Neuroon Mask Reviews – An intelligent sleep mask

An intelligent sleep mask that analyzes your behavior and improves your sleep, Neuroon Intelclinic is one of the digital trends that has been doing rounds in the techie market.

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The neuroon sleep mask helps you to fall asleep easily while waking you up gently. This article is completely devoted to Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask – Dream Mask, features, side effects if any and reviews along with FAQs.

Get To Know Neuroon Sleep Mask

We all need a better night’s sleep after a day of slogging at office, going round and round of household chores, travelling for field work and so on. Struggling for a peaceful sleep is the last thing on mind. You might want to spend the night tossing and turning either.

Neuroon sleep mask is the best product that assists in peaceful sleep. Here is how. The product uses light therapy to help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed and energetic. Instead of a regular sleep mask, neuroon is a wireless device that connects with your smart phone app. It analyzes the brain waves, your sleep patterns and uses a bright light therapy that can improve your sleep quality.

Neuroon Sleep Mask

Neuroon sleep mask is the best product that assists in peaceful sleep. Here is how. The product uses light therapy to help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed and energetic. Instead of a regular sleep mask, neuroon is a wireless device that connects with your smart phone app.

Studies show that using light therapy can actually benefit people who are having trouble falling asleep or those feel trouble waking during normal hours. There are many sleep clinics who have been implementing light therapy since 2014.

Features Of Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask

So what exactly does the neuroon intelclinic intelligent sleep mask do?

  • Having problems sleeping at night
  • Do you have different shifts
  • Does frequent flying leave you with jet lag?
  • Want to work hard but just feel tired and drowsy without proper sleep all the time?

Then, neuroon intelclinic intelligent sleep mask can help you in having a quality sleep. Replacing a normal sleep mask comes the neuroon system that is made out of soft hypoallergenic silicone material. The sensor pack comes with USB port that can be easily detached from the mask so as to plug it for charging. You will also find small powered LED lights and other electronic necessities along with mobile app right in the neuroon intelclinic intelligent sleep mask package.

When in sync, it will track the record of your sleep analysis such as duration you took to fall asleep, sleep time and the sleep patterns. This information is added up with your own personal experience when you sleep. Several light therapies are then used based on your sleep needs.

Prominent features include

  • Jet lag blocker – enter the destination and it will take care of what needs to be done. Uses the time zone and helps you to adjust the sleep patterns accordingly. For best results, start using it a week before.
  • Light boost – Feeling tired during office hours? No need to grab that caffiene. Put on the light mask mode that will improve alertness, gets rid of any drowsy effect working as efficient as caffeine. In fact, light boost is known to eliminate symptoms of depression and mood disorders as well.
  • Biorhythm adjuster – have an irregular schedule of sleeping? Fix the circadian rhythm with biorhythm adjuster and wake all rejuvenated for the day.
  • Personal Pause – set your own sleep/wake cycle based on your historical data.

Now few of the sleep modes can actually help you to fall asleep at normal times. Few modes even ask users to put on the neuroon mask to keep them awake during day times. While wearing them on for sleeping is one thing, but strapping them on for a better night sleep can be a bit too much.

The Neuroon sleep mask also comes with a slight vibrator that hums along during the wake up cycle. There are four biometric sensors in the Neuroon that can measure your pulse, motion, temperature and other bio rhythms. Accompanied by four led lights they give signals to the smart phone allowing seven days of data to be stored in the cloud data.

The neuroon sleep mask comes with adjustable band, memory foam on the inside and a skin-safe silicone fabric as a layer. The memory foam contours with the face thus giving perfect comfort for you.

The led lights are absolutely safe and have been approved and certified by many international bodies such as IECEE, CE European Economic Area etc.

The smart phone app functions with Bluetooth. Once you turn on the Bluetooth, the information is synced automatically.

Lucid Dreaming In Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask – Dream Mask

If you are already using Neuroon sleep mask, then you can buy the app at a low price from the website. If are a new user, wait till you get the package.

Lucid dreaming is a series of guided meditation sessions. They are divided into powerful techniques that will not only guide you to remember and track the lucid dreams whilst keeping you aware of the fact that you are dreaming. There are pre-programmed techniques in the app or else you can choose the one that you deem fit for you.

