The sudden pain or tough sensation that you feel when having something hot or cold is called the teeth sensitivity. It happens when the gum receding exposes the teeth above, or when the enamel is eroded. A broken tooth, tooth decay, tooth abscess etc also cause teeth sensitivity.

What causes teeth sensitivity?

As mentioned, damage to the teeth is the usual reason for teeth sensitivity. This can happen by accident or due to the way you treat the teeth. The teeth can be the hardest material on the body but it has got delicate covering materials that are easily damaged.

Easy & Quick Ways To Reduce Teeth Sensitivity

The ways of relief from teeth sensitivity lay in each of the reasons. Lets us find out what the different causes are and how we can deal with it to get the needed relief.

  • The way you brush: Brushing the teeth harder and vigorously removes the enamel. Once the enamel is removed, you are then brushing harder on the next layer that creates more problems. So use a soft bristled brush and apply only as much pressure as required. Brushing horizontally can also remove the enamel. Using toothpaste made of sensitive teeth would help curb the sensitivity. Such toothpaste has ingredients that block the nerve transmissions of sensitivity.
  • No acidic foods: Acidic foods are another common cause of sensitive teeth. The acid from the food gradually erodes the tooth enamel. Acidic foods and drinks include lime water, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol etc are damaging to the teeth. What you can do is to limit their consumption. For the lime water, you may opt for the straw that helps reduce the drink touching the teeth. Sports drinks, tomatoes, vinegar, red wine etc are also acidic. Also, remember not to brush the teeth with 20 minutes of consuming any kind of acidic food.
  • No sugary foods are another of the tooth-damaging item. Most sugary food leaves some amount of sugar on the teeth, especially the dried sugary fruits. The plaque bacteria use this sugar to make acid that damages the enamel and create sensitivity. The hard candies not only contain the damaging sugar in it, but their crushing can break the teeth itself. Avoid eating too much of sugar and sugary foods. Also, make sure that you clean the teeth immediately after their consumption.
  • No tooth grinding: Tooth grinding is a bad habit. Tooth grinding is a way for many to deal with stress. But it can be even more stressful for the teeth. People who grind their teeth in sleep also are causing damage and creating teeth sensitivity. It can cause tiny cracks on the enamel. The cold and hot fluid reaches through these cracks to cause the pain. You need to take control of this habit. You can use tooth guards to protect the teeth as well.
  • Treat gum diseases: An ongoing gun disease is another cause of the sensitivity issue. The best solution here is to treat the disease at the earliest. A dentist visit is a must in this situation. The expert could give you a better option and can also advice you to do the needful as well. The gum diseases cause the gum sensitivity.
  • Gastric problems: People suffering from gastric problems like GERD may often get a bad taste in their mouth. It is the stomach acid that creating burning sensation. This can eventually wear out the teeth enamel creating teeth sensitivity. These people will need to find ideal solutions to keep their symptoms under control. Simply taking antacids may not help as the antacids can create more problems.
  • Green leaves: Green leaves like spinach and guava leaves can bring natural relief to the teeth sensitivity. The oxalates in the spinach, especially the cooked leaves can relieve tooth sensitivity. The tender guava leaves can be used to brush the teeth with. Eating and crushing these leaves over the affected teeth can bring relief. The antimicrobial property of these leaves reduces the sensitivity. You can also boil these leaves in hot water, cool it and use it as a mouthwash. For using as mouthwash, add a little salt to the solution.
  • Mustard oil and rock salt: Mix in a little mustard oil with rock salt. Mix them in equal amount and apply this mixture to the sensitive teeth. Massage gently and leave it on for a few minutes. Later, rinse with plain water.
  • Green tea: Green tea is good for weight loss, detox, as a healthy drink and also to treat sensitive teeth. Drinking Green tea soothes the sensitive teeth. The EGCG in Green tea blocks the microtubules and reduces the permeability of the teeth as well.
  • Clove oil is the best solution for teeth sensitivity and toothache. You may apply clove oil on the affected area for immediate relief. You may also apply a few drops of clove oil all over the teeth and gum before going to bed. This will strengthen the teeth and gums. It would also prevent many infections.
  • Onions: Chewing raw onions with the sensitive teeth will also get you relief from sensitivity.
  • Take iodine salt: Iodine added salt is another way to protect the teeth from sensitivity. Iodine balances the mouth pH and does not allow the bad bacteria to grow there. This prevents gum diseases and plaque.
  • Teeth whitening paste: This is one of the recently found products that are highly damaging t the teeth. The ingredients in these kinds of toothpaste remove the teeth enamel causing sensitivity. Healthy teeth do not mean white teeth. The teeth should just be healthy and without stains. Your dentist can help polish the teeth in a more suitable way. If you are using such toothpaste, it is time to say goodbye to them.

Bottom Line

It is better to prevent teeth sensitivity than treating it. Since there is no way you can restore the lost enamel, protecting it in the first place should be the priority. If you have sensitivity on just one tooth, take immediate actions to protect the other teeth.