Everyone wants white teeth and a wonderful white shinning smile. But is it possible to have white teeth without using damaging chemical bleaches or lasers that hurt & leave teeth sensitive.

Yes natural oil pulling oral detox course – Mintycoco is natures answer to teeth whitening. It provides naturally white, glossy teeth by reducing the amount of plaque on your teeth. Teeth problems are getting common in USA and nearly 91% of adults suffer from it. So you need to act immediately to keep your mouth healthy. In this article you will get to know complete details about Mintycoco, a natural teeth whitening and oral detox course of 14 days for healthier mouth.

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What Is Mintycoco?

Mintycoco is an all natural oral detox product. It is an oil pulling formula delivered in convenient sachet form. Oral detox product is made from virgin coconut oil and flavored with peppermint oil to help you enjoy oil pulling. It helps to erase stains from your teeth and remove bad bacteria for a whiter smile and a healthier mouth.

Mintycoco Oil Pulling Teeth Whitening Formula

Mintycoco is 100% natural oil pulling formula. It helps to erase stains from your teeth and remove bad bacteria for a whiter smile and a healthier mouth. Mintycoco will leave your teeth visibly white, incredibly clean and making your mouth feels smooth and healthy.

It is made using unique Vitalock system to extract the coconut oil from organically grown Sri Lankan coconuts. It is the world’s most advanced and most delicious oil pulling formula with a soft peppermint flavor for lasting freshness. It comes in easy to use sachet form making oil pulling as easy as tear – swish – spit – smile. Mintycoco will leave your teeth visibly white, incredibly clean and making your mouth feels smooth and healthy. The brief features of Mintycoco are

  • It is 100% natural oil pulling formula
  • It comes in 14 no mess convenient single use sachets
  • Includes only natural ingredients – no alcohol and no chemicals
  • It is cold pressed with highest quality virgin coconut oil formulated with peppermint essence.
  • It gives a nice minty taste

Why The Need Emerged To Create Mintycoco?

Do you know nearly 8 billion bacteria, viruses and fungi live in your mouth? And they may cause tooth decay, gum disease, etc. which affects about 91% of adults in the USA and similar numbers are found across the world like in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Thus, the need to create a mouthwash – Mintycoco emerged that helps trap these billions of bad bacteria, viruses and fungi in your mouth.

Mouth problems if left untreated may link to number of other health conditions such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, migraine headaches, inflammation, bad breath, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, cavities and tooth pain. This is because the toxins from your mouth and plaque on your teeth invade your bloodstream stream via sublingual absorption, inflaming your body, weakening your immunity and contributing to ill health not just in your mouth but all through your body.

It contains raw alkaline coconut oil and peppermint formula which captures these toxins. It is a clinically proven formula to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral. This proven oil pulling solution helps improve health and whiten teeth.

Why Is Mintycoco A Unique Oil Pulling Formula?

Oil pulling and the Vitalock Coconut Oil Extraction Method are the two main things which make Mintycoco a unique oil pulling formula in the market. Other cheap quality coconut oils have a strong, bitter, intense coconut taste but the food grade coconut oil in Mintycoco is incredibly smooth with a soft minty flavor & little to no coconut taste. This unique preparation will certainly become a part of your oral hygiene regime. Let’s have some details on Oil pulling and the Vitalock Coconut Oil Extraction Method of Mintycoco.

Oil Pulling and Its Importance

Oil pulling is the method of swishing oil around your mouth for 5-15 minutes to get rid of stains on your teeth. It is also helpful in reducing bacteria levels in your mouth, providing you with the fresher breath and healthier gums. The oil gargling started nearly 1000 years ago in India and ever since it is common method of oral hygiene. There are many oils which can be used for oil pulling, most typical oils use by people is:

  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Olive oil
  • Or a mixture of all three

Each of these oils give similar results but there are many reasons why coconut oil is supreme and most effective oil to use for oil pulling

  • Although bitter out of all the oils it is has the best taste
  • It is rich in antioxidants and lauric acid making it extremely good for you
  • It is natural moisturizer that helps improve skin and gum health
  • Can be flavored easily for a more enjoyable oil pulling experience
  • It is a natural stain remover and best to tackle tea, coffee and wine stains
  • It reduces plaque from teeth resulting in more white teeth after brushing.

Here are some more important rteeasons to start oil pulling today

  • Whitens Teeth – Oil pulling work very well by replacing the use of chemical teeth whitening strips. It is clinically proven and is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. This makes your teeth whiter, removes plaque and cleans your mouth.
  • Detox Your Body – Mouth is considered the gateway to your body. So, it is not normal to have bleeding gums, gum disease and tooth decay. Remove the toxins from your mouth to reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the cause of much disease and ill health. Provide your body oil pull with Mintycoco’s 14 day course.
  • Beautifully Clear Skin – Once the toxins are removed from your bloodstream you get clear shinny skin. Also, the rashes and skin issues often reduces or even clear up completely when oil pulling. Lines and dryness fade away with the use of the proven benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil and peppermint in Mintycoco.
  • Removes Bad Breath – Oil pulling is highly effective at getting rid of the dreaded bad breath. It helps remove bacteria like Streptococcus Mutans and fungi like Candida albicans – all of which are commonly found in your mouth along with other microorganisms. Oil pulling formula – Mintycoco is great for overall oral health.

