Matcha Green Tea is a more powerful beverage than Green Tea. It contains far more amount of antioxidants and health benefits than either tea or Green Tea. The Matcha Green tea is in powdered form that is taken from a special kind of tea plant grown in Japan.

Yes, Matcha Green tea is from Japan. During the final stage of their growth, these green tea plants and leaves are shaded from the sun. Besides, this helps increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves for a lush green color. The leaves are later collected carefully and ground in stone wheels to make a fine powder, which we later call the Matcha Green Tea.

Making Of Matcha Tea From Japan

Match Green tea from Japan has been in use long back since the Samurai days. The tea plants are shaded towards the last stage of growth to increase the greenery of the leaves. The collected leaves are later steamed and then air dried. It is then subjected to the process where the stem and veins are removed step by step. It is this non-vein leaf parts that are ground under the ancient stone grinding wheels to make the fine powder. Overall, there is no use of additives, colors, preservatives or anything to alter the color, flavor, or appearance of the Match Green tea powder.

Matcha Green Tea – Natural Weight loss Aid

Matcha Green Tea is a more powerful beverage than Green Tea. Matcha powdered Green tea contains high amount of antioxidants, and mood enhancing agents. It can be a natural weight loss aid, detoxifier, pH balancer and a good source of sugar free alternative for caffeine.

Matcha Green Tea By Matcha Source

Firstly, at Matcha Source you will be introduced to a variety of Match Green tea of different grades and mixes. Each of it has a different function or has a way of preparation to be consumed. The advantage is that you get to have the goodness of Green tea in any way that you prefer like. Moreover, not everyone loves the taste of Green Tea and they can sure add this Matcha Green tea powder in their smoothies or made it into latte etc. Overall, it can be the plain old TEA or a healthy beverage with plenty of health benefits to offer.

Matcha Tea Health Benefits

Matcha powdered Green tea contains high amount of antioxidants, and mood enhancing agents. It can be a natural weight loss aid, detoxifier, pH balancer and a good source of sugar free alternative for caffeine. It can enhance the mood without using any jitters. Match Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants, chlorophyll, and high fiber content.

The antioxidant content is considered to be 137 times higher than regular green tea. First of all, the most powerful of them is the EGCg. A single cup of Match Green tea can equal to about 10 cups of normal green tea. Unlike the regular Green tea, where we throw the tea bags or leftover powder after extraction, Match Green tea makes us consume the whole leaves which definitely provide all the nutrients it provides and none is wasted. No wonder it has got higher health benefits than regular Green tea.

The nutrient content of Matcha tea reveals that it has catechins (105g), EGCg (61mg), amino acids (34mg), L-theanine (14.26mg), caffeine (35mg), fiber (318mg), carbohydrates (447mg), vitamin C and A, potassium (26.6mg).

