What do you do when your Smartphone or the Wi-fi system hangs up on you? You reset the system and that seems the most natural way to do right! Well, the same works well for our body also. Diabetes no longer has to be treated as some lethal disease instead it is completely curable or reversible. All you need to do is to reset the system or precisely certain hormones to correct the problems. What you need to do is to change the lifestyle, add, or remove certain food types in the diet, take some supplements and do regular exercises. Viola! You have your diabetes reversed!

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is generally defined as a state where the body ‘lacks’ enough insulin to deal with the blood sugar level which causes the elevation in the sugar level. In reality, it is not so. Diabetes, Type II diabetes is the inability of the body to identify the insulin or failing to act in response to this hormone. It is called insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance. As opposed to the common belief that the body has less insulin than needed, the body actually has the higher amount of insulin than usual.

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The misconception about insulin

For a recovery, the body needs to recover from this insensitivity towards insulin, as well as to leptin- the hunger control hormone. The type 1 diabetes is gene related and is not possible to reverse, whereas the Type 2 diabetes is caused by wrong diet and lifestyle problems. This is the reason why it can be prevented or reversed. There is no need to rely on drugs and insulin to deal with the diabetes that is of Type 2.

This comes as a huge relief since there are millions of people in USA who are either diabetic or in the pre-diabetes stage. It is spreading like an epidemic where people attract this disease to themselves. Once you are hit, it is rather an expensive disease to treat. If left untreated it can even lead to other complicated diseases of heart, kidneys, loss of vision etc. The best way to deal is to go natural and, trust me, there are endless options.

Dietary changes are most important

No matter whether it is diabetes r any other disease that you might be suffering from, changes in the lifestyle is what you need to start with as part of recovery. It involves resetting the dietary preferences and indulging in physical exercises, 30 minutes a day, every single day.

What to avoid?

Limit sugar: Sugar and grains must be avoided in the diet. These two are the biggest bank for blood sugar levels. By controlling these items from the food you can prevent the sudden spike of blood sugar. Sugar, whether it is the glucose in the plain sugar and fruits, or the fructose from honey are all equally damaging. If you want a sweetener, switch to stevia, there is no other option.

No grains: Grains like rice, wheat etc that have high carbohydrates are friends with diabetes. Gluten in wheat is broken into sugar and within a few minutes spikes the blood sugar. It can also cause inflammation that affects the hormones like insulin or leptin. Do not worry, this ban on grains is not permanent and can be brought back later.

Trans fats are the most dangerous food molecules. They can increase fat deposition and cause other discomforts like obesity or cause kidney diseases. It also increases the toxicity in the body and badly affects the hypothalamus and hormone balance.

No cow’s milk- Cow’s milk will have natural hormones that can trigger similar activities like the gluten. This is most harmful to type 1 diabetes and can be equally troubling for type II diabetes also. Instead of cow’s milk opt for soy milk, coconut milk or goat milk.

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What to eat?

  • High fiber: Include plenty of fiber in the diet. The fiber will make a bilk and does not cause a spike in the blood glucose. It also requires low or no insulin to utilize. Fiber is also helpful in maintaining the body weight. Managing body weight is important for type 2 diabetes as the fat deposition is a cause for the insulin sensitivity.
  • Get omega 3 fats: Include all kinds of food that can give you omega-3-fatty acids. Flaxseed oil, walnut oil, krill oil, and fish oil are excellent sources for these omega fatty acids. Though there are options like soy, canola oil, sunflower etc that can provide the same fatty acids, they being genetically engineered makes them bad for controlling diabetes. Organic avocados make a safe bet for omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Probiotics: Gut flora is beneficial in regulating the blood sugar level. They help reinstate the natural immunity and can prevent many unwanted inflammations. Type 1 diabetes is a form of auto-immune diabetes which can be prevented from occurring by correcting the immune system functions. Take the fermented foods like yogurt, fermented vegetables, pickles etc, cheese etc. But have a care so that they are not overloaded.
  • Protein: Body can really rely on protein for energy when there is no sugar or carbohydrate in the diet. The best part is that it cannot elevate the blood sugar level as the proteins are broken down into peptides and it would be only later that they can become sugar.
  • Fats: Do not forget the fats. The body needs fat. The good fat that is acceptable for a diabetic body is olive oil, spinach, beef from the grass fed stock and the other fat sources that contain omega-3-fatty acids. This good fat has many uses like help regulating the blood sugar and help with weight management and cholesterol control.

