Summer is around the corner. It’s a time for fun and happiness, roaming on the beach etc. For people with toenail fungus, not all of these fun activities are on the list. The embarrassing situation is painful for the older and an obstacle for the younger ones.

Laser treatment has come up as a respite for these sufferers. A new laser treatment method has just got approval from the FDA and is currently on the run. It is the same as other laser treatments- using laser directly on the affected nail. The result is problem free, healthier nails in no time.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a stubborn pathogen that takes a longer time to get rid of. The conventional treatments include topical application of medicines and other internal medicines.

The laser treatment pinpoints the infected area directly. This provides better and precise treatment. It also works directly and immediately with no time for digestion and reaching the blood circulation. The laser treatment has the benefit of the ability in reaching the deeper layers so that the fungus has no place to hide. The topical application has this drawback that it can treat the fungus that is on the top layers. The fungus could be hiding deeper. This makes it slower to treat.

Laser treatment has no such barriers. It can act fast, direct and immediate. It also shows great results in the majority of the people. Though such treatment was going on for years, it is only recently that it got approval from the FDA.

How Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus Work?

The laser is a beam of light. There are different wavelengths used for the treatment. This light energy heats up the fungal tissue, without damaging the body tissues. It destroys the fungus and saves the surrounding tissues. Depending on the severity of infection, the same may be repeating several times.

Each session would be 15-30 minutes long. In most cases, the treatment would be complete in 1-2 sessions. The success rate is higher for such treatment and there also are no side effects.

Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus Side Effects

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is free of any side effects, after effects or adverse effects. Even the conventional treatment methods cause side effects like diarrhea, affecting the taste buds, rashes on the skin, headache etc. It could even cause damage to the liver. Since such treatments take longer to cure the fungus, the effects would also be longer to deal with.

It is also evident that the patients who were treated with conventional methods had higher chances of relapse. Those who underwent laser treatment show better resilience and have a very lower rate of relapses or none at all. Not only is the laser treatment for toenail fungus is side effects-free, but also highly effective to keep the relapses away for many years.

Laser Treatment Is The Painless Method

Laser treatment involves only one thing- exposure of the affected toe to the laser. This is easy to do. There are no pricks, no pain, no hospitalization. You don’t even have to wait longer to get rid of the infections. Everything happens within 15-30 minutes. The maximum it can take is an hour. It is a faster treatment method that is complete within a day.

There is no pain but everything to gain. It is also the best treatment method that acts fast without causing an ounce of problem. The only side effect is faster recovery.

Cost Of Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

This method of treatment is relatively new in the market. It is yet to gain popularity and as a result, costs much higher than other methods. To be frank, it is not a cost-effective method of treating toenail fungus. The only respite is that it has better chances of no-relapses in the future than other methods.

The only extreme would be for you to continue the treatment once or twice in addition, just as a precautionary method. All things considered, the total cost would be around $750 and above. It depends on the severity of the disease and number of nails involved. It also adds that there are not many FDA approved centers that do this kind of treatment. There are very few clinics available in the US.

The major problem is that there may not be an insurance coverage for this treatment. It is only recently approved and would take time to get it under the coverage. As of now, the patients will have to bear the relatively huge bill for the treatment.


People often opt for allopathic medicine because it is fast. But some medicines are expensive for such methods, yet people choose that way. The laser treatment is another method for faster treatment but in comparison, cost much higher than other methods. Because of this one reason, people do not usually choose this method. Even though it has shown better success rates, it is still considered as an aesthetic treatment method. It might take some time for it to emerge as a common treatment. Until then this method remains successful and might yet stay in the background.