A sore throat is a once in a while occurring problem to the majority of the world population. Sore throats are caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, colds and consumption of chilled food constantly. The climatic variations also have an influence on the development of a sore throat. This is a minor issue but even then, there are simple home remedies available.

  • Salt and Water Gargle

The Salt and Water Gargle is one of the oldest and easiest to use remedies for curing a sore throat. Salt is a mild antiseptic which helps to suck out the water from the mucus membrane and clear the phlegm present. Dissolve a quarter teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water. The water should not be cold as the effectiveness reduces. Mix the solution well and gargle it. For better effect, you can also add a tablespoon of mouthwash as it will kill the germs inside. Do this method for more than three times a day for effective results.

  • Vaporizer or Humidifier

Constant air supply is necessary to prevent your throat from drying out. For this purpose Vaporizer of Humidifier is used in the rooms to add moisture to the air. You can also place a bowl of water on top of a heating vent if you do not have a vaporizer or humidifier. This will also have the same effect.

  • Baking soda solution

Another solution you can use to gargle is the baking soda solution. You have to mix one and a half teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of warm water and stir it well. This solution is then gargled for a couple of times a day to cure a sore throat.

  • Lemonade and Honey

Simple honey has been in the sore throat remedy category for long. You have to mix two or three teaspoons of honey with hot water or tea and when consumed solves the problem of a sore throat. It is very effective too because of its antibacterial properties. Another function of honey is hypertonic osmotic that helps to draw water from the inflamed tissue thereby curing a sore throat. When honey is added with hot lemonade the benefits doubles. This also helps in relieving pain around the throat area and cure a sore throat. Furthermore, you can add ginger too to enhance the benefits and for quicker results.

  • Hot sauce and water

Hot pepper sauce when added to water provided instant relief to a sore throat. This is because of the presence of the capsicum in these hot peppers which helps to fight inflammation and cure a sore throat. You can add a few drops of hot sauce to a cup of hot water and then gargle this mixture every 15 minutes. You can increase the process to get better results. If you get a burning sensation it is fine. But extreme burning sensation is a dangerous sign and so takes it in limited amounts.

  • Sage

Sage is a mint shrub which is an effective remedy for a sore throat, bleeding gums, indigestion, skin disorders and gastrointestinal issues. It is a favorite culinary herb for a lot of people but it also has many medicinal benefits too. The mixture of this solution includes 1 teaspoon of sage, ½ teaspoon of alum, 1/4th cup brown sugar, 3/4th cup of vinegar and 1/8th cup of water. Sage tea is also good for curing the sore throat. Sage is used in a number of drugs for treating sore throats and skin disorders.

  • Turmeric

Because of the antioxidant properties of turmeric, it can kill germs and fight a number of serious diseases. Mixing turmeric with water is also an effective cure for a sore throat. The dosage is mixing the half teaspoon of turmeric with a half teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of hot water. Stir this mixture well and then gargle. Your sore throat will be relieved in no time.

  • Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass is chopped and formed into a juice. This juice should be held in the mouth for five minutes. This will help to relieve a sore throat and boosts up the weakened gums, bleeding gums, and toothaches. Wheatgrass juice is rich in chlorophyll which is an important medium for preventing the growth of bacteria.

  • Tomato Juice

Add a half cup of tomato juice with a half cup of hot water and pour few drops of hot pepper sauce and mix well. This solution is a great cure for a sore throat. This is also a simple and easy technique.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is a natural remedy for number disorders and diseases and it stays put for curing sore throat too. Once your green tea is warmed up to a stage where you can put it in your mouth, you can gargle with it.

  • Apple cider vinegar

When apple cider vinegar is added to warm water with a pinch of salt, it provides an effective solution for a sore throat. It is recommended to gargle this solution a few times a day for better results.

  • Raspberry tea

Raspberry tea is not only tasty but also provides an instant relief to sore throat problems. You have to add 2 teaspoons of dried raspberry tea leaves to a cup of boiling water.

Smoking also has an effect on the occurrence of a sore throat. So it is recommended to quit smoking. It will not only solve sore throats problems but many other problems too.