According to natural medicines and traditional therapies it is said that “there is nothing called as a disease but it is just that the immune system is not working in proper condition. When the immune system is weak the body is prone to more health risks and diseases. This is a fact and what we know is eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to boost immune system. This article is all about Mycophyto Complex, features, ingredients and many more.

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But somewhere down the lane we don’t get enough time to eat healthy and do the right sort of physical exercises to keep the body healthy. Arguably human beings are the only dumb creatures who have super brains by the almighty god. They know what is right and what is wrong but still stick to the flow of life forgetting that health is important than any other thing in this world.

But fortunately there are lots of immune boosting supplements that deliver the needs of every individual which keeps us going. In this article we will discuss about an immune boosting supplement known as MYCOPHTO COMPLEX. Scroll through the sections below to know everything about this supplement.

Econugenics Mycophyto Complex – Immunity Booster

Mycophyto complex is a complete natural super immunity compound. The main duty of this supplement is to protect the body by supporting healthy immune functions. It is a vegan product and contains organic ingredients like mushrooms and phytochemicals.

About Mycophyto Complex

Mycophyto complex is a complete natural super immunity compound which contains specially formulated ingredients. The main duty of this supplement is to protect the body by supporting healthy immune functions. It is a vegan product and contains organic ingredients like mushrooms and phytochemicals. This supplement provides acute and long-term support to the immune system and promotes vitality.

Mushrooms are the main ingredients used in this immune boosting supplement. As you all know that consuming organic mushrooms are great for health as they posses’ medicinal qualities. Mushrooms is a common ingredient of Asian medicines since ancient times due to their medicinal benefits. There isn’t any traditional herbalist on this planet, who don’t use mushroom or doesn’t known about its importance in regard with our immune system.

Mycophyto came into reality by extensive research and development by a team of health experts led by Isaac Eliaz, MD, ecoNugenics. They studied different uses of mushrooms and how their properties benefi the body. This product has been launched into the markets after clinical trials and studies. And you know what? This product came out clean with astonishing results and it gave a positive impact on the overall health of the body. The right blend can create a revolutionary approach to boost immunity power the mushroom way.

How Does Mycophyto Complex Work? The Mushroom Way To Attain Perfect Health!!

Mycophyto is a powerful mix of six different medicinal mushrooms which are grown indoors. It includes a blend of immune supporting herbs and organic brown rice. All the six mushroom varieties are grown on top of this nutrient medium. Now what happens is while the mushroom grows it extract the benefits of herbs and all the nutrients available to them. Later the root-like structures of the mushroom known as mycelium is harvested. Thispart undergoes further processing by drying and powdering. For making it effective they fortify it with beta glucans( glucose polymer) which are immune modulating compounds. Beta glucans can be found in fungi, oats and barley.

Ingredients Used To Make Mycophyto Complex

  • (Coriolus) Coriolus versicolor (aka Trametes versicolor): This mushroom is known to have certain substances like polysaachride-k and polysaachride peptide which play a significant role in boosting and supporting the immune system.
  • (Reishi) Ganoderma lucidum: Reishi mushroom is pretty common in most of the dietary supplements. This mushroom contains nutrients that support cardiovascular health, cell health and prevents respiratory issues like asthma and more.
  • (Agaricus) Agaricus blazei: This mushroom helps to support immune functions, cardiovascular health and metabolic balance of the body.
  • (Cordyceps) Cordyceps Sinensis isolate: This is a unique type of fungi that is mentioned in ancient Chinese medicine and is known to support the immune system, respiratory health, vital energy and a great digestive system.
  • (Umbellatus) Polyporus umbellatus: Umbellatus mushroom is rich in bioactive compounds that promote cellular health and boosts our immune system.
  • (Maitake) Grifola frondosa: Maitake has the ability to treat diabetes and hence is an integral part of various diabetic supplements. This mushroom helps to maintain metabolic balance and healthy cardiovascular system along with boosting immunity power.
  • Beta glucans which are glucose polymers found in the cells walls of cereals like oats and barley.

