Being bald is not the coolest thing. If you are trying to regain the last hair on the scalp, you know about Minoxidil or Finasteride. These are the popular hair re-growth products reigning in the market. Apart from these, there is also a newer member that can give a tough fight for these products. It came out as a surprise or a miracle- Bimatoprost or Lumigan.

Bimatoprost is an eye drops given for glaucoma patients. One of the most surprising side effects of these drops is hair growth. The growth in eyelashes was the first noted. The prospect of using the same solution for hair growth spurted immediately. There are users who had success with the solution, prompting the researchers to do their job. They all come up with the Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution for hair growth.

Studies On Bimatoprost Open A New Window

It didn’t take long for the scientists to find that this ophthalmic solution can promote hair growth. Even these studies were in limited numbers. It showed that it could work to improve the hair density on the scalp. It does not work on developing new strands; instead, it thickens the already grown hair strands. It is more like a solution for hair thinning rather than curing baldness. Some have even tried it to get a thick mustache. For the upper lip hair growth, the response is really mixed, with some getting the positive results while others having to face failure. Either way, this eye solution could help grow some hair on the scalp, upper lips, and jaws.

The Real Issue Is The Expense – Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost being an eye solution is mostly available in smaller quantity and an expensive one as well. In order to use it on the scalp, you will need a larger quantity. THAT would be much more expensive than it already is. You might as well be talking about a travel to the moon.

Though this eye solution has got FDA approval, it is not the same when it comes to a hair growth aid. That task of this solution is yet to get an FDA approval. Though it is yet to gain the same popularity as minoxidil it is available in the market. You can get it at cosmetic shops with an applicator or brush. These are most suitable for the eyelashes, mustache, and beard. Even there, it promotes thicker lashes and hair strands etc rather than getting new hairs on the bare skin. You can find it under the brand names Lumigan and Latisse.

Can Bimatoprost miracle hair growth product have side effects?

The final result on the Bimatoprost studies is that it can promote the hair follicle growth and can prolong the growth phase. The result is longer hair strands than they already are.

As far as side effects are concerned, there are a few mentioned. There has been eye irritation, burning sensation etc. No product is perfect and one must expect some problems beforehand.

Is Bimatoprost Truly An Alternative For Hair Growth?

It is hard to tell. It is yet to establish its success. Moreover, the failure to grow new hair strands in the bare skin is a concern. Without success there, it cannot find a solution for baldness. People who already have bald looking head may not get success with this. In this regard, it is still Minoxidil that gains pints here.
It is also a tough task to find solutions for hair loss. The fact that, till date, there are only 2 products that could get the approval of FDA as hair re-growth products raise some eyebrows. Though Bimatoprost could raise some noise, there are a few voids in its actions to get to the actual limelight.

The Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

The Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution available in the market is 0.03%. it takes a 1% solution to help in the hair growth. The same is available as lash growth aid in the market. It can cost around $100 and is available in small bottles. People tend to make their own solution to get the right potency and use it for the scalp. Many even claimed success by their tasks. Even if it is fully successful, you will have to wait for another few years to have it in the market and be the right solution for baldness.

The Real Culprit Behind Hair Loss

The real culprit behind hair loss is the excess amount of DHT– a product of testosterone and an enzyme. The excess DHT causes the hair fall and it continues to do so unless you can find a solution to stop it. Bimatoprost can only work on the topical level and has no effect on DHT. That is another of its big failure. DHT thrives in an acidic body. If you can alkalize the body somehow, the body can stop further hair loss. It is only then, it can do the processes to regain the lost hair. Hair loss is an easy task but hair re-growth is a tough and tricky task to get success with.

You need to have a two-way treatment to get the full effects. You need to block the DHT by topical and internal medicines and then apply the hair growth solution. Only THAT can show real results that you are seeking.

What You Can Do?

In the meantime, let the researchers do their job and you can do your part. You need to alkalize the body as a first step. Stop taking in the acidic food too much. The common acidic foods that we eat are sugar, alcohol, oily food, dairy, red meat etc. Alkalizing foods are fruits and vegetables, legumes, lemon, watermelon, vinegar etc. Find out about all the food items that can alkalize the body.

You can also see that there are natural DHT blockers available in nature. You can incorporate them I the daily diet and eventually put a stop on the hair loss process. Once you have done that, it really does not matter if you use Minoxidil or Bimatoprost to have hair growth. You can see changes, even if it is not anything drastic.


It is important to know that hair loss and hair re-growth is two processes that are really not under our control. What we can control is its progress. We can either slow it down or make it faster. Whether or not a hair follicle grows is up to so many other factors. All you can do is to care for the hair that you have now. Find the ways to maintain it, nourish it and how to prevent from losing it.