Herbs for Gout – Causes

  • Devil’s claw is also known as the unicorn plant because of the shape of the seed after it is opened. It is mostly found in Africa, but you can also find it in western Texas and in part of Nevada. Devil’s claw is used for chronic lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and arthritis etc and the reasons it would be helpful to gout patients is that gout is a form of arthritis, because of its ability to lower uric acid concentration and helps flush out toxic waste.
  • Bilberry Pin is otherwise known as European blueberry contains more anthocyanins that help with blood flow to the joints and reduce painful swelling. The antioxidants present reduce uric acid levels and frequent occurrence is avoided. Bilberry is a blood thinner so it’s best to consult a doctor before its administration.
  • Nettle Pin is also known as “stinging nettle” for its painful sting upon touching it helps lower uric acid. The vitamin C present helps reduce uric acid levels when used on a consistent basis and potassium takes uric acid and puts it in an easier form for the body to eliminate it. It is also a diuretic and makes the kidneys to excrete more. So make sure to have plenty of water. Nettle can be used in soups, infusion teas, and in extracts. When used in soups, the heat eliminates the stinging ability. If you are taking high blood pressure medication or are a diabetic, consult your physician prior to taking this herb. Do not use it regularly without supplementing your diet with potassium rich foods or supplements.
  • Gravelroot is an herb that stimulates the elimination of uric acid from the body. This can be purchased in dried form. Add 2 teaspoons added to a cup of water. Drinking the mixture three times a day can help reduce acid toxicity in the blood.
  • Add Rosehip tea in the diet. Rosehips are considered one of the most effective gout tonics when taken as a beverage. Approximately 5 rosehips tea bags should be steeped in a large bottle of water.

Other commonly available herbs that can be used as a remedy for gout are

  • blueberries,
  • celery seed,
  • chicory root,
  • parsley,
  • Pine etc.
  • Quercetin—Take 200 to 400 mg daily between meals. Quercetin inhibits uric acid production.
  • Bromelain—Take 200 to 400 mg daily between meals. This enzyme found in pineapples is anti-inflammatory. For best results, take with quercetin.
  • Vitamin E—Take 400 IUs daily.
  • Flaxseed oil—Take 1 tbs daily.

These must be taken only on your doctor’s advice. These are not a treatment but only supplements that can help reduce the symptoms.

Goutinex – Gout Remedy

People with painful itchy joints with a burning sensation in the feet are suggested to use this remedy. The knees and other joints are affected.