  • Powerhouse of antioxidants: Antioxidants have a major role in immunity. They are in the front line of body’s natural defense which starts right from the cellular level. With antioxidants in plenty, the body cells are well protected first and foremost and can fight most kinds of chronic diseases and most importantly ageing.
  • Helps for weight loss: Match Green tea contains full nutrients of this plant. It has the ability to boost the body metabolism and burn more fat. Besides, it has 4 times more capacity to burn fat and it does not affect the body in negative ways. Also, it increases the thermo genesis of the body from its normal range of 8-10% a day to a higher level of 35-43% per day.
  • Matcha green tea for energy: Firstly, the increase in body metabolism burns more amount of fat. What is the result? It is not just weight loss, but you will feel more energy powered up inside the body. The Match Green tea energy boost does not cause jitters or headaches like that o coffee. It improves the daily energy and endurance. Above all, it can sure be a great support for elderly people for they get tired very easily.
  • Cures acne: Match Green tea benefits the girls by curing them the irritating acne. Further, the antioxidants in this tea prevent the inflammation of the skin, prevent untimely cell death, and boost the general immunity of the body that slowly cures the acne.
  • A cancer fighter: The greatest benefit of Matcha green tea is its antioxidant content. It is these same antioxidants that can fight and prevent cancer. They can be great help for cancer during the radiation and chemotherapy. These antioxidants can protect the body cells from external toxins, pollution, UV rays, and other chemicals making a natural barrier against cancer. It is highly potential against breast cancer in women. The antioxidant EGCg is one of the most powerful weapons against cancer and the Matcha Green tea contains a huge amount of it.
  • Helps in detoxification: The Match Green tea is made to have higher chlorophyll content in the leaves by shading the leaves. This chlorophyll content can eliminate toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals from the body. The rich chlorophyll in Match Green tea can sure help in the daily detoxification of the body, which in turn helps in weight loss process.
  • Brain power: Matcha tea contains the amino acid L-theanine that can calm an agitated mind. It brings peace to the mind and relaxes it. Matcha tea contains 5 times more of these amino acids. It creates alpha waves in the brain, a positive sign of good and calm health. Consuming this tea regularly will help calm the mind, bring better focus and concentration.
  • Healthy heart: If regular consumption of Green tea can lower the blood cholesterol level, then the Matcha tea is more than ready in this account. The more powerful brewery of Match tea can sure enhance the good heart health by checking the blood cholesterol levels and preventing heart problems.
  • Anti-ageing: The powerful antioxidants can deal with the free radicals inside the body. This helps keep the skin and cells younger looking for longer and delay the process of ageing. The EGCg can reduce the skin inflammations also.
  • Diabetes: One of the major health benefits of drinking Match Green tea is that it can help control the blood sugar levels. Matcha tea contains enough resources that can provide energy from other than relying on sugar. Moreover, a special blend of Matcha Green tea with Gymnema- Sugar Destroyer helps lower the blood sugar levels. It can also counter the ill effects of diabetes and a great help with obesity. It is effective against both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Constipation: Matcha tea contains high amount of soluble fiber, since the leaves are taken in as it is, and not just the decoction. This fiber helps prevent and cure constipation. This fiber content is also helpful in checking the blood sugar for promoting weight loss.
  • Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune diseases: The vitamins and catechins in Matcha tea can give the anti-inflammatory effects to fight these problems. It can reduce the inflammation, relieve pain, and slowly work as a preventive measure as well.

Matcha Tea Preparation Instructions

Matcha tea is prepared almost like instant coffee. First you swift the Matcha tea powder into a cup. Use only half a teaspoon of the powdered tea. Add in some boiled but slightly cooled water to make a paste. Whisk this paste for a while to make it frothy. Add is sufficient amount of water to enjoy the fresh Matcha Green tea.

There are several grades of Matcha Tea powder that is used for different recipes. The common forms in which the tea is taken are Green tea as mentioned above, café latte, smoothies, mild shakes etc. For each type different grade of Matcha tea powder is used. There also are numerous Matcha recipes available.

The Different Grades Of Matcha Tea

There are different grades or quality or the difference in the source of the Matcha tea is collected from the plants. It is these different sources that make the difference in its flavors. The nutrients and all benefits stay the same.

There are 4 different grades taken from the tip- most tender leaves, slightly mature leaves, even more senior leaves and most mature leaves. The quality of the Matcha tea decreases from the top to the bottom. The high quality comes from the tip and the lowest lies at the bottom of the stem.

  • Ceremony grade Matcha tea powder is from the most tender leaves from the tips. It holds the highest quality green tea. It comes in the form of Kama Matcha. Also, it contains the highest amount of amino acids with the best aroma for tea.
  • Classic grade- Morning Matcha is the next in line for quality. This is taken from the early harvest leaves. It may have a slightly bitter taste but is at its best when whisked to a tea in the bowl.
  • Café grade is third is quality line. It comes in the form of Gotcha Matcha powder. This is mainly used in the making of blended drinks like smoothies, mild shakes, lattes, savory sauce, and desserts. It has higher bitter taste and can stand the addition of other flavors.
  • Kitchen grade is considered the lowest grade Matcha powdered tea. It comes in the form of Dakota Matcha that can be added to any recipes with salt or sugar. This powder looks pales in comparison.

