The natural immunity of our body meets challenges every day. It is the tripeptide glutathione that helps it defend every fight it endures. The Pure Encapsulations NAC is a nutrient that helps in this fight by simply being the building block for this peptide.

NAC is nothing but a naturally found amino acid present in every cell of the body. This amino acid, a derivative of amino acid cysteine, is converted into glutathione, an antioxidant that deals with the immune functions of the body. Pure Encapsulations NAC is effectively used for the

as it has a special ability to reduce the mucous secretion. Let’s get deeper into this NAC.

What is Pure Encapsulations NAC?

It is NAC dietary supplement manufactured by Pure Encapsulations. NAC is N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. Our body needs loads of glutathione for the everyday functions. But on supplementation, it cannot take this peptide as it is. this is why the body is supplied with amino acids like NAC.

Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg

Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg – Immune Support Formula
Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg is effective for improving the immunity and reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions related to respiratory system. NAC is useful in the body for mainly 3 parts, the immune system, respiratory tract and in helping liver with detoxification of the body.

Glutathione is a tripeptide made of 3 amino acids- glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine. NAC is a derivative of cysteine. With the presence of other two amino acids, the body can make its own glutathione from these raw materials.

Apart from being just the precursor for the glutathione, NAC has other uses like boosting the immune system, eliminating toxins from the body and most importantly, can thin the mucous by breaking the sulphide bonds in it.

Benefits of using Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg

NAC is useful in the body for mainly 3 parts, the immune system, respiratory tract and in helping liver with detoxification of the body.

  • NAC is also known as flu-fighting nutrient because of its ability in boosting the immunity and helping in thinning of the mucous. It can also reduce the replication of the flu virus and stop its spreading and thus the symptoms.
  • NAC is helpful for those with a poor liver health. It is the liver that produces the glutathione and having NAC in the system in abundance reduces the burden on the liver and has better immunity.
  • NAC has high antioxidant activity in killing the free radicals in the body. This property is specifically beneficial for the epithelial cell health and for the respiratory tract ciliary activity.
  • As mentioned, NAC increases the amount of glutathione in the body. The immune system, especially the lymphocytes are highly dependent on the glutathione for its functions.
  • Another use of NAC is that it can eliminate toxins from the body. It is an important tool in eliminating mercury from the tissues and adding glutathione in the cells. While it deals with heavy metals on one side it can also protect the cells and tissues from the oxidation by these metals.
  • The higher toxicity of the body often causes low levels of glutathione and a compromised immune system. By having these toxins expelled, and restoring glutathione, it is inevitable to have a healthier immune system.
  • It is useful to get relief from diseases like asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis etc.
  • The antioxidant property of NAC could be extended to the effects like preventing degenerative diseases like cancer.

Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg ingredients

Pure Encapsulations NAC comes in capsule form.

Each capsule of NAC contains –

  • 900mg of NAC
  • 10mg of ascorbyl palmitate or vitamin C.

NAC is in its free form of this amino acid derivative and collected from duck feathers. The vitamin C is taken from the fermentation of corn dextrose and palm oil.

Including vitamin C in the formulation boosts the immune improving capabilities of the major ingredient. This vitamin is also useful in protecting the NAC from oxidation.

Pure Encapsulations NAC 900 mg dosage

Pure Encapsulations NAC is available in 900mg capsules and 600 mg capsules. The ideal dosage is between 600-1800mg per day. The recommended dosage of NAC 900mg is 1-2 capsules per day. Divide the dosage to one capsule each between the meals.

It is alright to take just one capsule a day but it should not be more than 2 capsules per day for the NAC 900mg.
The NAC 900mg comes in bottles that have 120 capsules. This single bottle could be enough for 2 -4 months depending on the dosage.

Though the bottles could be stored at room temperature, it is better far away from the heat at any cost. Otherwise, the potency could be compromised. For this reason, it is recommended to be refrigerated, especially in the summers.

Side effects and drug interactions of Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg capsules

Though side effects are not common with the usage of Pure Encapsulations NAC, they cannot be ignored. There are a few rare side effects in the form of nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, abdominal pain etc.
The supplement is not fit for expecting or lactating mothers.

As for the drug interactions, Pure Encapsulations NAC may not go well with the drugs like nitroglycerin or metoclopramide. They are used for heart ailments and gastric problems. It is better to get a doctor’s advice before this supplement.

Pure Encapsulations NAC customer reviews

Pure Encapsulations NAC has got a general satisfactory response from the users. Except for the high price of the bottles, there is hardly anything negative about this dietary supplement. Only that it is better coming as a prescription from a doctor, this is highly safe for all.

  • Deb used Pure Encapsulations NAC as he had glutathione deficiency. It took a few weeks for him to get the right results. He suggests taking the blood test to check the deficiency before starting the supplement.
  • Another user from Hawaii uses this to relieve the allergic reactions in the respiratory system. The supplement effectively lowers the symptoms and makes the breathing and life easier. The user has tried many other brands also but none could make this effect.
  • Another user uses it to protect her from the herbicides and pesticides that she is exposed to on regular basis. The farming community is now a safe haven for her because of Pure Encapsulations NAC.


Pure Encapsulations NAC 900mg is effective for improving the immunity and reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions related to respiratory system. It is also ideal for the glutathione deficiency. Basically, it boosts the glutathione content of the body to make it self-sufficient. If you go with the user reviews, you can see that many have agreed that the NAC from Pure Encapsulations is far better than the same from other brands.