Menopause is a phase in life no woman can escape from. Menopause is marking the end of a woman’s reproductive period. The production of female hormone estrogen gradually stops, ovulation, and menstruation cease to happen. The change is permanent and no medicines can prolong or stop this process from happening.

Menopause happens at around the age of 40-50 yrs. It occurs gradually over a few years with a pre, actual and post phases. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, night sweating, irregular or no periods, etc. Night sweating happens in the post menopausal phase where there is absolutely no estrogen production.

Menopausal Symptoms

Of all the menopausal symptoms night sweating can be the most annoying. Night sweats is severe and sudden sensation of heat that spreads all over the body, causing intense sweating, regardless of the climate outside. It worsens when it is summer. This problem ranges from mild to intense, but in any case a sleep disturbing experience. This is caused due to the hormonal imbalance and when it is combined with warm sleep environment the annoyance is worse. It is important to get some relief from this problem. Otherwise, with other menopausal symptoms bothering the women, their patience and control over their emotions can simply fly out of the windows.

There are treatments that can give relief from the menopausal symptoms but since there are risks of having side effects for the drugs, it is advisable to go for alternative or natural remedies. These are effective and are safer to continue for a longer period of time. There are many remedies that can be right there in the kitchen that are helpful in reducing the night sweats. Let us find out what are the natural remedies.

Natural Remedies For Menopause


Since the body stops producing estrogen during menopause, the best way to replace it with naturally available estrogen and that available from plants are called phytoestrogens. They are chemically similar to human estrogen and can play the role same as that. These hormones are found in soy, tofu, flaxseeds, chick peas, and lentils. Including these food items in the daily diet can help in reducing the hot flashes.

Avoid Spicy foods

Spicy and heat producing food and drinks should be avoided at nights. Caffeinated beverages and red wine are heat producing and increase the frequency and severity of night sweats. Either avoid them or limit their consumption. Regularly sipping some cool drinks can reduce the body temperature.

Open windows

Open up the windows and let cool and fresh air into the room and opt for a lighter blanket or duvet. Wearing cotton clothes can also help.


Doing workouts can help lose some weight and it is also essential since the lack of female hormones can increase the weight and more weight can cause more sweat. It is also found that rigorous workouts and physical activities can reduce the night sweats.

Cold baths

Taking cold baths at night especially in summer can give relief from night sweats since it cools of the body temperature.

The menopausal symptom will gradually disappear and these remedies are to reduce their severity and are not a permanent solution to erase them.

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