Over the past few weeks there have been plenty of news on the pet industry and specially dog foods. Purina lots were recalled due to salmonella infection last month, now its the Joey’s Jerkye’s which is having problems. As many as 20 pet owners were tested positive for Salmonella infection all of them who purchased the same Brand of dog treats were tested to have the same strain of salmonella.

Joey’s Jerky Dog Treats Call Back Benefits

What are we treating our dogs with? Does it not directly link these Treats we feed them with Death? is it not important to feed dogs with natural dog foods and treats as opposed to Stored and stained dog foods and dog treats and putting our dogs to risk. As a pet lover myself and an owner of 2 dogs i find myself responsible of Cooking for my dog. If i cannot cook, there are natural Food which have better value than the junk Commercial dog treats and dog foods marketed to us.

Joey’s Jerky Dog Treats