Matcha Tea Beginner’s Kit At Matcha Source

Coming to the real introductory part to the Matcha Tea by Matcha Source, everything must be started somewhere and this Matcha tea starts with the Beginner’s kit. This kit includes all that are needed for the Matcha tea preparation. There are 4 Matcha tea starter kits at Matcha Source. They are,

  • Froth It is with a Gotcha Matcha and an aerolatte milk frother to make the frothy tea. Use any kind of milk, cow’s, soy or almond milk.
  • Complete Matcha gift set with 2 bowls and tea is a complete gift set with the choice of tea, 2 bowls for mixing, a bamboo Matcha whisk and a whisk holder, a sifter, and a bamboo tea scoop.
  • Complete Matcha Gift set contains all except the 2 bowls from the above mentioned gift set.
  • Enjoy Bundle is just a set of mixing tools for the Matcha tea making. It has a bamboo whisker, a whisk holder, a bamboo spoon, and a sifter.

Matcha Products At Matcha Source

  • Kama Matcha: Kama Matcha is the highest grade Matcha tea with sweetness and astringent flavors in a well balanced state. The powder is taken from the tenderest leaves. This could very easily be the stimulant that anyone need at any time of the day. It contains high quantity of catechin, antioxidants, amino acids, and caffeine. One cup of Matcha tea can provide a steady energy for about 3-4 hours, helps provide better concentration.
  • Morning Matcha is exactly what it is, your morning cup of tea. It is classic grade, the second best quality Matcha tea. A cup in the morning can give you a longer energy. It aids you in focusing in your work or field. A single bottle of Morning Matcha can last for about 15-20 servings.
  • Sugar Destroyer Matcha: Sugar Destroyer is for the diabetic patients. They get the goodness of Matcha Green tea along with the best effects of Gymnema sylvestre in controlling the blood sugar level. It is effective for both Type1 and Type 2 diabetes. The herbs would prevent the absorption of sugar in the intestine and brings balance to the blood sugar. It also aids in weight management and cholesterol control.
  • Gotcha Matcha for blending: Gotcha Matcha tea powder is used for blending purposes to be added in smoothies or shakes. It can be added in the breakfast bowls or in other recipes. It goes well with honey, milk or any other flavor. This is for those who are not find of a cup of tea and would rather take it in other ways.

The Insiders Tea Club At Matcha Source

The Insiders tea club at Matcha Source is a subscription program where you can get the regular supply of Matcha tea of your choice. You can sign up there and fill in the details. Set the time and interval at which you like to get the Matcha supplies delivered. The delivery is usually done in every 8 weeks for the subscribers.

This subscription could last forever. It can be stopped at anytime you prefer like. You can get the Gotcha Matcha medium sized pack or the larger pack delivered every other month. The delivery for the subscribers is all free of cost. There is no shipping charge. All you need to do is to sign up and fulfill the formalities.

Buying Matcha Green Tea From Matcha Source : Wholesale Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha tea is available for retail and wholesale purchases at Matcha Source. There are many ways to get great discounts for Matcha Tea. The new customer gets 10% off on all teas for the fist piurchase.

Subscription is also up for some discount. For subscription, all shipping is free. You pay only for the product. When buying Matcha tea products worth more than $75 you get free shipping. When you buy any 2 tins of this Greentea you get free shipping.

The wholesale packs of Café Grade and Kitchen grade Matcha packs get free shipping, even if it is for just one pack. Those packs weigh 2.2 lbs each.

The wholesale purchase is available for those who are interested in using the Matcha tea products to be added in lattes, smoothies, as an ingredient in production, for retail business.

On request you can avail sample packs to check the quality and other details about the Matcha tea. Just fill in the wholesale application form with further details. You have to select one of these options and choose the relevant option from the list of businesses that you are into. The business options like café, juice bar, smoothie shop, food manufacturer, supplements manufacturer or any other types should be mentioned to help you getting a sign up.