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Alternate Therapies

Vitamin D is essential

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the main reasons for developing type 1 diabetes. The frequent low level of vitamin D has damaging effects on the hormone insulin. Vitamin D is the ‘key’ to unlocking the process of insulin production in pancreas. Children born to mothers who have low vitamin D are more at the risk of being born with diabetes. The lack of enough vitamin D in the serum can later lead to insulin abnormality, inflammations, and diabetes.
Sun is the biggest source of vitamin D. Not that it comes from sun, our body needs the sunlight to produce this vitamin inside. So make sure that you go out in the sunshine for at least 10 minutes every day. This can gradually has bigger effect in regulating the insulin production as well as the insulin sensitivity.

Exercise regularly without fail

Inactive body will put on weight which means, more fat, obesity and diabetes. Do you want that? No! Do physical exercises regularly even whether or not you have diabetes or in the pre-diabetic stage. The exercises help utilize much f the blood glucose preventing their storage. When the blood glucose is being utilized for energy there is less need for the insulin. People with insulin resistance can find this a better way to reduce the blood sugar isn’t it?

Control emotional stress

Stress can make the whole system upside down. In the case of diabetes, stress can affect the insulin production and its functions. Emotional stress could alter the appetite and can make you eat more than you need. The excess eating is what affecting the hormone leptin. Diabetes is also related to alteration sin this hormone. By getting this hormone back in control can reverse the diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Quality sleep

Sleep reduces stress in the body and relaxes it. Lack of sleep increases weight, and triggers insulin resistance. By getting enough sleep and catching up on the lost sleep can have a major impact and shows by reversing many of the problems related to diabetes. A person needs 5-9 hours of sleep to said to have normal sleep.

Natural Remedies & Supplements to Reverse Diabetes

There are many essential nutrients that the body is lacking. Body needs all the necessary nutrients, minor or major to function normal and to fight bigger diseases like diabetes. Supplementing with these nutrients can helps cure the problem and can also reverse in many cases. Those key nutrients supplements useful for diabetes are,

  • Alpha lipoic acid is essential in improving the insulin functions. It is also helpful for reversing the nerve problems raised due to diabetes. It will minimize the oxidative stress and can lower the fasting blood sugar as well. Keep it minimal as this supplement may cause the blood sugar level to go to dangerous low levels.
  • Chromium: Normal chromium level in the body can be a natural blood sugar regulator. Normally it comes from vegetables like broccoli, cheese, beans, beef etc. When the body lacks this trace nutrients supplement it with the tablets or capsules that have it.
  • Cinnamon is a natural blood sugar controller. Either include this in the daily diet or take the supplements. Take those cinnamon bark extract capsules to lower the blood sugar level especially the fasting sugar levels.
  • Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants that can prevent or heal the cell damage. It makes an excellent solution for nerve damage or those who have wound healing problems. Green tea extract is available as supplements so make use of it if you want to reverse the diabetes.
  • Magnesium is another trace element that has serious role to play in causing or reversing diabetes. It can help reduce the insulin sensitivity and also reduce the development of diabetes, if the person is in pre-diabetic stage.
  • Resveratrol is widely found in red wine and grapes. This compound is antioxidant in nature and can also prevent the blood sugar hike. The oxidative stress of the cells is prevented by this compound and that helps with the insulin functions.
  • Vitamin D supplements help those have low level of this vitamin. It takes more time to re-establish the lost vitamin the natural way. So help the body with these supplements to make the reverse process faster.

Safety measures while taking supplements for diabetes

In diabetes all we aim is to lower the blood sugar level. The blood sugar must be lowered to the normal level and not beyond that. Many of the supplements mentioned here can lower the blood sugar level rapidly and could lead to dangerous levels. The problem is more when taken along with the drugs. Talk to the doctor before you take such supplements for diabetes. The doctor may want to adjust the dose of the supplements or the drugs accordingly.