Shower Enema Systems also are known as Shower Shot Enemas. They are easy to use and clean up without trouble. Today, many customers prefer an enema system that attaches to their shower. This is because it is easy to use, convenient and cost-effective in long run.

About Shower Enema

A shower enema allows you to flush the colon at home, without the need for a trained professional’s assistance. There are different types of enemas and among them, the home enema is considered one of the most cost-efficient. This is best for people who undergo regular treatments. This type requires attaching special enema supplies to bathroom shower, allowing you quick and convenient colon cleansing.

A shower enema home treatment doesn’t require the use of an enema bag to pump water into the colon. The only essential supplies are nozzle tips to insert into the rectum and a pressure valve to control the water flow. Most kits include extra tubing for better ease of use. Special adapters may need to attach the nozzles or tubing to shower heads that are irremovable from the water source.

Shower Enema Directions – How To Use?

After assembling the Shower Shot Enemas, this product is relatively simple to use. Insert the nozzle into the rectum, after applying some lubricant. Then, turn on the shower, and adjust the pressure valve until the water flow is at a comfortable level. The water passes through the tubing and cleanses the colon of any fecal material and residue. Once the colon is moderately filled, the user should remove the nozzle and defecates into the toilet. Shower enemas are great for home use and of extreme cleanliness.

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Shower Enemas Benefits and Related Risks

Using enemas have several potential benefits

  • Periodic colon cleansing may help to detoxify the body and promote regular bowel movement
  • It is a great source of relief for people suffering from severe constipation.
  • It may also prevent the formation of painful polyps in the colon and rectum.
  • The shower enema system is largely helpful for people who need to undergo regular treatment
  • In the long run, this one-time investment kit proves to be much cheaper than medical fees.

However, there are certain risk factors, associated with shower enemas

  • There is no control on the amount of water entering the colon, unlike an enema bag.
  • If the water overloads into the colon, it can cause it to rupture or lead to severe medical problems.
  • The water pressure levels may not remain at safe levels which may cause injuries. However, the actual number of this type of injuries, using these sets is quite a few.

Hence, as a precautionary measure which goes with any self-performed medical procedures, including shower enemas the user should first consult a trained professional to verify if the procedure is safe for him/ her or not. In addition, all accompanying Shower Enema Instructions with the kit should be precisely followed to avoid any possible medical issues.

Buy Shower Enema Systems at – Product Features and Specifications

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set

The Shower Enema Set from Clean Stream is an easy-to-install enema kit. For use in the shower only, install it right in your shower for the ultimate and superior cleansing. This set easily fits onto your existing showerhead using a simple screw-on valve included in the kit. It comes with a stainless steel wand and a stainless steel spike for your comfort. The bidet hose is 71 inches in length to use in any position. Set includes:

  • One narrow 3.5-inch nozzle
  • One long 6-foot hose
  • One large 5-inch nozzle
  • One valve to regulate the flow of water

For installation – just screw one of the two included nozzles onto the end of the matching steel hose. Turn on your shower and use the valve switch to regulate the flow of water, providing you complete control. Get ready and be confident to use this simple shower enema set. To order this item for $39.99, use code E-LE776.

Universal Waterworks System

The Universal Water Works System is an advanced water douche which you can attach to your shower, bath or sink for intimate water play. It features massaging pinpoint hydro-power action for better deeper clean. The Universal Water Works System contains:

  • Over 6 feet (1.8 meters) of non-tarnishing, nickel-free, non-crimping flexible hose
  • 3 variable spray attachments (standard douche, tiered multi-use wand and pinpoint spray)
  • An easy on/off switch
  • Replacement washers
  • A universal adaptor with permanent directional valve

Instructions for installation – You can easily install this system in your bath, sink or shower. It comes with a directional valve that allows you to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Water Works System. Item code E29658 and price $54.99

Enema System – Shower Hose & Large Enema Bulb

This is an All-In-One Enema Cleansing System. This system includes everything you need to remain clean at home or on-the-go. It includes a large cleansing bulb, two deep cleansing tips, and a 79-inch shower or sinks hose for deep cleaning. The All-In-One Cleansing System includes –

  • One large PVC enema tip, marked with wave-like texture: 10 inches long, with 1.2-inch diameter
  • One small PVC enema tip: 5.5 inches long, with 1.2-inch diameter
  • Stainless steel shower hose: 79 inches long
  • One PVC enema bulb (10-ounce capacity)

For usage – For more simple use in the shower, consider buying a diverter switch shower valve for this kit. This component will allow the hose to hang in the shower whenever you need it. This set simply includes everything and anything for your enema and anal cleansing needs. Use item code E-AD949 to buy this kit for $29.99.

Aqua Shot Shower Enema System

The Aqua Shot Shower Enema System is a cleansing kit specially designed for use in the shower. You can also use this Enema System at home or on the go. This Aqua Shot Kit includes –

  • One deep cleansing tip 4.5 inch
  • One 79-inch aluminum hose that attaches to your sink or shower head.

For ease of use – For simpler usage, buy a diverter switch shower valve (sold separately). This will allow you to keep the system connected and divert water to or from your shower head when needed. The cleansing 4.5-inch insert able tip comes with a one-inch diameter. It includes Aluminum Hose and PVC made nozzle. Item code E-AE173 and Price $24.99

Colt Shower Shot

The Colt Shower Shot is a high-quality and an affordable shower enema. This easy-to-use shower enema is unique from the rest because of its exclusively shaped nozzle. It comes with a dildo-like nozzle, to combine cleanliness and pleasure. The nozzle shape is like a practically detailed penis and effectively acts as a combination enema and dildo, providing pleasure and cleanliness. The Colt Shower Shot comes with three items

  • A soft yet firm dong lined with small holes that allow it to work as an enema nozzle
  • A flexible metal hose attaches easily to your sink or shower head
  • A set of rubber washers to support everything fit properly

All these items are highly portable and can help to easily set up an enema system using any shower or sink as a water source. The nozzle is made from phthalate-free PVC and measures 6.5 inches long and about 1.9 inches wide. The hose is over 3.75 feet (1.25 meters) long and made from non-tarnishing, nickel-free steel. Use product code E-SE-6876-00-3 to buy this wonderful enema shot for $29.99.

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