Vitalock Coconut Oil Extraction Method

Vitalock is the unique method of extracting the coconut oil from the coconuts. This method ensures all the goodness of the coconut stays in the extracted oil resulting in a much higher quality coconut oil. Vitalock also make sure that the oil retains all the natural goodness of the coconut. This method is carefully utilized in creating the product. The vitalock coconut oil extraction method is as follows

  • Only fresh coconuts are handpicked in Sri Lanka.
  • Then the cool dry air is used to dehydrate the coconut flesh. The need to use heat gets eliminated which reduces the nutrient content of the coconut oil.
  • Now the cold presses are used to extract the oil from the coconut flesh, whilst retaining the healthy natural goodness as intended.
  • Now the multi-stage filtering takes place to ensure only the purest coconut oil is produced and all coconut husks removed.
  • Lastly, Mintycoco’s favored peppermint oil is blended in just the right volume to make sure a soft peppermint flavor.

This cautious method of coconut oil extraction ensures you receive only the best oil pulling product with all the natural goodness expected from nature’s super food.

How Does Mintycoco Work?

It utilizes an exclusive method of coconut oil extraction called Vitalock. This method ensures all the natural goodness from the coconut is transferred to the coconut oil without losing nutrients. This extremely high quality coconut oil is combined with soft peppermint oil flavor to present you the world’s most delicious oil pulling formula called Mintycoco.

The coconut oil may taste a little bitter and is not particularly enjoyable to oil pull so it is combined with soft peppermint oil to create an oil pulling formula that is a joy to use. It works wonderfully with these ingredients, leaving your mouth feeling fresh, your gums healthy and your teeth looking whiter and brighter.

How Is Mintycoco Beneficial?

Mintycoco is the world’s best oil pulling formula. It is beneficial to your mouth, skin and overall body. This product helps removing stains and plaque from your teeth, exposing the natural whiteness and glossiness of your teeth. It has natural antibacterial properties that does a fantastic job of killing bacteria and fungi in your mouth and leaving your breath fresh and gums healthy. The coconut oil is natural moisturizer so you may also notice your skin and lips start to look bright and well moisturized as the coconut oil gets absorb into your body through your mouth. The key benefits offered by Mintycoco are

  • Naturally whiter teeth
  • Helps remove stains
  • Strong teeth & gums
  • Fresh breath
  • Naturally antibacterial to kill viruses & bacteria in your mouth & detox the body
  • Halitosis sufferers reported large improvements

Mintycoco is a delicious natural coconut oil pulling mouthwash giving you whiter teeth and a healthier mouth in just 14 days.

Ingredients In Mintycoco

It contains 100% natural ingredients. It utilizes only the best raw ingredients to create the best oil pulling formula. Its 100% Natural Ingredients includes

  • Virgin Sri Lankan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Peppermint Essence
  • Contains no alcohol and no chemicals

Mintycoco uses the world’s healthiest coconuts and unique coconut oil extraction method. It guarantees to be the world’s healthiest oil pulling formulation using the Vitalock Extraction System. It contains 100% pure, raw, highly alkaline, organically farmed coconut oil and peppermint essence. No wild harvesting, jungles and wild spaces are used to cultivate coconuts.

Mintycoco partners with Sri Lankan coconut farmers whose handpicked coconuts are USD certified organic. These coconuts are picked fresh each morning and then within hours of being plucked are carefully processed without heat. Its precious nutrients such as MCTs, vitamins and minerals are carefully preserved to provide you all the benefits. Only Mintycoco ensures you receive this exclusive coconut oil, processed without heat using the unique VitaLock Extraction System which protects the vital raw nutrients so that you get all the goodness.

How To Use Mintycoco?

The directions to use Mintycoco are very simple. Just follow three simple steps and experience freshness and whiter teeth each morning.

  • Tear the top off the sachet, squeeze oil into your mouth.
  • Simply swirl, swish, pull and push the delicious Mintycoco oil pulling formula around your mouth and through your teeth for 5-15 minutes.
  • Then spit out this toxic overload before you brush your teeth.

Enjoy the minty freshness and visibly whiter smile. But make sure you first warm the sachet in your hands or under warm water to make it completely liquid so that it easily works as intended.

Mintycoco comes as a 14 Day Detox: there are 14 gorgeous little Mintycoco sachets in each box which helps whiten your teeth and removes plaque.

What Makes Mintycoco Different From Other Coconut Oils?

