This article is all about your sleeping habits and the free gift of back pain you receive after bad postures. Do not take back pain frivolously as it can reflect on your health leading to problems.
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Sleep is vital for a body

Sleeping is very much for a human body as it aids you in giving it much-needed rest while preparing for the next day. While sleeping, your energy is rejuvenated and you wake up feeling crisp and fresh.

When your sleep is disrupted, you wake up feeling cranky, irritated and might have the same outlook throughout the day. There are many factors that contribute to sleep such as anxiety, depression, breathing disorders during sleep, teeth grinding, restless legs syndrome, medications and its side effects etc.

Simple tips to ease your chronic back pain

If you are a person who is wakes up with a chronic back pain in the morning after a good sleep, the underlying factor would be your position. Believe it or not, your sleep determines the back pain you are suffering from. Here are some pros and cons of your sleeping positions:

Back position

  • Pros: Maintain a neutral spine by sleeping on your back which eases any pressure on your neck and lower-back. Use a puffy pillow that supports your neck and head correctly and doesn’t make you prop up. Best recommended is theraputica pillow.
  • Con: back position is bad for snoring as people tend to snore more while on this position.

Side position

  • Pros: If you are habituated to sleeping on the side, you are safe as it is the next best position for people who can’t sleep on their back. It also helps in keeping your spine long and prevents curves along with curbing your snoring habits (if any).
  • Con: You will look 60 when 30, as side position gives you wrinkles to the skin and make your breasts sag. Women who are pregnant can sleep on the left side as it improves the blood flow.

Fetal position

  • Pros: Fetal position is good for people who snore badly.
  • Con: Do not sleep on a fetal position i.e. with your knees up in a tight position with your head and chin tucked in. For those women who are pregnant and tend to sleep in this position, BEWARE, as this curved position restricts the breathing of your baby.

Stomach position

  • Pros: Good for snoring.
  • Con: NEVER EVER sleep on your stomach which is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It is impossible to keep a neutral spine and it leaves you with numbing and tingling nerves. It will also leave you with an hung back.

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As I said earlier, there are a lot of things that contribute to your sleep and your position is one amongst them that shouldn’t be ignored. A simple change in your position can work wonders and help you get rid of your back pain. Choose the best position along with the right mattresses and pillows.

Fun facts about sleeping

We spend one-third of their life sleeping which amounts to almost 25 years. 2. The longest record without sleep would be 11 days. 3. Only one-half of the brain of a dolphin goes to sleep at a time. 4. Deaf persons create sign language while sleeping. 5. A snail can sleep up to 3 years. 6. It is actually impossible to sneeze when you are asleep.

A better sleep delivers a better body. If you are looking for a good mattress for a better sleep, choose Saatva mattresses that have received chiropractic approval which gives a therapeutic relief from your back pain.

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