Matcha Reviews And Testimonials

Karen Grimming from Lake Placid, FL says “Love this stuff!”. She and her husband go to gym 5 days a week and the treat they give themselves on return is a smoothie/protein shake that has the Matcha Green tea powder added in it. They recommend this over the green tea protein shakes available in the market.

Julianne Rowland from Johnson City, TN, defines the Kama Matcha as Divine Matcha! She takes 1-2 cups of Mama Matcha everyday and actually looks forward to it. Julianne is so fond of the divine and velvety mouth feel of the Matcha tea with its incomparable taste. She most definitely voted it as the best Matcha she has tasted anywhere.

Kristin Karam, Austin, TX is among those who has tried the Matcha as a trial and later got hooked to it. She adds it in her daily smoothies and got sustained energy throughout the day. She is amazed that such results could be attained with a small amount of Matcha.

Rocket Hulsey from Seattle is happy with the balanced energy the Matcha provides which is much more tolerant than that gets from coffee. The skin looks healthy and has fewer inflammations than before. It is also found to be successful in soothing the body and de-stressing the skin. Peace, health, and Macthalicious are the words Rocket uses for Matcha tea.

Michael and his wife simply love the Matcha. The energy boost it provides is beyond amazing for them. They call it “nice sustained energy”. Thus, they use 2 teaspoons of Match powder in the protein shake and done with it. They plan not to ever run out of their fantastic Matcha supply.

According to Carla Golden from Hilton Head island “Ordinary bagged green tea is nice, but it simply flavors the water as the bag seeps. There are still many health benefits to derive from drinking green tea this way as it’s been done for centuries, but once you try matcha, you’ll never go back!

Matcha green tea is a powder comprised of the pulverized green tea leaves. Rather than just flavoring the water, the actual leaves are suspended in the water and flow with all their goodness into you! One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content. And it tastes SO GOOD.”

She loves her morning Matcha and has been on it for years. She gets it as a bi-monthly subscription to get her through.

Arend Dawson from Spokeane Valley, makes the Morning Matcha into a romantic morning date. They sure get the daily dose of antioxidants and get a great start for the day every single time.

CAW from Grand Blanc says good bye to the coffee forever. With a job that exposes to too many chemicals, this Matcha Green tea not only gets him the antioxidants but cleanses the inner body as well. Ceremony grade is what his cup of tea for the daily energy is. He no longer likes the taste of coffee.

An anonymous person tried all the 3 Matcha teas and got stuck with it. Whoever it was has then subscribed for the regular supply of Matcha since it is now part of the life and can’t live without. It has also become a morning ritual for that person. The person calls it Green Gold and green gold it is.

Dana Ewing from Sylvania can’t live without the Kama Matcha tea. She had tried many brands of Matcha and terms Matcha from Matcha Source as the best among all. Moreover, she is definitely a fan of the rich, smooth, creamy tea and is unable to get through the day without it. She recommends everyone to try it.

Marlyn Darby who runs the Booster Juice in Park City is happy with both the product and the customer service available at Matcha Source. She makes Matcha Madness and Matcha Monsoon made with Matcha tea has been a great success at her shop.

Melanie Sanderson from PA has been taking Matcha tea for 3 years. It gets her focused alertness all through the day. She states that in case she forgets to take her Matcha dose a day, she gets unreasonably hungry later in the day. According to her Matcha curbs the sugar cravings and she has been able to maintain her body weight as well, without any diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Matcha tea should I take per day?

Matcha Green tea is highly beneficial but has to be taken in limited amount. The ideal daily dose should be 2 cups a day or a maximum 3 cups once in a while. Anything more than this could cause Matcha toxicity and bring side effects. Since Matcha is highly concentrated and whole than the regular Green tea, taking it for more than 3 cups is not recommended.

Can Matcha be bad for you?

Yes, Matcha could be bad for you if you are taking too much of it. The main problem associated with over dose of Matcha is hepatotoxicity- liver damage. The issue here is the catechins and Matcha has lots of it. The strong doses of catechin aka Matcha could cause this problem so stick to the maximum 2 cups formula only.

