How to fall asleep fast” is a big question mark in many of our lives. Sleep is a very vital need of the body to rejuvenate its self and remain fresh and active always. Many of us suffer from sleeplessness, referred to as insomnia; just tossing over the bed, or having sleeping pills to fall asleep. But remember that sleeping pills have many side effects and are not the right permanent solution for sleeplessness in any case. You would then ask that “How to fall asleep fast” without sleeping pills.

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I assure you that if you sincerely follow a few steps that we shall discuss ahead then you will feel the difference in a couple of days. But ensure that you follow them sincerely to achieve the state wherein you would fall asleep immediately once you are in bed and do continue following them even after you get your sleep fast.

The major reasons that inhibit you from falling asleep fast and instantly can be uncomfortable mattress on the bed, severe body pain, mental disturbance in your relationship, stress at work, unhealthy diet, lack of work-out, un-scheduled routine, or too many worries.

Firstly to fall asleep fast ensure a beautiful, peaceful, pleasant and clean environment in your bedroom. Ensure that your bedroom isn’t messy and overstuffed with furniture. You should feel light and blissful when you enter the bedroom. Also, ensure that you put your bed sheet to wash once every week and choose a light peaceful color for bedroom bed sheets instead of bright and funky colors. In that matter, even the wall colors and furniture colors need to be chosen carefully. You can also do an aromatherapy in the room. All these things would affect the vibration in an environment of the bedroom. Relaxing both physically and mentally before going to sleep is most essential to ensure that you fall asleep fast. For this you may listen to soft and silent music, pamper yourself with a warm and relaxing tub bath, a body massage with aromatic relaxing oil, etc. Also, ensure that you do not use the too high pillow and that your mattress is comfortable enough for you to stretch and relax. You can also do some deep breathing exercises to relax.

Secondly, to fall asleep fast you need to ensure that you sleep in fully dark, you can use the eye mask to eliminate all light. This is because any sort of light inhibits the secretion of sleep hormones and directs the mind to remain alert and awake.

Next avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or any other substance which is simulating. at least 4 to 6 hours before sleep. None of these are really good for health and not even for your sleep. Especially too much intake of alcohol leads to night sweats and headaches which inhibits you from falling asleep fast and instantly. Instead, you can always have a soothing drink like a cup of milk as its ingredients help in falling asleep fast. You can also try having any herbal tea such as Chamomile tea.

One of the oldest beliefs that “counting sheep” shall help you fall asleep fast. This doesn’t mean that you actually need to become a shepherd or fill your bedroom with photos of sheep. But you can count on anything or engage yourself in any other monotonous activity; it can even be reading a book for few of us especially if it’s not too interesting for us. Such monotonous activity makes your mind less active and in turn, makes you feel sleepy. On the other hand, ensure to avoid using PC or watching TV just before going to bed as the intense light from that and other facts signals your mind to remain active and this inhibits you from falling asleep fast.