Ageing is a crucial process of the life that generally slows down the internal and external activities of the body. Getting old means, becoming physically weaker. The age-related weakness can increase the risks of falling or breaking a bone or other complications. A weak older person may be unable to perform the daily activities as smoothly as he or she used to. There can be many reasons for this weakness.

Apparently, studies show that the poor oral health may increase the chances of weakness in older men than those with a healthier oral cavity. The study reveals that poor oral health can cause exhaustion, slow walking, weaker grip, low physical activities etc.

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Causes Of Oral Health The study

The research was done on over 7000 British men over a period of 40 years. At the start of the studies, these men were middle-aged. They grew to be as old as 92 or less.

The result of these studies was that most of them had become frail over the period. Among them, over half of them has either lost their teeth or have had gum diseases. Many of them didn’t even have any tooth left. The general oral health was also considered around fair to poor.

The conclusion was that oral health had a direct and worsening effect on the age-related frailty. There were also some additional oral health concerns that link to frailty.

This study may be an eye-opener to many who tend to neglect their oral health. You need not do just an oral care but a thorough oral care for a long time. It can decide how you are going to be when you get older.

Easy & Quick Ways to improve oral health

Since the poor oral health increases frailty, we can strengthen ourselves with a healthy dental health. It is also to be noted that the health starts from the oral cavity. You cannot risk this part.


A proper oral care regime starts with brushing twice a day. You need to brush twice and brush properly. The timing, method, and duration are all important. Brush the teeth after 30 minutes of having acidic foods. Brush at an angle of 45 degrees on the gum to get all the hidden particles between the teeth. Horizontal brushing could cause tooth abrasion. Also, note that you have to brush for 2-3 minutes. You may divide the oral cavity into 4 parts and spend 30 seconds in each area for a thorough cleaning.

Plaque can be on the inner, outer and the chewing regions of the teeth. So brush it in all angles and surfaces. Regularly check with the dentist to clean the teeth properly.


Flossing is as important as brushing. You can easily get the floss supplies in the market. Floss the teeth daily or at the least 3-4 times a week to keep the space between the teeth cleaner.


Do not neglect the tongue. Brush the tongue with the brush itself as the scraper can be harsh on the taste buds.


Top it all with a good rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. People who are prone to dental cavities can prevent their problems with the mouthwash.

Natural ways of dental care

Dental care does not stop with the cleaning program. You need to eat a proper diet. There are plenty of food items that can stick to the teeth, causing infections and plaque. You need to eat right to prevent such occurrences. There are food items that can maintain oral health.

Apples, with its fiber and crunchiness, can remove the sticky food from the teeth. Apple contains cleansing agents that boost saliva production. It can also reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Spinach can give you pearly white teeth. The magnesium content in it can build the enamel and keep up the shine in the teeth.

Nuts and several seeds remove the plaque. The abrasive texture of these items can remove stains from the teeth surface. Moreover, they may have omega fatty acids, the beneficial fats that boost the immune system and reduce the oral diseases and infections.

Basil leaves have medicinal properties. Use them fresh to get the best results. It can surely kill the bacteria in the mouth. Use them raw in your salads to get the heavenly aroma. Having a few basil leaves can counter bad breath.

Cheese is a good source of teeth strengthening minerals. It can protect the teeth from decay. But you need to eat them in moderate amount and must cleanse the mouth after having them.

Additional tips

Selecting toothpaste with fluoride helps prevent many dental diseases. The fluoride can maintain white teeth; prevent gum diseases and stops tartar formation.

A dental visit should be done every 6 months for each and every person. It helps identify the dental problems at the earliest. It is easier to rectify the problems that are fresh. It would also cost you less.


No matter what you do, the frailty of the old age is inevitable. What you can do is to delay the onset or slow down the progress. Since oral health has an established say on the degree of frailty, men should be more careful about their oral health than ever before.

Studies also reveal that the loss of bone density can increase the risk of oral infections and tooth loss. So you need to care for the bone health as well. Taking the calcium-rich diet and keeping yourselves busy physically, when you can are good to keep up bone health. The bone density, dental health, and age-related weakness are all, directly connected with each other.