Sleep Tight Mouthpiece – Anti-Snoring Device

Sleep tight mouthpiece can prevent such issue by controlling snoring and letting you to sleep peacefully. It provide instant results and immediately improves sleep. It is lightweight and easily sits inside the mouth without much hard work.

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Sleep is an incredible gift bestowed upon humankind by God. Sleep helps to heal the body and mind equally. I really hate it when my sleep gets disturbed especially when someone snores right next to my ears. I hope the majority out there suffer from this snoring issue. Either you or your spouse keeps snoring all the night without letting the other person take a blissful nap. Sleep tight mouthpiece can prevent such issue by controlling snoring and letting you sleep peacefully.

I bought a sleep tight mouthpiece for my husband and I guess it works better than Zyppah. I will not say that this is the best piece available but it has helped my hubby to stop snoring. Overall, I feel a change and guess what I sleep for full 8 hours without any disturbance. At times, I feel like my hubby is not sleeping next to me, as I do not hear him snoring.

Since it worked for me, I thought I should share the same with all. Keep reading to know more about this STM device.

Features Of Sleep tight Mouthpiece In A Quick Glance

  • An FDA cleared mouth piece
  • Alleviates snoring problems and obstructive sleep apnea symptoms
  • Easy to fit in less than 10 to 12 minutes
  • Instant results and immediately improves sleep
  • Oral appliance that offers better sleep
  • Helps your partner to sleep well with reduced snoring sounds
  • Economical and effective solution
  • Safe and health friendly option

Anti-Snoring Snore Guard That Works – Sleep Tight Mouthpiece
The sleep tight mouthpiece performs better than the Zyppah and the results were amazing. I noticed that within a few days my husband was almost feeling better with this mouthpiece on while at sleep. This mandibular advancement device is pocket-friendly and does its job perfectly. Initially, he found that it was not comfortable enough which is common with all mouthpieces. After a few days, he felt that it was quite easy to fit in and got used to it.

This mouthpiece has a great design, as it is the brainchild of an experienced dentist. Wearing this mouthpiece at night helps you to breathe through the mouth. The breathing is possible through an airflow hole present at the front of the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has to undergo the boil and bite procedure to pull off a custom fit. Other anti-snoring devices do not require this procedure. However, the boil and bite procedure is simple and does not consume much time. I guess boil and bite are better as it gives a mold that really fits into your mouth and comfortably sits inside.

It has been 15 days since he is using this mouthpiece and we have 15 more days to complete the trial period. Until now, everything is perfect and he says that this anti-snoring device works better. I actually bought this device after talking to my friend who uses the same. She says that it stays neat and clean up to two years if well maintained. Another important feature that I liked is that” it can undergo the boil and bite procedure for a full five times without getting damaged”.

I am not sure whether people with dental fixtures can wear this product or not. Customers say that partial denture wearers can use this mouthpiece with ease. Overall this mouthpiece has a simple design and easy to use. The Sleep tight mouthpiece has a large breathing hole. This facilitates emergency breathing. Most of the oral anti-snoring devices do not offer this feature. In general, many sleep devices force the user to undergo nasal breathing alone. Sleep tight mouthpiece understands the needs of the customers and has provided an emergency breathing hole.

How To Use Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

Firstly you can watch this video at the link below to understand how the stuff works

For getting into the details of using it, you will need the following

  • STM Mouthpiece (with airway plug)
  • sauce pan
  • cooling cup
  • timer
  • Spoon to immerse the mouthpiece

Instructions To Set The Mouthpiece

  • Insert the airway plug to the front of the mouthpiece. Boil water and immerse the mouthpiece into for around 2 minutes. Do not dip over boiling water. Let the boiled water stay in the cooling cup for a minute and then you can dip the mouthpiece into it. Use the spoon or a vessel to hold the mouthpiece underwater for two minutes.
  • After two minutes take the mouthpiece out and check whether the edges have not folded. Make sure it is not too hot and then place it inside your mouth to make a custom fit.

How Does The STM Work?

The STM works by moving the jaw forward while at sleep. This helps to open the airway and prevent snoring. It prevents the air from passing through a constricted airway that causes vibration of the palate. By improving the airflow this anti-snoring device stretches the palate, which causes less vibration. The front opening facilitates the forward movement of the tongue and removes any obstruction n the path of the airway. Unlike other devices the front hole and the forward moving of the tongue help to sleep peacefully with reduced snoring and improved breathing.

Usage & Care Of Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

Place the custom fit STM into your mouth when ready to hit the bed. Position your tongue in a forward position towards the opening.