Mintycoco is like a natural minty flavored mouthwash to provide you whiter teeth and overall healthier mouth. Its unique Vitalock System formulation is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral. All its ingredients are completely natural and are from organic sources. It is a different and only oil pulling formulation made with the Vitalock Extraction System that is

  • 100% Raw Alkaline
  • Cold pressed
  • Extra virgin
  • Handpicked organic coconuts from Fair-trade farmers
  • Trademark and patent-pending Vitalock Extraction System which uniquely protects the vital raw nutrients
  • Delicious and easy to use
  • Designed for home as well as travel
  • Supports social causes such as giving the gift of dental health, providing meals, funding sustainable gardening and farming, etc. in Sri Lanka
  • Uses green energy

Where To Buy Mintycoco?

It is only available online from Amazon or its official website http://mintycoco.com/. You can buy it from Amazon to avail discounts plus free shipping on orders above $49. Alternatively you may also consider buying Mintycoco from its official webpage for the following reasons

  • To avail instant 10% discount code, just share Mintycoco on face book and enter your email address
  • On subscribing monthly delivery, save up to 20%
  • Its website and payment processor are 100% secure for safe, trouble free, online shopping.
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • Same day dispatch and fast delivery if ordered before 4 pm

What People Are Saying About Mintycoco?

Mintycoco Oil Pulling Formula is loved by almost all users. This very popular product is the most reviewed oil pulling product in the world. It has received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers’ positive feedback like from whiter teeth to freshness in mouth, clean smooth mouths, etc. is received. However, there few people for whom the product neither worked nor had any improvement.

Positive Reviews

Many people had felt the difference with the use of Mintycoco; here are some of the positive feedback from the real users

Amazing, I was hoping they would make my teeth winter in the long run but they make them whiter just as you use them and make your teeth and mouth feel so fresh and amazing would definitely recommend any day

I have used the MintyCoco Oil Pulling gels and they are amazing, and wasn’t too keen on the texture but I still use it. Actually I am very fussy with certain textures anyway so it is fine! I love the way my mouth felt and my teeth looked whiter straight away!

Great packaging…beautiful. Oil has a slight minty clean taste that makes it easy to hold the oil longer in my month. The amount in each pack is a single use size.

I could really tell that my bad breath eliminated after a few days of pulling. I had fresher breath for longer and I will be using this multiple times throughout the year.

Love, love, love it! I am totally converted to oil pulling and I will definitely be continuing with this!

Negative Feedbacks

Negative reviews such as it does not really brighten teeth or make them white but only leave the mouth smelling fresh. Some people had completed the whole 14 days kit course with exactly the same directions as mentioned on the pack but had noticed no changes. Some people even complained about the strong peppermint flavor as against the product says of having a soft flavor. One customer initial felt bit burning sensation due to the strong peppermint essence but with use it was gone. So people allergic with coconut oil or peppermint must stay away from Mintycoco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all can use Mintycoco?

It is 100% natural and safe for people of all ages including children and old adults. Remember, oral health has no age limits.

What safety do I need to adhere on using Mintycoco?

Mintycoco contains coconut oil as well as peppermint essence so people allergic to these ingredients should not use the product. Otherwise, this is an all natural mouthwash with all organic and natural ingredients which is safe to use by all.

Can I get a free sample of Mintycoco?

There is no free sample offered but yes you can avail 3 Day Mintycoco Trial pack to try the product.

What do I get inside Mintycoco kit?

The Mintycoco kit contains 14 sachets of Mintycoco + instruction booklet with FAQ’s and some additional information on oil pulling and customer support contact details.

Can I use Mintycoco if I have braces?

Oil pulling process is 100% natural and will not affect your braces. It will not bleach your teeth so don’t worry about the marks where your braces were. Mintycoco works great for people with braces as it will make your mouth cleaner, leaving you with fresher breath and less plaque buildup on the metal fixings. However, it is recommended to contact your orthodontist before using Mintycoco.

I am pregnant, can I use Mintycoco?

Yes, you can. Coconut oil is incredibly good for you and baby as it contains high levels of lauric acid. Oil pulling while pregnant is perfectly safe and actually recommended.

Do I have to use a full sachet of Mintycoco every time I oil pull?

No, some customers use half a sachet at a time as they think it is more than enough to clean their mouth. But some people have larger mouths so it is entirely your consent to use full sachet or less as required.

Why is Mintycoco hard at room temperature?

Mintycoco contains 100% natural coconut oil and peppermint oil which by nature is hard at room temperature. So to easily squeeze the content into your mouth, it is suggested to warm up the sachet in your hands or under a hot tap to turn it completely liquid.

How do I get customer support?

For any questions, problems, trade enquiries or any other queries you can call or email.

  • Phone no.: UK: 020 382 68401, USA: +1 (855) 225 6874, AUS: +61 282 947 641
  • Email address: support@mintycoco.com (you receive super fast response within 24 hours)


It is a beautifully packed raw alkaline coconut oil combined with an exact combination of peppermint essence to make your teeth naturally white and give you healthier mouth. This oil pulling formula is easy to use at home, on the go or travelling. Try this formuala, a perfect oral detox formula that leaves your teeth feeling smooth, clean and your mouth and overall body healthier.