistaDrops is also useful in helping the user to improve his respiratory system as allergies can lead to inflammation of the wind pipe and the victim can experience trouble in breathing. SOS HistaDrops is beneficial for people of any age categories as there are no chemical ingredients involved in the manufacturing of the medicine. SOS HistaDrops also brings in fast results in the symptoms of allergy. SOS HistaDrops is manufactured in a fast acting tincture formula and this enables the medicine to extract on the spot support for the allergy symptoms.

SOS HistaDrops is just a medicine but the people should be also careful regarding the surrounding that they live and attention should be given on the dust and other particles which can affect your health by continuous exposure.

The dosages of the SOS HistaDrops can be

  • Adults and children: Overall, the dosage suggested is 0.25 ml in quarter of cup water for 2-3 hours when needed. It should be taken when symptoms of allergies come up.
  • Children between 3 to 11 years: Take one drop/ year of age for every 2-3 hours as needed.
  • Caution: Equally, the medicine is not good for both pregnant and breast feeding women.

Overall SOS HistaDrops is one of the best choices for fighting the effects of allergies in our body. Besides, SOS HistaDrops has ingredients to fight all kinds of symptoms of an allergy and also has a fast reaction time which is very important in the case of treating allergy. Similarly, a bottle of 59 ml SOS HistaDrops can last up to one month depending on the need and frequency of use.