Seizures in dogs create a disturbing effect on the owner. It’s up to us to understand that its a health problem and requires attention. Being disturbed will not solve the case. Things you need to do while your dog goes into a seizure is key. First of all, you need to note down the time it goes into seizures. If its lesser than 3 minutes it’s usually ok but if it repeats every few hours then you need to note down and get veterinary help. While you are at the vet you may need to tell the number of times it went into the seizure and for how long.

Also, make sure that you provide with support throughout the time it goes into a seizure. Avoid children and also make sure that the environment is calm while your dog goes into such a state. A calm environment reduces anxiety and sometimes help relieve the tension a bit faster.

The first aid is temporary. Consult a Vet As soon as you can.

Seizures in Dogs