Mood Effex by CLE Holistic Health – Ease Your Mind & Mood

Calm your unpredictable tantrums, mood swings with Mood Effex naturally. It can elevate the mood and bring other changes in the body as well.

Mood Effex is a non-prescription supplement to help elevate the depressed mood and to make positive changes in the mind. The human mind is a complex system, no doubt! It can change its state of positive of negative moods in spilt of a second. Depression is something that accumulates over the period of time. The main culprit for it could be brought down to stress.

Mood Effex could work on stress and other changes in the mind to elevate the mind and mood of the person. It is a completely natural formulation that causes no other side effects as the common anti-depressants.

About Mood Effex – Elevate Depressed Mood

Mood Effex is a natural supplement made by CLE Holistic Health. This is a natural formulation that contains mainly the herbal extracts that are known to work as anti-depressants. The herbs selected are all based on Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The herbs help in calming the nerves and promoting mental health in general. It could work with stress factors and also work on to improve the general energy.

Mood Effex can work on everyone who suffers from extreme stress and anxiety. This supplement helps in easing the mind and makes the person be more productive at work. The effects of the individual ingredients have been clinically studied and established to help with better mood.

Benefits of Mood Effex

Mood Effex ingredients

  • St.John’s Wort extract is a well known natural anti-depressant remedy. It counters depression by making the brain nerve cells to be more responsive to the happy chemicals dopamine and serotonin. It would also prevent the nerves from reabsorbing these chemicals and maintain its level in the brain. This will automatically elevate the mood and make you feel happier.
  • Morinda officinalis extract has got 5 different compounds that have anti-depressant activity. It could also reduce the stress in the body. This extract is also found to improve the sperm count in men. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for many years in ancient medicine as it can improve the libido.
  • Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz flower: Albizzia is known as the happy tree that can cure mild cases of depression and anxiety. It is believed to bring happiness back in the mind. The flower extract has been used in Mood Effex because of its calming effects. It can help with insomnia and can cure anxiety, depression, and melancholy.
  • Tribulus terrestris is a mild natural anti-depressant. It has no powerful effects but enough to balance the mood and ease the mind. It can boost the testosterone levels and thereby improve the mood disorders, anxiety etc. & would also help with libido.
  • Nardostachys Chinensis is another herb that has calming effects on the nerves. This will cure mild anxiety and help balance the mood.
  • Angelica sinsensis root extract has found to be a natural anti-depressant that has the major activity that is similar to that f the chemical anti-depressants. It works on stress-related depression and can elevate the energy production in the body. It can balance the hormone levels, eliminate toxins from the body, improve blood circulation and is also an aphrodisiac.
  • Cyperus rotundus root extract is popular in Chinese medicine in resolving depression. it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature that can also increase the energy in the body.

Mood Effex dosage

Mood Effex supplements come in capsule form. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. The capsules may be taken together or split in the morning and at noon. The capsules can be taken with the meals or between the meals. It is not necessarily taken on an empty stomach.

The supplement must be taken for at least 4-6b weeks to know the real changes. The ingredients are mostly mild and could take its time to show improvements.

Mood Effex side effects

One of the major reasons why Mood Effex is preferred over the anti-depressants is that this supplement does not cause any side effects. The capsules contain only small amount of these herbal extracts that are not enough to cause any adverse effects. No drug interactions or contraindications are known either.

Mood Effex reviews

The Mood Effex reviews show that the product has indeed helped many in countering the bad moods and depression. many are surprised that it did work and that they had no side effects at all. The improvement in the sexual libido has made many users happy with.

  • Desiree- “I didn’t want to take any chemical medication when I was diagnosed with depression. I tried Mood Effex and felt better within 4 weeks. There were no side effects for the 6 weeks that I used. I now have better focus and feel much better.”
  • David- “I have had a bad experience with the chemical anti-depressants that left me with cold sweats and crazy dreams. Mood Effex had one of these problems and in fact solved my depression problem. I even got my sexual energy as an added bonus that made me feel like a teenager.”
  • Gordon-“I have suffered depression for 10 long years, I was recommended by a friend to Modo EFex. It made be stable and happier. I can now handle my daily tasks with ease and am able to sleep through the nights with a calmer mind and thoughts.”
  • Michael-“I have depression for 2 years. I came across Mood Effex online and tried it for a year. Now I am almost normal to about 80%. I am not complaining as I am feeling balanced and is hoping to feel better.”

Mood Effex Pros and Cons


  • Mood Effex has stuck to all the claims that it makes. It cures depression, anxiety and can curb stress to bring a calmer mind.
  • It improved the overall energy in the body
  • Happier mind and better libido
  • No side effects and easy dosage


  • It works relatively slower. You can’t use it for instant mood elevation.
  • Price is higher for a month’s supply.

Where to buy Mood Effex?

Mood Effex is a non-prescription supplement that is available only online. You won’t find it in the retailer shops anywhere. Get the product from the manufacturer directly or from the popular online stores like Amazon.

You can find various deals and discounts while getting it online. There are buy 2 get 1 offers, subscription options that can save you a lot of money. Though the monthly supply bottle is slightly expensive, you can have them at a discounted price when opting for the auto-ship subscription.

The product comes safe with a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days for the unsatisfied users.


IT is always better to go natural rather than relying on the chemical drugs. Anti-depressants are notorious for causing side effects. Mood Effex is a safer option that is not only natural but also does not cause any side effects. With the money-back guarantee, it is s a safe try.