Are you in search of a health and nutritional product? Then try this effective New Chapter formula. New Chapter Wholemega is a special dietary supplement with a mix of Vitamin D3 and Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is naturally found in the extra-virgin fish oil and Wild Salmon. It uses an extra virgin process for deriving free wholemega from 100% sustainably caught Wild Alaskan Salmon. Further, read on to know more on New Chapter Wholemega Review…

About the manufacturer – New Chapters

New Chapter Wholemega are manufactured by New Chapters. This New Chapter is an American company with a good reputation. They are experts at manufacturing effective nutritional and healthcare products.

Special features of New Chapter Wholemega include

  • Whole food diet – This formula offers a whole food substitute to high-heat and processed fish oils.
  • Efficient clinical results – New Chapter has been subjected to clinical results and has been effective for both heart and brain functions.
  • Extra-Virgin process – Processed in a proprietary process. Thus, the supplement preserves vitamin D3 and natural antioxidants (which are normally from fish during processing).
  • Fresh and pure formula – The supplement includes 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon from fisheries.

New Chapter Wholemega Whole fish Oil Supplement

New Chapter Wholemega is a special dietary supplement. They are essential for overall health including positive mood and a healthy brain function. This supplement includes 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon from fisheries.

Benefits of New Chapter Wholemega

  • Healthy heart support – It can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Since most of the studies have proven that one serving of Wholemega per day helps in retaining the healthy triglyceride levels.
  • Brain support – They are essential for overall health including positive mood and a healthy brain function.
  • Joint support – Maintains healthy cartilage for efficient structure, joint movement and cushioning.

New Chapter Wholemega ingredients

Ingredients Amount Per Serving
  • Fish oil (Salmonids)
1000 mg
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)
90 mg
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)
110 mg
  • Other Omega-3 fatty acids (Linolenic acid, Heneicosapentaenoic acid, Octadecatetraenoic acid, Docosapentaenoic acid, Eicosatrienoic acid)
60 mg
  • Total Omega-5; 7 and 8 fatty acids (Palmitoleic acid; Myristoleic acid; Margaroleic acid)
47.5 mg
  • Total Omega-6 fatty acids (Linoleic acid, Eicosadienoic acid; Arachidonic acid)
30 mg
  • Total Omega-9 fatty acids (Gadoleic acid; Oleic acid; Nervonic acid; Erucic acid)
150 mg
  • Other Omega Fatty acids
272.5 mg
  • Vitamin D3 (naturally occurring Wild Alaskan Salmon oil)
1.25 mcg
  • Astaxanthin (naturally occurring Wild Alaskan Salmon oil)
2.5 mcg

Other ingredients –

  • capsule (gelatin [Halal], glycerin, water),
  • oregano extract,
  • rosemary extract,
  • organic sunflower oil
  • tocopherols.

Note: Serving size is 1 capsule that is rounded to the nearest whole serving.

How does New Chapter Wholemega work?

The supplement is made from seventeen whole Omegas fatty acids. These Omegas plays a vital role in many human cells. It works to nourish the brain, heart, and the eye tissues. In short, Wholemega actually improves the body with the natural 17 omega fatty acids that are found in Wild Alaskan Salmon.

New Chapter Wholemega – Pros

  • This is a Non-GMO produced supplement.
  • It is clinically tested and shown to improve the overall function of the brain.
  • The supplement is developed from the Extra Virgin Wild Alaskan Salmon oil that is known to have many benefits in the body.
  • Enriched with a natural source of vitamin D3, antioxidants, and omegas.

New Chapter Wholemega – Cons

  • Cannot be directly purchased from the manufacturer’s website.
  • This is an expensive formula compared to similar products of the same content.
  • Very little information has been added to the manufacturer’s website.

Directions to use

The product can be taken as a dietary supplement. It is recommended to have 1 softgel, two times a day. For better results, you may take 1 softgel immediately prior to your two largest meals.


  • The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • It is not meant for children under the age of 18 years.
  • Don’t use under other medical prescription drugs. Seek medical help in such cases.
  • In a case of any adverse side effects, stop having this product.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and do not refrigerate.

New Chapter Wholemega Review

Wholemega is a good natural supplement, manufactured by a well-known company. It works at improving the memory loss, boosting overall mental functioning and concentration power. Overall, the product has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. It has been used by most of the customers and they are happy with it. Mentioned below are some customer reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at them. This will help you in making a right choice towards this product…

New Chapter Wholemega – Positive reviews

“I have been using this product for the past two months and have noticed a major improvement in my memory. “

“This is a wonderful mix of best vitamins. I take it at night along with the multivitamin women’s and I feel great after taking them in the mornings.”

“It’s good! Thus, I would like to rate it with 5 stars.”

“I have been purchasing this from the past few years. According to me, this is one of the best oil without any toxic contents.”

“There is no fishy aftertaste. It works great as advertised.”

“Love this fish oil as there are so many benefits like it is good for inflammation, skin, hair, weight loss and nail. Equally, makes the bone strong. I have already finished 4 bottles and going to order more.”

New Chapter Wholemega – Negative reviews

“Unsatisfied, my first time trying left me with burping fish oil for hours.”

“Only 2 stars. Since it is not worth the paid money.”

“I got terrible fish burps from this supplement.”

Where to buy – New Chapter Wholemega?

The product is available for sale both at and at Amazon. You may buy them at a cheaper rate as there are many discount and coupon offers for this product.

New Chapter Wholemega – Discount, Coupon And Promo Offers

Yes Wellness offers up to 50% off on the clearance products, free shipping on orders over $59, free shipping on Canadian orders over $49. Alternatively, you may also log in with your email address for getting all the latest deals and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any soy content in this product?

No, there is no soy mentioned in the active ingredients of this product.

Is there any mercury present in the fish oil?

No, there is no mercury in this fish oil.

Can Wholemega lower cholesterol?

Yes, the New Chapter Wholemega is capable of lowering the cholesterol level. Equally, you may also look at the user reviews mentioned at various websites.


Hope this New Chapter Wholemega Review gave you a better insight on this product. So, purchase them at the earliest and bring a difference in your life…