HCG diet and overweight are great rivals and that is one of the reasons why many today whose weight is breaking the scales are shaking hands with the Original HCG diet and incorporating it in their life. Many companies have come up with HCG things, different companies offer different plans but the base of the HCG diet plan is just the same. The new HCG diet plans are just the modification of the Original HCG Diet.

The original HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) diet was originally invented by Dr. Simeons. A low-calorie intake along with the required dosage of HCG is what the original HCG diet consists of. The HCG diet has been designed in such a way that it will help to lose weight at the same time it does not affect the energy levels. The low-calorie intake will help in stopping the further addition of the fat to the already existing excess fat in the body. The HCG dosages will help in breaking down of the already existing fat that is present in the body and will convert it into energy. This conversion of the excess fat by HCG will provide the body with energy, using which the body will carry out its activities. This way the low-calorie intake will not affect you in a negative way or weaken you.

The original HCG diet has been dispersed into four phases and includes fresh food like fresh fruits and vegetables. It also includes meat but in a very small amount.

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The Phases of the Original HCG Diet

Phase 1

This is the starting phase of the original hcg diet, the starting point and the most loved by everyone who follows an hcg diet, as in this phase you can eat whatever you want and how much ever you want! No restrictions!! gobble your favorite pizza or relish on your favorite chocolate ice-cream, without worrying about calories or weight. Now don’t get overexcited as this phase lasts only for 2 days! But in these 48 hours you are free to eat whatever you want to eat. Now the question that arises here is if we are aiming at losing weight then why are we performing the act that will provide the reverse results? Why are we adding up to the fat? It is because after the first phase according to the original HCG diet you will be following a very low calories diet (VLCD). The diet that you will have after the phase 1 will consist of only 500 calories! So the purpose of the first two-phase is to prepare your body for the rest of the HCG Diet journey.

The fat that you are putting in your body in these two days will be utilized for generating energy for your body in the later stages of the diet. That is why in the Original HCG diet instructions it is stated that it will be good if you will eat more of fatty food than sugary stuffs in these two days. Now from this phase itself you will have to start taking the recommended dose of HCG. The original HCG diet says drops, but today even pellets and injections are available, so you can choose according to your convenience and interest. Since in original Hcg diet instructions the drops has been mentioned, so here I am going to tell the dosage according to the drops only. Either take 10 drops of hcg thrice or 15 drops twice a day. Decide a particular time for taking the hcg drops. For example, if you are following a 10 drops cycle then take the first dosage in the morning, one in the afternoon and the last one in the evening. For the working people, it will be more convenient to follow the 15 drops cycle, as they can take the first dosage in the morning before going to the office and one after coming from the office.

Take the (10-15) drops of HCG and place it under your tongue and keep it there for around 15 seconds and then swallow. The reason why the HCG drops are kept under the tongue is that through there they can enter directly to the bloodstream and it is said that the medicine works more effectively when it enters the bloodstream directly. Remember, for half an hour after taking the HCG drops don’t eat anything, but then after that eat everything you like to eat 🙂

Phase 2

Now starts the real Original HCG diet with the 500 calories criteria. The phase where your body will start shedding the extra pounds and will head towards the success of your goal. According to the original HCG diet protocol, the second phase is of 40 days (it starts from the 3 day and lasts till the 43rd day), but friends in actual if you don’t have much weight to lose then there is no need to follow the 40 day schedule, you can opt for the 15 days or 23 days protocol also . Usually people lose around 1 to 1 ½ pound daily while on this diet, so the number of days you should follow the 2 phase depends on the number of pounds you want to lose! Here as mentioned in the beginning you should strictly follow a 500 calorie diet, and drink lots and lots of the universal solvent – the water. Once the (15 or 23 or 40) days doses are done don’t take hcg for three consecutive days. This is because the 30 drops dose of hcg that you take daily remains in your system for almost three days. So after the completion of the second phase hcg dosage, the three days 500 calorie diet fewer hcg drops should be followed in order to use up every trace of hcg present in your body before starting on to the phase 3. Your body should be clear of the all the hcg before intake of the extra calories because the calorie intake will be different from phase 3. You may put on weight if you start the third phase with the hcg in your system. During this phase there is no need to exercise. Doing a proper workout during this period will weaken you, so exercises are a big no-no during the second phase.

Phase 3

The third phase lasts for three weeks. These 21 days are like a maintenance period, wherein your body is supplied with more calories and your metabolic system is rested. The calorie intake should not exceed the limit of 1500. Be true to yourself and follow the 1500 calorie diet religiously, it is a very crucial part of the original HCG diet, it is the phase where your body starts stabilizing and starts adjusting itself with the new body weight and tries to maintain the same. In these 21 days, you should not touch sugar or starch. Ban sugar and starch from your diet for these 21 days. As always drink plenty of water and you can even start exercising again in this phase. Be a little strict with yourself during this period to prevent yourself from slipping and giving away for temptations, believe me, you are not going to regret it.

Phase 4

The freedom phase, in this phase, sugar and starch are back in your diet. Go and reward yourself with a sweet for completing the plan and achieving your goal of weight loss without giving away to any temptations or negative thoughts. But remember one step at a time. Move slowly, start in taking a small amount of starch and sugar, and then slowly increase the amount. Overeating at any time is harmful to your health and weight, so keep a tab on your calorie intake even after you complete the original HCG diet.

Note: Check your weight every day once you start the second phase and see the difference. The best time would be in the morning.

After the four phases, you can switch to a healthy diet plan. Drinking plenty of water, exercising and eating healthy are the keys that will unlock the sleeping potential and energy inside you and gift you with vibrant health.

The Original HCG Diet (VLCD Menu)

The original hcg diet (500 calorie) incorporates the small amount of each vitamin, minerals and proteins and fiber. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the main ingredients of this diet along with small tinges of meat. Divide the 500 calories into 5 parts: breakfast, snack, lunch, then again snack and then dinner.

For breakfast, you should have only black tea or coffee (less sugar). If you find it difficult to drink unsweetened drinks in the morning you can use sugar-free sweeteners to sweeten your drink, they are easily available in the market. Herbal or green tea will be the best option as these teas have various health benefits. In the snack after the breakfast, you can have a fruit say apple or orange, you can even have a Melba toast.

Then for lunch have more vegetables and proteins. Include low carb meat (white fish, crab meat, lobster etc) and fresh vegetables (fresh green leafy vegetables, cabbage, asparagus, onion etc) in the form of salad. In the snack after the lunch has a melba toast or a fruit again.

Then for dinner again proteins and vegetables.

If there is a long gap between your meals, you might feel a little uneasy as you are on a very low-calorie diet. The small servings of food (as mentioned above) at proper interval will help you to overcome the uneasiness.

The original HCG diet was specifically designed to reduce weight and give the overweight people the joy of being right-weight & healthy and rescuing them from various dangerous consequences of overweight. And if followed properly the original HCG diet does fulfill its purpose!