It consists of two parts – behavioral techniques and external stimuli. While the behavioral techniques prepares you to fall into lucid dreaming, external stimuli straight away work on the mask. When the user enters REM sleep it triggers light, slight vibration etc. that stimulates your mind to undergo lucid dreaming.

Use both the techniques to enter a lucid dream using Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask or Dream Mask.

Neuroon Sleep Mask – Dream Mask

Benefits Of Neuroon Sleep Mask

Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask are for everyone who are dealing with restless sleep. You might be suffering from insomnia, having different shifts at work, travelling at odd times etc. that is throwing the circadian rhythm haywire.

In fact, light therapies can even get rid of your irritative behavior, low feel, anger etc. by simply fixing the biorhythm in the body.

Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask offers your various benefits such as

  • better sleep patterns
  • improved sleep quality
  • no more alarm clocks
  • efficient battery life
  • lasts 2-3 days before calling for a recharge
  • USB chargable cable that can be plugged in on your laptop as well
  • 2 year warranty

Does Neuroon Sleep Mask Have Any Side Effects?

Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask states clearly in their website that you need to use the device as instructed in the app. Any change in the personalization ignoring the recommendation can cause fluctuation in the circadian rhythm.

Also studies conducted regarding impact of light therapy on sleep have excluded patients with glaucoma, cataract etc. If you are taking any medication, it is best to consult your medical practitioner before trying on Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask.

Other thing to note is if you are time the evening light function late, then it can lead to insomnia or hyperactivity. Same goes for those who time the morning feature too early. The patient can wake up at odd morning times thus making it difficult to resume sleep again.

Neuroon Sleep Mask Review

The idea of neuroon sleep mask is good. They actually work wonders on sleep patterns, claims many users. Neuroon sleep mask review claims especially midnight owls have certainly benefited a lot from the neuroon sleep mask. They feel that the product actually works without any issues. One can actually detect the quality of sleep, how many “awakes” you had, the pulse rate and so on. It is compatible with both iOS 7 and Android 4.3 above smartphones. However, with slight “fixing” here and there, neuroon sleep mask can really its competitors a good beat.

For instance, some neuroon sleep mask amazon users claim that they are unable to update their firmware. The sensors are just too much and can do the calculations themselves. However it is hard to detect if the sensors are giving a correct reading at any given point of time. Another flaw neuroon reddit users say is that you cannot control the brightness of the led light that shines up right at your face when you are trying to sleep. The sync freezes at times calling for mask resets, restarting the mobile etc. to get it synced.

Neuroon Sleep Mask Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

When you buy neuroon sleep mask check out few discount codes and promo codes available that will fetch you a good discount on neuroon sleep mask price. Check out the votes and the expiry date before punching in the Neuroon discount code.

Neuroon Sleep Mask Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent Sleep Mask comes with a small shipping charge that you have to bear. The company ships their product internationally as well. So no matter where you are you can still order the device for yourself.

Neuroon sleep mask comes with 14 days return from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with the results send it back and you will be refunded aptly.

The company gives a 2 year warranty on neuroon sleep mask for repair or replacement if needed.

Neuroon Sleep Mask – FAQs

Is neuroon the first polyphasic sleep mask?

Yes, Neuroon is the world’s first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep. Polyphasic sleep simply means it enables you to sleep multiple times in a day – normally more than two. Believe it or not, neuroon actually promotes the body to improve the quality of sleep once you plugin. Get prepared for a undisturbed night sleep or take short naps if you feel you need a tiny doze to ward off lethargy.

How are the Neuroon reviews in Neuroon kickstarter?

There are comments in neuroon kickstarter where users have spoken about the product. Frankly the Neuroon reviews are mixed. While few say that the product is bogus, others opine the product is top notch and just couldn’t be better. You can even ask any queries related to neuroon sleep mask.

How should I login to Neuroon Intelclinic intelligent sleep mask website?

Once you have registered with neuroon, you can log in using your username and password here –

Are there any neuroon blog that I can check out?

Yes, check out this link of neuroon sleep mask for knowing more about the device –


Neuroon Intelclinic Intelligent sleep mask is a helpful device to aid peaceful sleep. For those having trouble falling asleep, this is the best you can do for yourself. Money does not grow on trees and for those on a budget this can be difficult. However you have the money back guarantee so you can have a peace of mind that your money is not going anywhere.