Nowadays everything is based on numbers whether it is your health or the amount of calories that you should be eating. I mean what’s the big deal if you don’t follow such numbers but just live like humans. I am not telling that all numbers should be ignored but trusting everything and anything blind folded isn’t the right way.

Human body is a complex system and there are hundreds of small factories coordinating with each other to run the whole system in a perfect mode. At times certain units may get damaged and they themselves repair with the help of inputs (nutrients in the form of food that we eat) that we provide.

The other day I read in an article that eating dairy products aren’t good for health and it is better to avoid such stuffs. To contradict this there are others who vouch eating dairy products for a perfect health. Now the point is as humans we already have a confused mind and by gaining such information’s we get more confused what to eat and what not to eat.

When you get stuck between the deep sea and the devil “we always choose the path that the majority of the people are following”. This approach is something that has to be changed. First and foremost trust the nature and eat everything that is natural. Our ancestors have been eating a lot of stuffs that are now considered to be dangerous for our health. And I guess our ancestors lived a happy life and with less number of ailments unlike us.

Magnus Protein Key Products - Dietary supplements

Chelamin – Chelated organic mineral complex

Chelamin is a mineral mix supplement that can supply the body with essential minerals. It is made from ancient composted sea vegetation and sea kelp. This unique blend is a naturally chelated organic mineral complex formulated especially for health conscious people.

The best way is to eat a variety of food stuffs that are natural and of course with limits to lead a healthy life. By the way dairy products are one of the best sources of nutrients that one shouldn’t be avoiding.

Okay here in this article we will be reviewing a few products from Protein Key™ one of the leading brands in the dietary supplements industry. Scroll through the sections below to know more

About protein key

Protein key is a leading brand that supplies perfect health in the form of natural supplements and other natural products. Compared to other products available in the markets their products are priced higher because of their quality. Their aim is not to compete with the price factor but the major purpose is not to compromise with health.

They believe that instead of telling what your body should eat, give the body the option of selecting what it needs. They have developed a wide range of dietary supplements and also supply natural products from Wysong Corporation with the aim of promoting good health.

Protein key Vs other brands

Normal dietary supplements that are available either concentrate on single ingredients or strictly adhere to dietary guidelines which keep changing from time to time. Moreover due to their inexpensive nature they contain trace amounts of essential compounds required by the body. Consuming such dietary supplements is not going to do any good other than helping you to spend less. These brands just pull the money out of you and sell something that isn’t worth for your health.

On the other hand protein key products are manufactured with strict quality control methods and they contain n number of ingredients. All the products are formulated with the aim of providing the best for the body and help the body in a holistic way.

Highlights of protein key products

  • All the products are developed by health experts and specialized doctors
  • Manufactured in USA under strict quality control
  • No added fillers
  • Made of natural protein sources
  • No added sugars, artificial sugar and starches
  • No chemicals and artificial flavors
  • Free from preservatives and additives
  • Rich in lipids to boost metabolism to burn fat for energy
  • Contains omega fatty acids necessary for the body
  • Most of the dietary supplements contain essential elements like probiotics, prebiotics, natural enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals.
  • Contains a list of over 672 natural ingredients added in their products

Top Three Picks From Protien Key

I have selected top three best rated selling products from protein key products list. These products are liked by customers for their effectiveness and positive impact on the health. Read below to know more about these exciting health friendly products.


In simple words it is a mineral mix supplement that can supply the body with essential minerals. It is made from ancient composted sea vegetation and sea kelp. This dietary supplement contains exactly 74 trace minerals and no artificial ingredients. This unique blend is a naturally chelated organic mineral complex formulated especially for health conscious people.

Benefits: Helps to bolster health and set a healthy foundation for the body to develop

Directions to use: Swallow along with meals and store in a cool dry place to preserve its freshness.


  • Composted Geologic Sea Vegetation,
  • Dried Kelp. (Includes natural bio-available minerals like: Silicon, Potassium, Calcium, Sulfur, Iron, Magnesium, Titanium, Phosphate, Manganese, Iodine, Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Boron, Zinc, Germanium, Vanadium, Cobalt, Selenium, Copper… and over 54 other trace minerals.)

Ergonomic Insoles from Wysong

Ergonomic insoles are another product highly recommended and liked by customers. Dr. Wysong has developed this special foot piece for people who have suffered from foot injuries or want to prevent the same.

Regular use of improper shoes and physical activities place pressure on our heels and plantar tendons. Those who undergo sports training usually feel the pressure on their foot due to excessive pressure. It is not only common to such people but in general anyone can feel the same while standing for a long time or walking long distances.

Ergonomic insoles have come as a relief to such problems. This product is the result of extensive research regarding dynamics of movements and anatomy of the foot in diverse species. Using this insole will help the foot to get back to its normal state and function in a better way.