Six months to two years is what the makers mention as the timeframe when it comes to its durability. Many factors determine how long the mouthpiece will stay in good condition. Some of them include; proper care, maintenance, clenching while at sleep or usual habit of teeth grinding while at sleep. The makers say that some people opt to buy this mouthpiece every six months due to hygiene reasons, and others buy after the two-year mark. Whatever be the case I guess my husband’s mouthpiece is not going to last more than a year. It is because he has a habit of teeth grinding at night apart from snoring. I wish there was a device that could help with this issue too.

It does not take much longer to adjust with this device. Usually, a single night is what it takes as mentioned by the makers. However, my husband said he felt uneasy for few days and within a week; he was comfortable using this anti-snoring device. Every anti-snoring device especially mouthpieces go through an adjustment phase. Every person is different so it takes the time go with the flow.

Use a very soft toothbrush and a mild liquid soap for cleaning the mouthpiece. Just like any other anti-snoring device, Sleep tight mouthpiece needs proper care to be in good condition. Mild liquid soaps and denture cleaners can help with removing stains and debris. Keep toothpaste away from this as it contains abrasives that have the potential to damage the surface of the mouthpiece. After cleaning, store the mouthpiece in a dry container until use.

STM Warnings & Precautions

  • People suffering from the following medical conditions should not use this anti-snoring device; asthma, central sleep apnea and severe respiratory disorders
  • If you have dental issues like loose teeth, advanced periodontal disease and jaw pain then kindly consult with a dentist before using this device.
  • Temporary dental problems, uneasiness and increase salivation are common at the initial stage of using this device
  • If you experience irritation and constant discomfort using this device, then kindly stop using it and seek medical help
  • Also keep the device sterile and in good hygiene to prevent any infections
  • This device may work if you have partial dentures and some front teeth in both upper and lower
  • Generally, if you have any dental fixtures it is better have a word with your dentist before using any oral device.

STM Anti-Snoring Device Returns & Warranty

You have one full month from the date of purchase as the trial period. The makers believe that the device starts its work after the custom fit procedure. They also ask the customers to tweak and refit the device by the boil and bite method until it works. If you are not satisfied even after trying the primary solutions then you can avail for a refund. Note that you will get refund, which will have the handling, trial offer costs and shipping fees deducted. I am happy with the product so I am not in a mood to return this one as of now. We are happily using it and having a great sleep.

Return process of STM device

Take the print out of the RMA form, and fill in all the fields and return it with your package. Make sure that you send all the contents that you received. You can return it to the following address via USPS:

  • SleepTight Mouthpiece
  • P.O. Box 551122
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355

After returning the package, you can send an email to this email: . Mention the USPS tracking number. After checking and inspection, the refund will reflect in your account.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review

I bought this device after finding mixed reactions from customers. However my friend said that it works simply amazing and that is the sole reason why I bought one for my husband. I am not sure about many details yet, as the material used to make this device is unavailable. It does help in preventing snoring issues but initially I found excessive salivation. This is something that I found as a negative point. Overall, the adjustment phase is a bit difficult to get through. Once you pass this phase, it gets easier to use this anti-snoring device and go for a happy sleeping with your partner. The sleep tight mouthpiece is available at amazon as well at a good price.

I also found few other consumer reviews online which includes both negative and positive. However, a general consensus are positive that leaves only few to complain about the product. Here are few of the reviews straight from the user’s heart.

Positive reviews

Users have noticed immediate results in calming their snoring. They feel the design is quite comfortable and fits perfectly in the mouth. The quality of sleep tight is amazing with a smooth airflow hole that allows you to breathe easily via mouth. The customer support is prompt and supportive with proper delivery and debiting the payment only after confirmation from you.

Negative reviews

The only downside is the price that is a bit expensive. However, as the company provides you a 30 day offer return, you are given the liberty to return the product if not happy with the results.

It works – Amazon customer

“Does seem to work well. It is not as easy to mould to the shape of teeth as the instructions claim. However, it does work. An additional chin strap would work or else you mouth is likely to fall open during sleep. This will negate the use of sleep tight guard.”

Excellent- Twigbabe

“Immediate reduction in snoring. My wife is quite delighted with the instant result. My potential apnea too is eliminated. Great product!”


My husband says that he likes Sleep Tight Mouthpiece over Zyppah because it has a custom fit that takes the shape of his jaw line. According to him, it is lightweight and easily sits inside the mouth without much hard work. As far as the snoring episodes, I feel that we both have a peaceful sleep with fewer sounds. I would surely recommend sleep tight anti-snoring device as it is one of the good picks. There are good picks available that may perform better than this anti-snoring device. However, this device does a good job and can help you get out of snoring problems.