Does Matcha tea contain caffeine?

Yes Matcha tea has high amount of caffeine. The caffeine content is 70 mg for 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of Matcha powder dissolved in 8oz of water. The caffeine content can vary slightly depending on the type and quality of Matcha used. High dose of caffeine can cause problems so keep an eye on how much you take every day. Though it does not cause jitters like coffee does, caution is called for.

What are the side effects of taking Matcha tea?

The common possible Matcha side effects are headache, vomiting, nervousness, and sleep problems, convulsions, ringing in the ears, diarrhea, dizziness, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremor, and heartburn. The problems are associated with the fact that Matcha contains caffeine. Since Matcha is a concentrated preparation the possibility of side effects are higher when taken in the highest possible dose from day 1.

What you should do to avoid these side effects is to start low. Take only ¼ or ½ a teaspoon of the powdered Matcha for the first few servings. Increase the dose slowly and see if there are any problems associated. If all goes well, get on with the dose. But remember to stick to the 2- caps a day policy.

People who suffer from diseases like heart problems, kidney diseases, stomach ulcer, and anxiety disorders mat better stay away from Matcha. If at all they want to, consult with the doctors first before you take even the slightest amount. The risks are also that Matcha could interfere with the medications.

Is it ok to take Matcha tea before bed?

No, it is not ok to take Matcha before bed. Matcha contains caffeine that can interfere with the sleep pattern. Matcha is best taken in the morning or early in the afternoon. It strictly should NOT be taken before bed, otherwise you would find yourself sleep deprived.

What other cautions should I take while having Matcha tea?

Matcha tea contains high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. The overdose of these can be ahrmful to the body. So it is not ok to mix the Mactha tea and herbal Green tea to be taken. You either take the Green Tea or the Matcha Tea. Do not take both in the same day.

Can I use cow’s milk to make the Matcha Green tea?

It is regarded that the dairy milk can interfere with the absorption of the nutrients in Matcha tea. That is the reason why you find either Soy milk or almond milk in the Matcha latte recipes. There should not be any other problems with cow’s milk. You can have it if that is what you prefer, but is advised to take the alternatives, if possible.

How to store Matcha tea? What is the life period of it?

Matcha tea powder should be closed air tight and kept in a cool and dry place. It does not get spoiled so there is no real time period for its life. All it happens is that it can lose its freshness, aroma, and flavor over the period of time. So it is recommended not to keep the opened Matcha products for more than 14 months. Not that it is going to stay that long but that would be the approximate life of Matcha tea powder.

I already have a high metabolic rate; can I take Matcha without suffering any weight loss?

Absolutely! All you need to do is to ensure that you are taking Matcha powder added with the protein shakes or smoothies and eat a healthy and balanced diet. The diet should keep up your weight and the Matcha can go on with its benefits. Just take it once a day, which would be enough for you.

Is it safe to take Matcha during pregnancy or while nursing?

That entirely depends on the person and their health. It may be ok for some but harmful for others. It is better to consult the doctor regarding this.

I don’t have a whisk with me, is it mandatory to whisk the Matcha?

It is not mandatory to whisk but whisking the Matcha has its plus points. For one, whisking brings a nice creamy, frothy texture to the Matcha tea. Second, it can improve the taste of the tea and finally, whisking ensures that the Matcha powder is blend well with the added water or milk. It also makes sure that there is less sediments at the bottom of the cup.

Why do Matcha products cost high?

For starters, Matcha is grown, processed, and exported from Japan. That itself makes it expensive. Before it is exported, it takes a long while for the tea leaves to be grown, shaded, plucked, dried, and processed before it happens. Since all these steps are time consuming to verify each type of leaves are carefully collected and checked, only very less amount of Matcha is produced. The processing also takes long and then there are the discards in the form of stems and veins. So ultimately the production of Matcha is not as the same as other tea varieties and thus the major price difference.