Sleep wave rest & relax is one of the products from Nutri health that promotes healthy sleep by reducing your anxiety or stress levels and cleansing your mood.
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  • Do you have the habit of turning and tossing every night?
  • Ever felt agitated about how the next day will turn out to be?
  • Want to sleep but stress keeps you up?
  • Inadequate or lack of sleep?
  • Suffering from Irritative mood?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a big YES, then Sleep wave rest & relax is the one for you.

Nutri health introduces Sleep wave rest & relax that soothes your mind from unwanted stress build up and lets you fall into a peaceful sleep that you are craving for.

How does Sleep wave rest & relax function in your body?

Let’s face it. Sleep is vital for our lives. If you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up all cranky and irritated and the day is a mess. The functioning of the brain is essential to keep us moving.

When you consume Sleep wave rest & relax, it calms your nerves by giving you a sense of relaxation. When you feel relaxed, you tend to take things in a lighter way and not get stressed about each and every factor in life. It also balances your brain’s activity to help you think clearly about the decisions.

It also helps you in sharpening your mind and brain so that you can focus on the better things in life. As I said, the brain needs utmost rest and Sleep wave rest & relax helps you in falling asleep quickly.

What does Sleep wave rest & relax contain? Ingredients

The ingredients of Sleep wave rest & relax are:

  • vitamin C – has myriad benefits and is also treated for depression, thinking problems, stress etc. it is also used to treat ADHD in people.
  • vitamin B6 – is essential for brain development as well immune function. Potatoes, fish, poultry are rich in vitamin B6.
  • valerian root extract – eases down your stress and supports deep sleep. A research showed that it cures fatigue and helps you to fall asleep easily.
  • GABA – natural brain calmer that reduces the level of anxiety form your body. The tendency to toss and turn is due to low levels of GABA.
  • lemon balm extract – is a botanical herb that decreases your tendency to awake at night. Study shows that people who consumed lemon balm extract showed good improvement in “feeling good” about themselves.
  • passion flower extract – nature’s anxiety relievers, it helps the mind to prevent unnecessary thinking and promotes good sleep.

Other ingredients such as hops, chamomile, L-theanine etc. and more help you in unblocking your stress and makes you drowsy so that you can fall to deep sleep quickly.

Sleep wave rest & relax comes in capsule form and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime.


Overall, this product has received mixed reviews. While some claim that they have noticed an improvement in this product such as healthy digestion, no more headaches or sinus pain while they wake up etc.

But on the other hand, a general group feels that Sleep wave rest & relax doesn’t work wonders and they feel the same issues as before.

It is recommended to consult your physician before ingesting any medicine especially if you are under medication, pregnant or nursing.