Protein powders are considered the healthy way to lose weight and preserve the muscle mass in the body. The weight that we lose from the muscles can regain faster than we could stop the diet changes. It is not an effective way. The ProtiDiet High protein drink mix with hot cocoa taste carries very fewer calories and helps you with ideal protein intake per day.

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ProtiDiet Hot Cocoa protein drink mix is made to give you 15gms of protein per serving. You can couple it with some intense exercises and a control over what you are eating. You cannot go wrong in any way and see to that the target weight loss is no longer a dream.

What is special about ProtiDiet hot cocoa protein drink?

  • For starters, ProtiDiet hot cocoa protein drink mix is one of the economical protein powders available in the market. It does not use too many types of protein, but just milk protein for the needs.
  • Every serving of Protidiet hot cocoa gets you 15gms of protein with very low fat and sugar.
    The specialty of this protein mix is that it contains a fair amount of calcium for the healthy and proper weight loss.
  • Unlike other protein mixes, this is meant as a hot drink.
  • Most importantly, the hot cocoa protein drink can curb your cravings for sugar or chocolate. In an effort to lose weight you might have probably said goodbye to sugars and chocolate for the while. ProtiDiet hot cocoa is the best way to get chocolatey and still having just 90 calories per serving.

ProtiDiet Hot Cocoa – Protein Drink

The ProtiDiet High protein drink mix with hot cocoa taste carries very fewer calories and helps you with ideal protein intake per day. Every serving of Protidiet hot cocoa gets you 15gms of protein with very low fat and sugar. Taking it before meals can prevent overeating, which also leads to weight loss.

ProtiDiet hot cocoa protein drink mix ingredients

The ingredients in ProtiDiet protein drink mix hot cocoa flavor are –

  • Milk protein concentrate,
  • Cocoa powder in unsweetened form with alkali,
  • Gelatin,
  • Hydrolyzed gelatin,
  • Corn syrup solids,
  • Fructose,
  • Flavoring agents,
  • Salt,
  • Sucralose,
  • Potassium bicarbonate.

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Together these ingredients provide 15g of protein, 1g fiber, 2gms sugar, just 0.5g fat, 5mg cholesterol, 220mg sodium, 330mg potassium and some amount of iron and a high percentage of calcium. These nutrient values are for per-serving of the protein mix.

This is not a high fiber protein mix so the user will have to add the fiber content in the diet.

How does it work for weight loss?

Protein is the best source of energy that provides the energy to the body and also serves to be the building blocks for the muscles. When trying for weight loss, the body first loses its muscle mass as it is the primary source of energy. The weight loss happened in such ways, can regain faster than you can blink.

The protein drinks supply the protein, along with calcium to help in weight loss and prevent muscle loss. Instead, it also helps with developing new muscles.

The protein powders are satiating that keeps the stomach fuller which prevents you from snacking every now and then. Taking it before meals can prevent overeating, which also leads to weight loss.

Protein digestion needs extra calories for the body to perform. This calls for a boost in the body metabolism which also leads to weight loss. In a protein deficient diet, the body metabolism is slowed down since the body gets its energy from the muscles. Getting the muscle energy does not require too much metabolism and it tends to slow down. The protein diet triggers the metabolism to get back on track. The higher metabolic rate will burn more fats.
From your side, control the diet in a proper way and eliminate any fatty and sugary content as much as possible.

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ProtiDiet hot cocoa serving method

The dosage is 1 ½ scoop full of this hot cocoa protein mix powder, mixed in 6-8oz of hot water. The powder dissolves almost readily and does not make lumps as like other protein powder.

The powder comes in containers of 500gms. Each container can give you up to 21 servings. A single serving may not fulfill the daily protein requirement so you may have to take at least 2 servings per day.

Make sure to close the container immediately after taking the powder. Store it in a cool, dry area.

Safety of using this protein powder

Protein powder mixes generally are safe and ProtiDiet protein powder mix is no exception. The only thing to be careful here is that the powder is manufactured in the facilities where milk, soy, and other possible allergens are processed. You cannot completely rule out unexpected reactions.

Moreover, the protein source here is milk proteins. People with lactose intolerance may have problems with this.

The possible disturbances of using the protein mix are vomiting, diarrhea, or other digestive disturbances. This could happen especially when the person is lactose intolerance. In addition to this, the fact that the proteins are not fast digesting molecules could also be a problem.

The safe way to avoid these consequences is to take the low dose in the beginning and increase it gradually.

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Customer reviews

ProtiDiet hot cocoa customer reviews show that this is a winter favorite protein drink mix. Not all protein powders can be mixed with hot water. Winter needs something hot to drink and this hot cocoa mix is the ideal choice. You get the needed warmth from the drink and can also have the daily protein intake, intact.

Kat loves this as a winter drink. She calls it creamy and flavorful. The only concerns she has that the powder doesn’t mix fast enough and is causing lumps. The other problem is that the powder is too light that it flies around.

Another user comes with a solution to this not-mixing-properly problem. He mixes the powder in normal water and uses a shaker to mix the contents. Once it is also mixed up, he transfers it into an appropriate container and heats it up for the hot drink.

Take Away

Protein powders like ProtiDiet hot cocoa are only a part of the weight loss aids. It can be effective only when you control the calorie intake and spend time in using up the calories. Although protein powder is healthy for health maintenance, it can be useful for weight loss only when it is used right, be regular, and be patient. If you can do all of these, you are sure to get some positive results with the weight loss efforts.