Its probably one of the best tasting nuts which is quite healthy too. Not to mention the cost when you get them free on airplanes! but today, lesser people are having pea nuts as its one of the biggest causes of allergy.

Peanut & Causes Of Allergy

The below video discusses peanut allergy and why its of concern today. More interestingly it shows some of the innovative methods science has taken to process peanuts to reduce allergy by 95% in people who are allergic by processing Peanuts!!!

While i love peanuts, i really don’t like the idea of banning peanut butter or peanut products in schools. does that mean people who are not allergic to peanuts shouldn’t eat it too! I really like the research part which states that mothers who eat peanuts while pregnant will have children who are not allergic to peanuts. Does that mean that most of the other products too have the same fundamentals!

Cure For Peanut Allergy

Allergy to any product is caused by the immune conditions. Primarily considered an autoimmune condition, Allergies can be controlled and even cured to a great extent with the right natural medications. We urge you to check out some of the natural remedies to cure Allergy in people. They may not look like much but trust me these works.

I am allergic to Air conditions during summer but cant stand the heat either. I start sneezing the moment I step into an air conditioned room. But then there are homeopathic remedies which can cure such conditions which has cured me today. Read more.

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