Naturally Vitamins Marlyn Formula 50 Support For Hair & Nails are a product from (The Green Life) that offers you holistically and natural ingredients are not only safe but gentle as well. Healthy nails and wavy gorgeous hair is everyone’s dream. But it also, in a way, says a lot about your personality and how you efficient you are in maintaining a healthy regime. While there are many dietary supplements in the market, the Go Green initiative is certainly a factor that every educated individual will consider.

Keeping that in mind, The Green Life brings you many health supplements that are manufactured in such a manner by keeping it’s potent efficient till it enters your body. One such product is Marlyn Formula 50, a natural formula for getting strong nails and hair.

Marlyn Formula 50 Advantages

  • Natural vegan certified products
  • Kosher certified, gluten-free nutritional supplements
  • Positive responses from users
  • Manufactured in FDA registered facility right in the USA
  • Non-Genetically Modified supplements
  • Offers a protective barrier for your hair and nails along with benefiting your health
  • 15 day return day policy available
  • FREE shipping is available
Marlyn Formula 50 Supplement- Support For Hair & Nails
One such product is Marlyn Formula 50, a natural formula for getting strong nails and hair. It contains vital ingredient such as amino acids, B-vitamin etc. that replenish the hair and nails giving them a ravishing and perfect look. Gluten-free nutritional supplements


  • Few complaints that the supplement takes lot of time to work
  • Asks you for prolonged consumption till you notice any positive response

The Green Life Initiative

Keeping a conscious movement in mind to deliver healthy and organic foods to consumers, The Green Life was initiated. It was initiated by a bunch of like-minded people who wanted to create a one-stop destination for consumers to buy the most natural products for daily life at an affordable rate.

As people are becoming aware of what is going inside their body, they are challenging even the best of brands and looking for organic foods to keep them and their family free and safe from unwanted chemicals. From shampoos to toys that kids play, the company delivers more than 13000+ products and 800+ brands that possess eco-friendly features.

For instance, the product is non-GMO (non-genetically modified), vegan, have not been tested on animals, BPA free, made in the USA and so on. In fact, the company also packs their orders in recyclable boxes as a way towards Green Earth.

This is what makes The Green Life one of the best online companies of USA.

What is Marlyn Formula 50 and how does it work?

Among many products of The Green Life, we bring you one chosen product – Marlyn Formula 50.

As we all know, keratin, the tough protein is the reason behind boosting nails and hair to grow. Apart from protein, B-complex vitamin also plays an important role in the development of keratin. Actually, not many are aware but hair is, in fact, a “modified” type of skin.

Dry, damaged, thin hair or brittle and yellow nails significantly show weak body and health. Get the right amount of nutrients now and set things right. I understand that it is impossible to get all the necessary proteins and nutrients everyday in your diet. Hence, a health supplement.

Health supplement not only fills up the scale of the daily nutritional chart but ensure multiple benefits on the body.

As women age, the hairs and nails tend to lose its real texture. Marlyn Formula 50 is a product that changes the way women look by delivering every day nutrients and vitamins that will give you strong hair and strong shiny coated nails.

It contains vital ingredient such as amino acids, B-vitamin etc. that replenish the hair and nails giving them a ravishing and perfect look.

Marlyn Formula 50 ingredients

Here are the key ingredients of Marlyn Formula 50.

  • Amino acids

Four kinds of amino acid have the power to produce keratin – lysine, cysteine, arginine, and methionine. Including them in your daily diet can produce a good amount of keratin that is essential for thick and strong hair, nails. They also increase collagen production that can also cut down any symptoms of disease pertaining to hair loss. What’s more, they also protect your hair from the damaging effects of blow drying, coloring or bleaching.

  • Vitamin B6

An essential nutrient for producing hormones, it can speed up melanin production that is crucial for providing color to your skin, hair, and nails. It also assists in converting the food to energy and supporting the body to produce more red blood corpuscles.

  • Proteins

It is a known fact that eggs are the main source of protein. But for vegetarians, almonds can deliver you with excellent protein. Did I mention that protein offers you rich source of collagen, keratin, and elastin that can also help in reducing the wrinkles, fine lines etc.? That’s right! So apart from strong nails and hair, you will also feel and look years younger with a good protein diet. They can uplift your skin by restoring the firmness, elasticity of skin thus cutting down age factor from your skin.

Apart from the above predominant ingredients, other natural ingredients include –

  • Soy bean oil
  • Gelatin
  • Lecithin
  • beeswax
  • titanium dioxide and so on

Marlyn Formula 50 Dosage

The recommended dosage is 2 soft gels thrice a day. Though the product is absolutely safe, you may consult your medical practitioner if you are skeptical of trying anything new.

