Omegaboost Biotin is dietary supplements that have 5000mcg of biotin in them. This supplement is aimed to prevent hair loss and help strengthen the hair and nails of the person. All hair problems and all kinds of nail health issues could be remedied with this Omegaboost Biotin supplements.

Omegaboost Biotin can work on the body metabolism and release energy to the core of the body, till the cellular level to rectify many issues that has lead to the hair loss and unhealthy nails. It can also help strengthen the bones to make it stronger.

What Is Omegaboost Biotin?

Omegaboost Biotin is a preparation that contains 5000 micrograms of biotin in each capsule. This is higher dose for this vitamin which is also known as vitamin B7, H etc. The major role of this vitamin is in the metabolism of the body. It is this vitamin that helps the body converts the food into useful energy sources. By catalyzing the important metabolic functions like the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, biotin provides endless options for the energy resources. Not only does it help in creating the energy but also ensures that the food that is consumed is well utilized

Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail


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Ingredients Of Omegaboost Biotin

The main ingredients are –

  • biotin 
  • calcium

The biotin is added in the form of d-biotin which is around 5 mgs (5000mcg) of the total weight. Calcium is added in the forms of dicalcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. Calcium is somewhat 222mg of the total weight.

Omegaboost Biotin for hair & nails

Biotin is essential for body metabolism, yes. What does that has to do with hair and nails? Poor body metabolism often leads to hair loss and brittle cracked nails. Both hair and nail requires protein and amino acids for their strength and thickness. By having proper metabolic rate, the consumed food is ensured to be converted to the basic amino acid components that are readily available for hair and nail repair processes.

Biotin feeds the hair and follicles to grow new cells and thus new hair strands as well. The protein from the diet is broken down by the help of biotin to make the amino acids. These amino acids are utilized for form the hair protein keratin. The fatty acid metabolism aided by biotin contributes to the cell formation and strengthen the hair follicles.

It can also help improve the texture of hair, its color and promote luxurious hair growth in both men and women. It can also help promote the micro hair in the eyebrows to grow thicker but there is no enough evidence to prove the claim.

Omegaboost Biotin for Nails

Biotin is known to make the nails thick by thickening the cuticle. It thickens the cuticle-outer layer of nail and prevents its breakage. No more nail breakage or splitting of the nails. As in the case of hair, nails also need the protein keratin. The raw material –the amino acids for making this protein comes from the diet.

Biotin aids in the breakdown of the dietary protein to convert it into amino acids which are building blocks for nails. Biotin makes these amino acids available at the base of the nails. The growing cuticle can take them to grow stronger. Studies have also known that biotin supplementation has provided moisture to the cuticle and prevented dehydration of the cuticle. Dry cuticle is one of the main reasons for brittle nail.

In other ways, it can make the nails look healthier by remedying the ingrown nails in the toes, broken finger nail tips, discolored and unhealthy looking nails. It can make the nail looks healthy and smoother to touch.

The Use Of Calcium In Omegaboost Biotin

Omegaboost Biotin contains two forms of calcium, calcium carbonate, and dicalcium phosphate. Calcium carbonate is the common form of calcium that can rectify the calcium deficiency. Calcium is needed by bones, mainly, followed by teeth, muscles, heart and nervous system. Omegaboost Biotin contains very less but adequate amount of calcium. The dicalcium phosphate is another form of calcium but it has fewer effects than the other form. Nonetheless, it provides calcium for the body.

Calcium carbonate can cure heartburn and other acidity problems in the digestive system. It also strengthens the bones and joints.

How Does Biotin Work?

Biotin is a vitamin that can function as a protein. Biotin acts as a catalyst or Coenzyme in certain metabolic processes. It has certain target enzymes on which it can trigger the activities. These enzymes are the real factors in the whole lost of biotin benefits. These enzymes are responsible for lipid synthesis, conversion of amino acids to glucose in the liver, liver glucogenesis etc. Basically, biotin catalyses the breakdown of food particles into smaller molecules and then help them get converted to other useful elements to be used by the body.

Not only does it help the food into smaller particles but these smaller particles like the glucose, amino acids, lipids and fatty acids are also made sure to be used up by the respective cells for energy and for other processes.

Omegaboost Biotin Dosage

A single bottle of Omegaboost Biotin contains 120 capsules. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule per day. It is important not to overdose the capsules. They contain relatively higher dose of biotin and a fair amount of calcium also. The capsules are very soft capsules that may not be easy to cut open to divide the contents. It is better to take the capsule along with any of the meals.

Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail  Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail

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Omegaboost Biotin Side Effects

  • There are no verified side effects of biotin. There are only minor side effects to mention.
  • The minor side effects are allergies such as skin rashes, itchy skin etc. Having the calcium is another case altogether.
  • Overdose of calcium could be a problem.
  • Excess calcium in the system can cause constipation, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting or excessive urination could happen.
  • Pregnant women should not take Omegaboost Biotin because of high amount of biotin. It can induce birth defects in the babies.
  • Lactating mothers also should not take these supplements for the benefit of their offspring.

Omegaboost Biotin Customer Reviews

Ana used these capsules for her and her daughter. They got positive results with longer and healthy looking hair than before. The difference was also seen in the hair texture, nails, and eyelashes as well as in the overall energy.

Alicia feels that the product is effective but pricey all the way. She got her hair and nails stronger and visibly longer also.

Navem is a customer who didn’t get much improvement with the hair but got positive results with the nail health. The nails have been growing crazy faster and look healthier. For a person with thin nails this was sure as added advantage.

Jami who always took longer to grow the hair now has fast growing hair with Omegaboost Biotin. The hair looks healthier and shinier also.

Magnus Omegaboost Biotin For Stronger Hair & Nail

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