Dr. Wysong has developed “foot-in-the-sand” technology which offers

  • Anti-shock gel under the ball, breather holes and specialized toe grips
  • Medical-grade shock absorbing foams
  • Relives pressure of the heels and foot
  • Provides relief to the tendons and bones
  • Arch support to the legs
  • Keeps the foot health in perfect condition
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Easy to carry along and indulge in any activity
  • This ergonomic insole is a great pick that comes in a universal size and fits all devoid of gender

Protein Key Optimal Nutrition Powder

The third pick is protein key powder for the entire body and it is rightly named as optimal nutrition powder. This formulation offers proteins and lipids that can be easily digested. It also contains Nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, collagen and glycosaminoglycans that help to improve bone health.

If you are looking for something sweet and sugary then you are wrong. It is not a candy bar or some normal sugar loaded powder. This protein key powder contains essential compounds and around 672 ingredients that help rejuvenate bone health and strengthen them. It is available in two flavors plain and chocolate

How to Use Protein Key™ powder products

It can be used as a normal meal or as a supplement. Mix the powder either with water, milk or yogurt to make a shake or mix some fruits to make a smoothie. You can avoid adding any sugar or sweetening agents to preserve its taste. Also, you can also mix the powder and have it with you breakfast cereals or whole grains.

You can enhance the nutritional benefits by adding it home prepared dishes or consume it dry. Protein key powders are full of nutrients and you can consume them directly and allow dissolving slowly. Consuming protein key powder will help to stem appetite and keep you going the whole day. Many such powders are available for body builders, weight losers, athletes, kids, women and the elderly lot.

Customer Reviews

All the products from protein key are of high demand and liked by customers. The main aim of protein key is to manufacture products that benefit customers and help them to attain optimum health. Their protein powder is just so famous and customers love buying them. You can find positive opinion about protein key powders in their testimonial section. The only setback that I found is there are no sample packs available. If there was such an option then more and more customers could have tried these products. The above mentioned three products are the most sought and loved products from protein key and that is why I specially mentioned them. If you are looking out for genuine dietary supplements then you have reached the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any health issues in general. What is the right protein key product for me?

Protein key products are all natural and designed for all. You can try the protein key optimal powder to gain all the desired benefits. Consuming this powder can serve as a meal or a dietary supplement that will help you to replenish your body with healthy nutrients and minerals.

Can anyone use ergonomic insoles?

It is mainly designed for people with shoe size above 5. There is no problem or side effects while using ergonomic insoles. In fact using them will help you to feel relaxed and takes the pressure off your foot. It easily fits into your shoes and you will feel comfortable using this product.

Can I add sugar to the protein key powder to make it sweeter?

Adding sugar is not going to help you attain your objective whether it be losing weight or gaining a healthy body. If you feel the drink is bland you can try adding fruits, honey and natural sweeteners like dates. If you are adding sugars and artificial sweeteners then it is better not to consume protein key powder or related products.

Where to buy protein key products?

You can buy their products from their official site or from To buy from their official site you can click here. There are different products you can choose from as they have a wide variety of dietary supplements to offer.

Where can I find coupons to avail discounts?

You can avail coupons from their official site by subscribing to their newsletters and email. Also there is another option avail 20$ coupons by referring friends. There is no limit in refereeing friends and you will receive $20 for each person referred. You can use these coupons and avail discounts while making a purchase. What are you waiting for start referring your friends and buy products of your choice!!

What if I don’t like a product and I want to return it back?

Protein key will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to manufacturing errors, dissatisfaction from the customers and faulty products. You can contact protein key as soon as possible and let them know about the return at the following address

Protein Key™

Attn: Returns

7550 Eastman Ave.

Midland, MI 48642

Remember that you will have to send the product with tracking information so that returns can be sorted out easily. Also make sure you send the product to the above address to avail reimbursement.

When will my order be shipped?

Once you place an order it will be shipped in one or two business days provided the product is in stock. Those products which are out of stock may take some time to be shipped. Orders are not processed on weekends and there is no guarantee when the shipment will reach the customer. Shipping and transit time may often change so kindly place your orders well before to get your products at the right time.

Conclusion: Health is something that we have to earn by giving our body what it needs from time to time. Our body is like a small kid and it basically doesn’t say what it needs but we have to understand and offer what is necessary. Eating whole foods and nutrients is a must to maintain good health. If you stick to numbers and eat limited calories that contain nothing then you are going to get sick mentally and physically. Eat a variety of food stuffs along with healthy dietary supplements to replenish your body with nutrients. Protein key is one such brand that offers wide variety of dietary supplements for all and for every part of the body in particular. Whether you are having a bowel problem or a hair fall problem there is solution for everything under protein key. Try their products and know their benefits yourself.

Magnus Protein Key Products - Dietary supplements

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