Loceryl curanail is a medicated topical cure for fungal nail infection. It is a nail lacquer that is easily available in the pharmacies. It contains the antifungal agent amorolfine that kills the infecting fungus to relieve the infection. This is an over-the-counter product that does not need a prescription.


Fungus that causes infections is stubborn creatures. They make the nail thicker and it takes more for the medicines to break the nail barrier to reach the fungus. This nail lacquer is easy to apply like a nail polish. It can stay longer on the nails and give the medicine time enough to penetrate deeper to reach the nail bed and act.

What Does Loceryl Curanail Contain?

There is 5% amorolfine in the Loceryl curanial preparation. There also are triacetin, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate and ethanol absolute in it. It comes in amber glass bottles that contain either 1.5 ml or 3 ml capacity.

Each large size bottle can cure up to 2 nails with fungal infection. Since the application is once a week, this small quantity is enough for a nail or 2.

What Is Amorolfine?

Amorolfine is the active anti-fungal agent in this lacquer. This can target the cell membrane of the fungus to destroy them completely. It can act against a wide range of fungi that fall under any of the categories like yeast, dermatophytes, moulds, dematiacea, and dimorphic fungi. It can act against the likes of Candida, Tricophyton, Cladopsorium etc.

How Does Loceryl Curanail Work?

Loceryl curanail is applied as the usual nail polish, but only on the affected nails. The antifungal agent here is amorolfine that can penetrate the nail plate to reach the nail bed. There it acts on the cell membrane of the fungus to destroy them completely. Amorolfine works slow but can stay active for longer.

It is safe on the skin of the person and causes no toxicity. The lacquer applied is water resistant and does not come off easily. The water resistance keeps the medicine safe inside the barrier, allowing it to reach deeper.

Curanail works on to reduce the yellowing of the nail and improve the damaged state as well. It helps restore the nail with water content and by repairing the damage. The end result is healthy nails once again with complete eradication of the fungus.

How To Use The Curanail?

Curanail is a topical treatment method for fungal infections. It can be irritating to the skin and other parts of the body. Follow these steps for a successful fungal eradication.

  • Start with clean nails. Clean the hands and nail properly and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use the supplied nail file to make the affected nail smoother. File the surface of the nail mainly. It allows the medicine to penetrate deeper into the nail bed.
  • After filing use a Q-tip to clean the nail surface and wipe it with the provided alcoholic swab.
  • For the re-application, remove the applied lacquer completely before doing the above step.
  • A spatula is provided with the bottle. Use this to take a small amount of the lacquer. Do not tap the excess, use the medicine as it comes out with the spatula.
  • Carefully apply it all over the nail surface of the affected nail. Allow it to dry completely on the nail.
  • Meanwhile clean the spatula thoroughly and sanitize it so that you can use it for the next application.
  • The usual method is to leave the lacquer for a week and apply it on weekly basis. Or do as the doctor advice you to.
  • Depending on the severity, the treatment may prolong for months. It can take up to 6 for fingernails and about 9 months for the toenails to get rid of the infection.

Who Cannot Use Loceryl Curanail?

Not everyone can use Loceryl curanail. People who come under specific health conditions may have to stay away from this fungal nail infection cure. They would have to consult their doctors to see if it is usable for them or not.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this cure.
  • It is meant for adults or those who are above the age of 18.
  • When you have more than 2 infected nails, the severity of the infection could be larger. This cannot cure the infection single-handedly. They need to check with the doctor.
  • People who have severely damaged nails would also come under the above-mentioned category. Their infection may not solely be fungal infections.
  • People with other diseases will have a poor immune system. In those cases, the topical application alone cannot bring down the infection. People with diabetes, HIV infections, with poor blood circulation or poor immune system, those who are undergoing cancer treatments etc will have an underperforming immunity. They will need more than a topical lacquer to conquer the infection.
  • The last category of people is those who are allergic to any of the ingredients. Either they already know they are allergic or they will know once they use. If there is any kind of irritation after using the lacquer, remove it immediately and stop the treatment.

Tips On Using Loceryl Curanail

Loceryl curanail comes with a few disposable nail files. Once used, they MUST be disposed off. Using them again on the infected nail can worsen the infection. Using it for the healthy nails would only spread the fungus.

  • Make sure to cover the entire surface of the nails
  • Always cleanse the applicator with alcohol to sterilize it.
  • Keep the bottle closed tight and away from light and moisture.
  • When stored properly, the shelf life of Loceryl curanail (amorolfine) is 3 years.
  • Consistent application is required for best effects.
  • Curanail cannot cure Athlete‚Äôs foot. It needs a separate medication. Loceryl curanail can be used with other medicines to have simultaneous treatment for both.


Nail fungal infections are stubborn. Only mild infections can be treated with the topical lacquer. Moderate to severe infection would need the help of internal medicines to have faster action and prevent further infection. Consult the doctor first and then go for curanail if that suffices.