Marlyn Formula 50 side effects, if any

There have been no reports of side effects. This is because Marlyn Formula 50 is an deemed safe and natural product that it is nearly impossible to invoke any side effects.

Marlyn Formula 50 Warnings

Being a natural remedy for nails, it does need any warnings as it is absolutely safe. An absolute vegan product, it is derived from plants that deliver you optimum benefits without any side effects.

Though the company does not provide any warnings, if you are pregnant or nursing, you may consult your medical practitioner before consuming this supplement. If you are under any medication, you may consult your medical practitioner.

Marlyn Formula 50 Features & Benefits

Marlyn Formula 50 offers you multiple benefits thanks to the fantastic features it contains. Here are few of the features and benefits of using Marlyn Formula 50.


  • Contains only plant derived natural ingredients
  • Key ingredients include amino acids, vitamin B6, and protein
  • Ethically manufactured keeping its potency intact to the fullest
  • Comes with 15-day return policy from the date of receiving it
  • FREE shipping on orders above $99 and low-cost rate of $5.95 on orders below $99
  • Softgels for easy digestion and rapid absorption
  • A true VEGAN product
  • Absolutely safe and beneficial for your body


  • Best dietary supplement that can be used every day
  • Contains amino acids that are the building blocks of the body that boost your overall health
  • Promotes healthy coat of hair and nails
  • Is beneficial for your skin as it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation thus reducing the age factor
  • No side effects or adverse reactions seen

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Marlyn Formula 50 Vitamins Reviews

Within days of use, people have noticed a positive difference in their health. It helps with regrowth of hair and promote the existing hair with strength and a shiny coat. It also works in strengthening the nails giving them a thick and pink look.

Recommended by dermatologists all over the USA, the Marlyn Formula 50 works efficiently and is definitely not a false promise to minting money. NOTE that the product takes the time to work being a natural supplement. So, if you are looking for a supplement to give you faster results, then this is not for you.

It is also important to keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle can support you in achieving better hair and nail growth. This is one of the reasons why few users complain that the product does not work as expected.

People report that the customer support is amazing when it comes to secure payment, delivering the package and answering any queries, whenever needed. The company responds immediately without making the consumers making wait.

Nevertheless, there have been few complaints from users. It seems that even after trying 2-3 bottles of this supplement, people are yet to notice at least some positive results. This has given the company a bad reputation. Stating the obvious, a natural product will always take time and depending on the body, results vary.

One user claimed in her Naturally Vitamins Marlyn Formula50 review that the customer support is yet to provide an answer regarding proper dosage and what exactly is the reason for the delay in seeing at least a ray of hope.

Here are few Marlyn Formula50 reviews.

I love these vitamins – Denise2016

“I took them for 3 years. That’s right. My hair is fantastic now. I stopped it around 6 months ago and my hair has started breaking again. It took approximately 3-4 months to get my hair back on track which is great. I won’t be quitting now.”

Already seeing results – Colie

“I have already started seeing amazing results. My skin texture and nails are improving. I am so exciting seeing my hair become so strong and lovely. The best part is I can use it as long as I want.”

Does not work – Wadeo

“It does not seem to benefit me. I am not seeing any changes in my hair or nails. I have taken 2-3 bottles and I expect to see at least some difference.”

Shop The Green Life Shipping and Returns

The company offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $99. For orders below $99, you will be charged a low cost and a flat-rate charge of $5.95.

Shop The Green Life provides 15 return policy from the date of delivery. In case, you feel the supplement does not meet your expectations, simply return them. You have to bear the shipping unless the company has made an error of sending the wrong package or broken seal. In such cases, you are eligible for FREE shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marlyn Formula 50 Dosage?

The company recommends 2 soft gels thrice a day.

Who is the manufacturer of Marlyn Formula 50?

The manufacturer of Marlyn Formula 50 250 gels is The Green Life –

Does Marlyn Formula50 for hair growth have any complaints?

Well, there are few complaints that the product does not work. It is mainly because the supplement does not work quickly. It works slowly based on the dietary lifestyle and each and every person’s body. Though the complaints are rare, the point stands valid that the supplement takes time.

Are there any side effects of Marlyn Formula50 250 soft gels?

No, being a natural product that comes with holistic ingredients, it is safe to use. So far there have been no reports of side effects.


To sum it up, the product definitely has been delivering some positive results. The majority of responses from users are positive leaving only a few to complain about Marlyn Formula 50.

If you are looking for a product that not only delivers the perfect pink nails and luscious hair naturally, then Marlyn Formula 50 is for you. Apart from the two predominant features, it also has multiple effects on your body such as increasing energy levels, reduced wrinkles on the skin, improved muscles and so on. The price is affordable but it does ask you to consume till you start noticing positive changes which can be difficult for those on a budget.

But if you want a quality and natural vegan product that delivers promising results, then I would recommend this for you.