Drive Medical constantly strive to offer the highest quality and most functional products across a broad spectrum of health care needs. The team of world-class professionals delivers products that are of better value and competitively priced. Drive Medical’s extensive range of product line enhances the life of each user. Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer is useful respiratory equipment for people with breathing problems, such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Cystic Fibrosis. Read on for the complete Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer Review.

About Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer

Drive Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer is a workhorse with superior liter flows, shorter treatment times and quieter operation than similar economy compressor nebs. It features an ultra-compact design to make it extremely portable. It comes with a powerful piston pump for efficient, dependable and quiet operation. This product delivers consistent particle size of fewer than 5 microns and fast treatment times.

This product weighs just 4.1 pounds. It comes complete with a disposable Neb kit or Reusable and Disposable Neb
Kit, each contains 6/Pack and a 5-year limited warranty.

Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer

Drive Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer is a workhorse with superior liter flows, shorter treatment times and quieter operation than similar economy compressor nebs. It features an ultra-compact design to make it extremely portable.

Why Need Drive Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer?

Your doctor must have prescribed a liquid medication to treat your respiratory condition. To best utilize this liquid medication, he has prescribed a Drive brand compressor nebulizer. This Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer works well to convert the medication to a high-quality mist of fine particles that penetrates deep into the lungs. The Compressor Nebulizer systems may prescribe for daily or periodic use, depending on the present symptoms such as in the springtime when Hay Fever or Allergies they are normally present.

However, ensure to read and understand the Pacifica Nebulizer Instructions guide. With the use of these simple instructions and the advice from your physician, your compressor will become an effective addition to your therapeutic routine.

Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer Features

  • Its ultra compact design makes it extremely portable.
  • It features a powerful piston pump that is efficient, reliable and quiet.
  • This nebulizer delivers consistent particle size of
  • It weighs only 4.1 lbs.
  • It comes with disposable neb kit.
  • 5-year limited warranty on compressor parts

Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer Specification

  • Method of Nebulization: Piston Compressor
  • Particle Size: 0.5 µm to 5 µm
  • Unit Dimensions: 7.5″ (W) x 4.0″ (H) x 6.8″ (D)
  • Electrical Requirement: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Sound Level: 65 dBA
  • Power Consumption: 110 watts maximum
  • Maximum Compressor Pressure: 30 psig or greater
  • Neb. Operating Pressure: 10 psig or greater
  • Compressor Free Air Flow: 8 lpm or greater
  • Operating Temperature Range: +40° to +104°F (+5 to +40°C)
  • Operating Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
  • Storage/Transport Temperature Range: -40°to +158°F (-40° to +70°C)
  • Supplied Nebulizer Capacity: 6 ml (cc)
  • Storage/Transport Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
  • Supplied Nebulizer Nebulization Rate: 0.15 ml/min or greater
  • Supplied Nebulizer MMAD: 5 microns or less

Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer Included Accessories

  • This Nebulizer comes with
  • Nebulizer air compressor Qty. 1
  • Nebulizer Kit Qty. 1
  • Neb Cup
  • T piece
  • Mouthpiece
  • Corrugated Aerosol tube
  • 7ft Oxygen Tubing

Drive Medical Pacifica Nebulizer Instructions

The Pacifica Elite Compressor design is for intermittent use only. Thus, do not operate it continuously for more than 30 minutes for a single use. Turn it off and allow a cooling period for least 30 minutes before reuse.

  • Before every use inspects the Compressor and nebulizer cup assembly for damage or wear, replace as needed.
  • Place the system on a table or any flat stable surface. Do not use it on the floor. Ensure you can easily reach the controls when seated.
  • Check for the power switch, it should be in the O (OFF) position. Then plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical wall outlet.
  • Connect one end of the tubing to the compressor air outlet connector.
  • Assemble the nebulizer cup and add indicated medication to the nebulizer’s cup before use.
  • Attach the other end of the tubing into the air inlet connector found at the bottom of the nebulizer cup.
  • Turn the system on by pressing the power switch to I (ON) position and begin treatment.
  • If for any reason treatment needs to stop in between, simply press the power switch to O (OFF) position.
  • When the treatment is complete, turn off the compressor by pressing the power switch to O (OFF) position and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.

Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer Customer Reviews

You will find mixed customer feedback for this product. Some people say it works great, has better flow, and operates quietly for speedy treatment. However, some people complain about the unclear instructions on use, cleaning and assembly guidelines. Read below what actual users have to say about the product?

  • B107w bought this as a replacement for his wife’s first nebulizer. She says this device has better flow which makes treatments go quicker.
  • Nannie1388 says it runs very nice and quietly. She recommends the product and says it does not take long to complete the treatment.
  • Joseph received this device from Rehb center. At home when he tried using it, it was a total disaster as the instructions were grossly deficient. He complains that the pictures on the box and instructions did not match, and he was unable to give the treatment, after wasting a great deal of time.
  • Donna says it is most difficult to put together. It arrived w/ two tube packages /kits which are similar, but a little different looking. She got confused on which to use and the instruction book in the box is of no help at all.


If the doctor has prescribed you liquid medication for respiratory problems and advised you to take it via compressor nebulizer systems, then consider buying Drive Medical Pacifica Elite Compressor Nebulizer. Its features, specifications are ultimate but based on customer reviews the instruction details are slightly unclear. So if you think you are smart enough to operate it smoothly then give it a try today.