All medicines consumed or administered in any manner will ultimately reach the blood stream. Their path will be different according to the manner in which it enters the body. The only direct entry to the blood stream is either by injection or by sublingual. HCG drops are taken under the tongue. The sublingual or under the tongue administration is because it facilitates slower but effective absorption of the HCG. The Triumph HCG is absorbed and routed directly into the circulatory system. HCG is not swallowed but taken as it is by the blood vessels under the tongue making the HCG work better and aids in proper weight loss regime. Also check on some of the best brands of Sublingual HCG drops like the complex hcg. You can buy HCG drops online now and there is no restriction on the same

What happens to the Hcg drops under the tongue?

When the HCG drops are put under the tongue, it comes in contact with the mucous membrane. The HCG diffuses through this membrane, thanks to the capillaries under the epithelial layer. The diffused HCG through the capillaries reaches the circulatory system. This HCG is carried to all parts and helps in finding the stored fat that is later mobilized to be used as energy resources. Under the tongue administration is the direct way to deliver the HCG without pain, unlike the HCG shots. This method is faster and there is also no risk of degradation of the HCG hormone that is required in its protein form.

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Does putting Hcg drops under the tongue work?

HCG is a hormone that should be in its hormonal form to perform its function. Oral administration causes the HCG to pass through the intestinal tract and will have to undergo enzyme activities and digestion. So ultimately when it reaches the bloodstream it will be in an unusable form of amino acids that might be effective in some way but will not be able to do the same job as the HCG. HCG as hormone can act faster and mobilize the stored fat molecules. No food or liquid is taken for 30 minutes of administration so that HCG gets that much time to generate energy from the unwanted hidden resources.

HCG hormone is, in fact, a polypeptide protein. Proteins are not stable in the intestine. In the intestine, the hormone will have to face the enzymes that break the peptide bonds and degradation of the HCG happens. These peptide chains are further digested to form the amino acids that are no longer used for the weight loss program or other hormonal treatments of any kind. This is the main reason why HCG is taken under the tongue. This is why proteins like insulin are injected instead of pills. The only other direct method is to take the shots and it is the most effective method as well.

How long will it take for the Hcg drops to get absorbed?

The ideal time period for the HCG to get completely absorbed is about 5 minutes. Because of the overactive salivary glands this may not be possible all the time, at least not during the initial period. The most a person will be able to hold the drops under the tongue is one minute. By that time the mouth will be filled with saliva and the urge to swallow will be huge. With regular use this urge may be overcome and holding the HCG drops for longer is possible. Sublingual drops are absorbed slowly so keeping it there for longer is most advisable. HCG drops are not good to taste so the tolerance level of the person is a huge decisive factor to determine how long it is able to sustain the drops there. It differs from person to person.

Advantages of sublingual administration of HCG

  • The main advantage is the direct delivery to the blood circulatory path for faster action.
  • When compared to shots which is given once a day, HCG drops is given in smaller quantity three times a day so that there is constant presence of HCG in the bloodstream. Even if the HCG is slow in action due to the lower concentration they are constantly at work to make up for that.
  • The low concentration makes sure that there are no sudden hormonal changes and the person may feel less side effects if there is any chance for the same.
  • Sublingual drops need to be of lesser concentration than those in any oral form. Its direct delivery makes use of all the HCG in the drops without much wastage.
  • The HCG in the drops form is in a readily absorbable state for faster absorption making it convenient to be taken under the tongue.

Your choice to lose weight can be from a diet to a surgery. The choice you make will determine how natural and safe it is. HCG is proven and is safe too. You can still Buy HCG online though its not sold over the counter.