Other active ingredients include –

  • Vegetable capsule (natural vegetable cellulose, water),
  • Magnesium stearate,
  • Stearic acid,
  • Silicon dioxide,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose.

This supplement is a 100% vegan product which does not contain any gluten, diary, chemicals, artificial flavors or colors. The company manufactures the product according to GMP guidelines by Food and Drug Administration. The entire mushrooms are organically cultivated without adding any chemical growth enhancing compounds.

How To Use Mycophyto Complex

Mycophyto is available in two forms that is: capsules and powdered form.

  • If you are consuming capsules then take 1 – 6 capsules, one to three times on a daily basis. Make sure you take it 30 minutes prior to your food or 2 hours later.
  • If you opt for Mycophyto powder then mix 1 heaping scooping in hot water and take 1 to 3 times on a daily basis.To get desired results, use high amounts in a shorter time and then reduce the quantity in the maintenance phase.

Precautions While Using Mycophyto

This product is not suitable for children as it contains high potent botanical medicinal mushrooms. Also this product is not for pregnant and nursing mothers as it may affect the young one. When nursing or lactating it is better to consume any supplements only with the advice of a health care provider for safety reasons. Store this product in a cool dark place and protect from heat. Keep this product away from children and pets.

Side Effects Of Mycophyto Complex

Mycophyto complex does not have any side effects. It is safe as it contains only the vegetative part of the mushroom called as mycelia and not the spores. It is safe for people with allergies. For those suffering from various medical conditions have a word with your health expert before using any health supplement.

Mycophyto complex Customer Reviews

This review is all about what I got to read on the internet and feedbacks from customers. Overall what I got to see is everybody just loving this product as it keeps the promise of boosting immune system. You can check the Amazon reviews where people comment positively about this product. A customer, Diane says that it had helped her family to stay away from cold and flu throughout the year.

Another customer says that his immunity levels are up while suffering from prostate cancer. There are numerous reviews which surely points out that Mycophyto complex is indeed a wonderful supplement meant to promote immune health. There were a few customers who are not happy with the return policy of this product as they don’t offer a full refund. But overall I saw five start ratings for this product in most of the online sites and huge applauses from customers.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Mycophyto capsule or powder?

Both the forms contain effective amount of ingredients. Therefore it doesn’t matter what you chose to have as both will offer you the same benefits. But the only difference is that powder based form will be absorbed quickly into the system when compared to capsules.

I feel that my immune system is weak as I get cold and flu very often. Can Mycophyto help me with the same?

Mycophyto complex is designed to balance immune system functions. It is beneficial for people who have a weakened immune system therefore you can surely use this product.

From where do they extract beta glucan?

It is derived from yeast and mushrooms.

I have allergy issues. Can I use this supplement?

Yes, it is safe for all. Even if you are allergic to mushroom this product is totally safe. It contains non-allergenic medicinal mushrooms. Also if you are suffering from Candida a condition caused by yeast; it is totally safe in this case also. As a matter of fact this supplement will help to get rid of Candida problems and will not aggravate any existing conditions.

Who manufactures Mycophyto complex?

This supplement is manufactured by EcoNugenics a pioneer brand in the category of natural health supplements. You must have heard about tens natural supplement and it is from this brand. They are based at California and all their products are manufactured inside the US.

What Size Bottles are Available?

Mycophyto complex Powder: 120 grams per jar

Mycophyto complex Capsules are available in two counts; 60 or 180 vegetable capsules per bottle.

Where can I buy Mycophyto complex?

Mycophyto complex is not available at retail stores or drug stores. It is available online at their official site and

What if am not satisfied with the product?

You can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase after contacting the customer care department. They do not offer a full refund and are subject to many clauses. Once your product is qualified for a refund then you will get your money back excluding 15% restocking fee.

Conclusion: Mycophyto claims that it helps to boost the immune system and promotes a healthy life. It helps to achieve a metabolic balance and supports both over and under active immune systems. This dietary supplement is best in terms of results and effectiveness. It stays true to its promises and it is worth buying.