We’ve heard the popular proverb – “All that glitters aren’t gold”. I always thought, so what, they glitter and anything that glitter is good. The real meaning dawned upon me only when my favorite potato chips starting depositing fat sanctuaries all over my body. How much I used to irritate my father to buy me those crisp potato chips glistening with oil. The fact that my mouth still gets filled with saliva as I talk about them proves my love for my chips.

The life of a fat person basically has six phases. First, of course, is the blame game. Being born into a family that already had an inclination towards the plump side, I blamed my parents’ genes when I started putting on weight first. Other blames are dedicated to anything and everything from hormonal imbalances to the food you ate last night and the friend who took you out to have food.

The initial enthusiasm to lose weight took me to phase two-I joined the gym and went each day with so much dedication, but then I didn’t let down the legacy of fat people around the world. I mean, you must be made of nothing but willpower to suddenly switch from the lazy lifestyle to an energetic one. I quit the gym after one week of vigorous exercise. How much I hated my gym trainer for secretly increasing the inclination in my treadmill and giving me only 10-second breaks between sets of sit-ups. 10 seconds?

Who calls that a break? Anyway quitting the gym made me only lazier. You guessed it right-the cramps.

I had my whole family taking care of me for the next one week since I couldn’t even move properly. The next stage is what I would call “acceptance”. You put on weight and your fat percent is more than what you got in the last test, and if you don’t love yourself, who will!! I tried to make myself believe it is no big deal and tried doing what all others did. So what, if you climbed the stairs a little slow and reached the second floor panting. So what, if you made a fool of yourself trying to dance in the annual day. I was able to do everything. I loved myself but I loved sweets more. I treated myself to chocolate treats often because I loved myself and the good job I was doing with my life. The result, well more pounds to my name. But I didn’t care. I was living my life to the fullest. Even being some sort of inspiration to others with an inferiority complex.

Being a girl, my parents were very concerned about how I was ballooning up. They were afraid I wouldn’t find a potential groom. It didn’t affect me at first because I thought I had a pretty face and good looks were never a primary concern for me. I had a boyfriend too so it wasn’t like boys don’t want me. Trust me, girls, there are good people with pure hearts out there who see your inner beauty. But slowly I started getting medical problems and that brought me to the phase of realization. I realized I had to lose weight because if I didn’t, there might not be a ‘me’ to love.

The next phase is my favorite (not so favorable to my parents). I know I want to lose weight. I’ve tried the gym and I know it won’t work out for me. So next, are all the products that are in the market exclusively for weight loss. From the slim belt to the green coffee extract pills, I want to give each and every product a chance to slim me down. Now you get why my parents don’t like it much (they pay for everything of course). I’ve tried quite a number of products and a few have worked out fine for me. The saying that all such products are useless and they’re meant to only take away your money is just a pure myth. Some of them do work properly but be sure you take in any medication only after consulting
your doc.

The last phase is different for each individual. You will either end up losing weight or losing hope of losing weight. But always remember how much you loved yourself in the acceptance phase and keep doing that. It is not your fault how you came to this world but it will be completely your responsibility of how you live and leave this world. Those who aren’t fat, never support fat shaming. Those who are and have lost faith in losing weight never forget to love yourself because at the end of the day you may or may not have people loving you but you will always be your best friend and your true love.