Myth about Vaccinations

Top Pharmaceutical companies need a reason to sell their products.

When there are no diseases, they create one. its a common phenomenon seen in high budget hollywood movies where a big pharma company creates a condition to sell their “Not so good” invention and make millions out of it. But then, today, they dont have to create a disease to cure it. The new trend is to prevent the disease which MAY happen in the future. The new wonder drug in the name of vaccines can help you be immune to the most deadly of the diseases from Hepatitis to Cholera, Yellow Fever, Measles and The range of Pox diseases.

Whats the fact? Well to the best of people’s knowledge , all these drugs seem to work. most , if not all the vaccines administered today seem to have a good effect on our system. Unfortunately, there is one or may be two things which are overlooked. A medicine which enter’s your body has a life time. There is an expiry date on what is in the bottle and there surely has to be an expiry date after it enters your blood stream. If there is no expiry date to the chemical after it enters your blood stream, then chances are that the chemical has altered something in your body. Do you realize what that means?

Nature is sometimes the best of the engineers and doctors, surely far more competent than our Yale and Cambridge educated humans. Nature knows how to heal and how to put in a condition when required. Take for example, diabetes. Diabetes is a condition which was seen in older people who did not maintain a diet, consumed more sugar over their younger life. If there was ever a vaccine for diabetes, it would be to eliminate sugar from your body naturally or increase the insulin in your body depending on the consumption of sugar. Fortunately, there isnt a vaccination for Diabetes because our well educated scientists couldnt find a way to eliminate sugar and maintain the energy levels in a person or automatically increase the insulin level in a person without external administration. But coming back to the problem, Nature determines how much sugar you take in through your life time and due to constant insulin creation, there is a point where insulin cannot be produced any further. You have diabetes when there is no proper insulin creation to convert that sugar to energy. The solution? As doctors would tell you today, it would be to inject insulin into your blood stream, once or twice a day depending on how serious your condition is.

Diabetes can be reversed. Diabetes “May” have a vaccine in the future. But in case it does have a vaccine, it wouldnt be as effective as reversing the condition itself.

one of the latest discoveries in the field of vaccination was reported in peninsula daily news at a man who was vaccinated decades ago for Clallam measles was later the victim of the very same disease. The question which arises now is if Vaccines are indeed what they claim to be, the super drug to prevent a condition, or is it a myth to make a fool of people and a conspiracy to fill in the pockets of the big drug manufacturers worldwide.

Today there seems to be a new vaccine for every disease and news will tell you about the new laws that govern the vaccine industry. Today your benefits will be determined by the vaccines you administer to your kids. There are compulsions on certain vaccines to be administered to kids where the disease is no more a threat since decades. Even worse? these diseases have cures today. Why would the government want to force people to administer vaccines to our kids if there is a cure already. Why should the government force us to vaccinate our kids in the first place.

Sometimes we are baffled by the the resolutions passed on behalf of our democratic country, most of which are against our on wish and will, just to benefit the few industrialists and mega pharma companies who pick on our pockets.

On the Contrary

Now let me put myself in the shoes of a person who thinks that vaccine is important. its essential that we be unbiased when picking a topic and thats what i am going to do. History has shown that there are indeed a great deal of effects on vaccination. People who have travelled to the 3rd world (no offence) have acquired measles when there were no vaccines. Those are bygone days and today, you need a yellow fever, cholera and a range of other shots including measles and pox to enter a country. Thats all good. what if these vaccines were not invented? We would see far more deaths. there would be a lot more people contracting diseases from countries and people spreading them like crazy. Vaccines are good to these few. What more? it helps control diseases. Think about a week’s vacation to Malibu or some African country or india for that matter and when your back, Voila you have measles. and you know measles spreads fast. The next thing you know, your neighbor has it. Your parents, co workers and your entire community has it. Diseases will spread and the vaccines are indeed one of the few things which are keeping us safe.

its a situation where we have to know the balance. But surely the government will should have a say on some cases, Not ALL. Thats my opinion. Whats yours

Your comments may add insight on the situation. What do you think should the government do. What do you think the common man should do.