According to the study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says that the oral health and its problems have a greater impact on the development of weakness in older people. Men are especially at the risk of this link.

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Oral health and frailty

Oral health is the primary cause of many diseases and disorders as it is. The risk of developing frailty in older men poses it as a greater need to maintain the oral health from the early stage itself. Maintaining good oral health has actually found to prevent frailty. Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in older people. You cannot completely prevent this condition. But you can reduce the degree of weakness or prolong the onset.

Though the risk of frailty is more for men, women are not exempted from this condition. They would also need the proper care and maintenance. It should start at a younger age. Here are a few other reasons why you should take care of your oral health.

Oral Health & A Bright Smile

Why would anyone want good oral care? The primary reason is to keep up the bright smile on the face. A smile can change a person and a brighter smile has its own impact on others. For maintaining whiter teeth, you have to have a regular and thorough daily oral care program. Teeth stained with coffee or tea is not a good sight. Clean the teeth every time you have these drinks. You should also reduce its consumption as it makes way for tooth decay. Visit your dentist to have the teeth cleaned regularly. They can even do a polish to maintain the color.

Good oral health

A good oral health can be a great gateway to the internal health. Mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. They can cause infections in the teeth and gums. It could also be passing down to the digestive system affecting the overall health and immunity. Good oral care is a preventive measure to protect the digestive system and the immunity. An infection in the oral cavity triggers the immune system to concentrate on clearing the infection. This weakens the immunity of other parts.

The mouth and body are connected to each other’s well being. Taking care of one or the damage on one part can reflect on the other. A good oral health can reduce other diseases affecting the body.

Good physical health

Good physical health means no chronic diseases. But the poor oral health can complicate many of the serious diseases like diabetes, heart diseases etc. People having these diseases are more at the risk of dental problems. They would need proper oral care pronto. The high blood sugar levels cause gum diseases easily. It can also cause dry mouth, ulcers, sores and other infections in the oral cavity.

People with chronic gum diseases are more at the risk of developing heart diseases. The bacteria from these infections can enter the blood. Upon reaching the heart, these bacteria can cause inflammations. These inflammations can block the blood flow causing fatal conditions.

To keep and save the teeth

A proper dental care can save your teeth, obviously. But you need to do it right and proper. Apart from the usual dental care steps, you must also avoid a few habits that are bad for the oral health. Never crack an ice with your teeth, as it can cause a fracture. The tooth is the strongest part of the body but it is not a tool. Using it as a tool regularly can make you lose the teeth sooner. Stop grinding your teeth. If you have that habit, it can wither the teeth. Use a soft bristled brush and rinse the mouth properly, making sure that all traces of the toothpaste is gone.

Prevent oral diseases

We already saw how oral diseases could affect the other parts of the body. You now have all the reasons to do the preventive measure for oral diseases. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing makes it to the top of the oral care. You must also reduce acidic foods and include more of the fibrous food in the diet.

Eating with the spoon, knife, and fork may be part of etiquette, but you may want to ditch them if you want a healthy dental cavity. Tearing and biting into the food has its own benefits. It cleans out the space between the teeth and scrubs the tooth surface.

Also, include plenty of probiotics in the diet that improve the immune system and thereby prevent the oral diseases.

Oral cancer

The last but the biggest reason for taking care of the oral health is to prevent oral cancer. Cancer is spreading like an epidemic. There are several varieties that are floating and oral cancer is one of the worst cases. People who smoke, those consuming excess alcohol or those with a family history of cancer are susceptible to oral cancer.

These people need more oral care than most others. Apart from quitting smoking or alcohol, they need regular dental checkups as well. The dental checkup can easily find out the occurrence. Early detection makes it easier to handle the disease.

Though oral cancer cannot be prevented by oral care, oral care helps in the treatment and recovery period of the disease. Cancer reduces the immunity and these people may have oral infections easily.


You don’t really need any particular reason for taking care of your teeth. Teeth are part of the body and the main entrance as well. A home looks clean and beautiful only if you can keep the entrance clean. Since the teeth and mouth are the gate and entrance of the body, you have more than enough reason for its maintenance. You have also got the additional reasons towards this healthy step. Take good care of your teeth and visit the dentist regularly.