Read on to know all about arthritis, symptoms, remedies and many more.

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Symptoms of arthritis

The generally seen symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness. Typically these pains occur mostly in the morning along with swelling of joints. When you sit for a long time and get up, you might experience a kind of jolting pain in your knee joints or at times redness of the skin around the joints. These are the symptoms associated with common arthritis but in the case of rheumatoid arthritis you may experience tiredness as well as loss of appetite. You also experience inflammation caused by your own immune system or an anemic condition where there will be a gradual decrease in the red blood cells count. It’s also common to have slight fevers so whenever you tend to have such symptoms make sure that you consult with a doctor else there is a chance of joint deformities in severe rheumatoid cases.

Causes of arthritis

If you have a family history of arthritis then there is a chance of inheriting the genes and there is a possibility of getting this ailment. Age is another factor which can cause arthritis. Cartilage which acts as a cushion for the bones may wear down over time which may lead to arthritis. Bones also become weak as age progresses so this factor is also a major reason. Another main reason which has been pointed by many experts is the overuse of a joint, that means when you do a repetitive action or put strain on your joints then there is a chance of developing arthritis. Most of the athletes tend to have this problem at their later stages as they constantly use their joints. Certain infections caused by bacteria, virus also triggers this ailment. Apart from all these reasons, there is one reason most of the scientists are not able to understand that is inflammation caused by our immune system which causes severe arthritis.

Natural ways to prevent and ease arthritis pain

Controlling weight

When you are overweight it is very obvious that you will be putting pressure on your joints and this will increase the chances of getting arthritis or increase in the existing pain. So always make sure to keep your weight in check by cutting down your calories. Losing weight will help to ease of all the symptoms associated with arthritis as well as prevent its arrival.


This is one common medicine for almost all the body and mind related ailments so having certain exercise routines as part of your daily life is very essential to cope up with problems. Arthritis can be prevented by moving your joints regularly in wide range of motions so that there is a less chance of them becoming stiff. For those who have arthritis, you can also do some regular exercise’s which does not demand you to do any high impact activities like jumping or any repetitive ones. Always perform exercises which allow you to move every body parts in a delicate way without much strain. Stretching is a very simple way by which you can flex your muscles, tissues and joints without any strain. Attending yoga classes or indulging in brisk activities like gardening or swimming will contribute a lot to your health and helps to reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis.

Drink plenty of water

Water is used for lubrication and shock absorption by the joints and other body parts. So if you keep yourself away from drinking water in required levels then you might be at a high risk of acquiring arthritis. Experts recommend women to drink at least 3 L of water a day and for men it is 4 L.

Reduce diuretics

Diuretics are any substance which causes the production of urine or expel body fluids. Avoid beverages like tea, coffee, sodas, soft drinks and alcohol as they act as diuretics and expel water from your body. These beverages contain harmful ingredients which prevents water absorption into the joints and cartilage tissues.

Avoid repetitive jobs

Repetitive jobs will put more stress on the joints like kneeling down for a long time or even using your hands constantly or typing in keyboards, everything can trigger arthritis pain. When do you repetitive jobs your joints do not have the time to recover so they tend to cause pain so always take rest and do not strain too much.


Applying regular massages to your muscles and joints either at your home or by licensed therapist will do wonders for those who are suffering from arthritis. It will help to reduce the symptoms and ease the pain from your joints. Massages help to improve the overall function and strength of your joints.


Most of the chronic pain conditions such as arthritis can be treated using acupuncture. It helps to relieve pain and disability caused by arthritis. This treatment involves the use of tiny needles which will be placed across your body and it’s taken only under the care of a practitioner. This method actually treats the acupuncture points located overall in the body rather than treating the affected area alone.

Food that help to manage arthritis

Here is a list of foods which you can try including in your diet plant to get rid of arthritis and to manage it.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a wonder herb which contains anti-inflammatory compounds called as ginerols which is known to help manage the pain associated with arthritis. Ginger also helps to reduce swelling and infections to large extent, so including this as a part of your diet will keep your ailments at check.

  • Green tea

Green tea is actually very beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis as it contains certain compounds which help to bring chemical changes to the DNA which can actually suppress inflammation. Green tea also helps to prevent cartilage damage by inhibiting free radicals and unwanted enzymes.

  • Fishes

Fishes contain the very essential omega 3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation related to arthritis. Certain new compounds like resolvins and protectins have been discovered in these fatty acids and they are known to provide relief from arthritis related pain. Elderly people should include omega 3 fatty acid rich fishes into their diet to ease of arthritis as well as to produce new cartilage for their joints. Best fishes which you can include are wild salmon, shrimps and sardines.

  • Cherries

These are sweet treats loaded with flavonoids that are natural remedies to relieve pain. They contain anthocyanin a group of antioxidants which helps to fight against inflammation. Among all the fruits, cherries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are known to fight against arthritis in an enhanced way. So don’t forget to include this sweet treat in your diet.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with certain beneficial organisms which helps to strengthen our immune system and also helps to reduce inflammation. These friendly bacteria’s helps to absorb essential nutrients such as calcium into the body very easily which is the main prerequisite for healthy bones. Yogurt can be a perfect snack especially Greek yogurt which is low in calories.

  • Plantains

If you want to increase your bone density then plantains should be at the top list of your food items. They are loaded with magnesium and potassium which helps to cope up with symptoms or arthritis.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is the main ingredient in most of the dishes made in the Asian continent as well as natural remedy for various ailments. Turmeric contains many compounds which have proved to suppress inflammation in the body and help to ease of arthritis. So try making few recipes where you can include turmeric for a healthy body.

  • Citrus fruits

Certain vitamins like C vitamin are very essential for cartilage development and deficiency of this can lead to severe arthritis problems. Citrus fruits are there to help as they are all loaded with vitamin C in large amounts. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits will do your work if you include them in your diet.

Natural home remedies for arthritis

  • Clean and unpeel few potatoes into thin slices then soak them overnight. Early in the morning strain the water and drink it in an empty stomach. This will help to ease of the symptoms related to arthritis.
  • Take a cup of mustard oil and to it add 10 grams of camphor. Heat the mixture until the camphor dissolves completely. Allow the oil to become lukewarm and then start massaging the joints. This will help to increase the blood flow as well as reduce the stiffness.
  • Soak 1 tsp of black sesame seeds in 100 ml of water overnight and consume this mixture early in the morning.
  • Mix 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder and consume this in an empty stomach every morning to get rid of arthritis.


Arthritis is a very common ailment that almost one in three adult Americans suffers from this disease. Once you get hold of arthritis then you can’t prevent it, but you can manage it without causing more damage. But for those are fit and trim make sure you incorporate certain changes to your lifestyles so that you can get rid of this ailment. Those who are suffering from arthritis always remember that you are not alone and try to incorporate the above mentioned ideas to your life. Any disease is just a state of mind until unless you allow it to take over your body. So keep your worries at bay and try to include natural methods to cope up with this ailment.