When suffering from kidney diseases there is no harm in consulting more medical professionals and taking as much advice as possible.

Only medications cannot help in treating the diet, lifestyle and other things are also must be taken care of. The diet must be set according to the type of disease that the kidney is suffering from. The purpose of controlling or altering the diet is to maintain a healthy balance of the electrolytes, fluid, and minerals in the body. The patients must also take care that waste is not accumulated in the body and must be flushed out.

Kidney Disease & Diet

When there is an infection one must take as much water as possible and of there is a kidney failure water intake must be limited but must take diuretic food. So it is important to consult a dietitian who are more experienced with kidney diseases or consult the dietitians who are specialized in kidney diets. The intake of fluid, protein, calorie, etc are all monitored and screened.

Few tips & advices by experts for kidney disease

  • The main alterations will be to restrict or increase the fluid intake,
  • Low-protein consumption and replace it with fruits and vegetables for energy. In some cases fat can also be a replacement for proteins for calories. Low protein diet is taken right before the dialysis and high protein after that process.
  • Avoiding salt to ward of risk of high blood pressure.
  • Dairy products contain more phosphorus which can reduce the calcium, so dairy products must be avoided.
  • Too much of potassium can cause dangerous heart rhythms so potassium rich food must be restricted.
  • Increase the calorie intake if losing weight or reduce it in the case of gaining.
  • Iron rich foods can help them who suffer from anemia caused by chronic kidney diseases.

The diet is emphasized to help having healthy kidneys and also to avoid any harm to the other vital organs. These diet patterns can change once the kidney health is improved. One need not be on a diet that is unfavorable for a long time unless the kidney conditions are worse or at a dangerous level.